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" I didn't say I make good decisions. "
Sam to Freddie.

iMust Have Locker 239 is the 22nd episode of the second season of iCarly and the 47th episode overall.


Sam and Freddie are forced to share the school's biggest and best locker after winning a contest to see how many Fat Cakes were in a large jar (the correct number was 2,718). After Sam fixes it up in grand fashion (which gets Freddie into trouble), Freddie finds he can't share a locker with her and offers her $200 for her half of their locker. Sam takes the offer and says she would've done it for free because she wanted to move back to her locker near Carly's. A few moments later, Sam's mom comes to pick Sam up, but inadvertently destroys locker 239, when her car crashes into the wall which the locker was standing against. Sam jumps in the car with Freddie's money, leaving him face-to-face with Mr. Howard, who had been busting him throughout the episode.



Meanwhile, Carly tries to get some art lessons from Spencer after Sam and Freddie laugh about the poorly-drawn bunny she did on iCarly. After getting frustrated with his methods of teaching, she enlists in an art class at a community center. Spencer barges in, telling the teacher, Ms. Fielder, that she is not teaching "art" right. Their fight ends with both Spencer and Ms. Fielder covering each other in paint. Eventually, the Shay siblings are kicked out of the class and go home. As a result, both are banned from the community center. Spencer apologizes to Carly for all the trouble he has caused her and after acknowledging that he only wanted what was best does, she forgives him. As Spencer goes to clean up, Carly answers the door and it is revealed to be Ms. Fielder who followed Carly and Spencer home. Spencer apologizes for his behavior but she stops him and apologized for not realizing one must be passionate in art. She asked Spencer teach her that and he agrees. After apologizing for painting each others mouth’s, they share a kiss, causing Carly to say that she doesn't understand art at all.

Sam praising fat cakes.

Guest Stars


Sam's mother's car.

  • The car that crashed into Locker #239 is a 1980 Toyota Corolla station wagon. The fact that a compact Japanese car of that period can do that much damage to a school building that was built in the early-20th Century doesn't say much for the construction of the school itself.
  • By an amusing oversight, the Ridgeway Student Handbook forbids students from wearing tube tops or turtlenecks, but not from attending school shirtless.
  • After Carly enlists Spencer to teach her about art, she isn't seen at school in the rest of the episode.
  • When Sam's mom drives her car into locker 239, we can see the back of her head, but she isn't actually seen until Jane Lynch's guest appearance in iSam's Mom.
  • At the end of the episode, Freddie wears the same outfit as most of iPsycho.
  • Although Carly cannot draw a good picture of a bunny, in real life, Miranda Cosgrove is a talented artist.
  • The first bunny Carly drew before the terrible one she showed on iCarly was never shown, but it was described by Sam and Freddie, then by Spencer.
  • Sam's mom makes her first appearance in the series but only the back of her head is shown.

    Spencer's bunny.

  • One of the art students is played by Yvette Nicole Brown, who Schneider fans will recognize as Helen Dubois (the movie theater manager at The Premiere) from Drake & Josh, while others will recognize her as Shirley Bennett on Community.
  • This is the first episode where Carly is in the subplot. Other episodes are iTwins, iToe Fat Cakes and iPear Store.



  • Sam installs a Guitar Hero-type game in Locker 239.
  • Sam's Mom driving after having laser eye surgery could be a reference from the episode of Drake & Josh "Helen's Surgery" when Helen drove to the Premiere right after having laser eye surgery.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • During the opening credits, Mr. Howard challenges Gibby for not wearing a shirt. Gibby says "Check the student handbook". As he hands Mr. Howard the handbook, the spine of the book is on Gibby's left, but after the change in camera angle and Mr Howard takes the book, the book has reversed and the spine is now on Mr. Howard's left.
  • Ms. Fielder apologizes for painting Spencer's mouth blue, but she actually painted his nose blue. She continues to paint more of his face blue as the scene fades out.
    • She could have painted Spencer's mouth blue after the scene ended.
  • Sam's mom could not be driving if she just had surgery. She could be driving, just not well.
  • When Carly asks Spencer to teach her how to draw, her necklace keeps disappearing and reappearing throughout the scene.
  • Ms. Fielder said she followed Spencer's paint trail to their apartment. However, when Carly and Spencer come home, there is no paint trail visible.
    • The pain trail probably ended right before their apartment.

Running Gags

  • Gibby telling people to read the student handbook.

Series Continuity

To be added


Carly: It's a lot better than the first bunny I drew.
Freddie: Oh, that cannot be possible.
Sam: No, it's possible.
Freddie: ... Why is your bunny wearing fuzzy slippers?
Carly: Those are his feet.
Sam: Why does he have two bullet holes in his head?
Carly: Those are his eyes.
Freddie: Well, why is he carrying a hose?
Carly: Because he's on his way to his part-time job as a volunteer firefighter!

Mr. Howard: You know the rules. You are required to wear a shirt during school hours.
Gibby: Uh-uh. Check the Student Handbook. [Hands the book to Mr. Howard.]
Mr. Howard: Handbook ... ?
Gibby: Page 74.
Mr. Howard: I know where it is! ... Let's see ... A-ha. "No tube tops, no jolly pants, no turtlenecks."
Gibby: Doesn't say I gotta wear a shirt, does it?
Mr. Howard: [Growls] Carry on.

Mr. Howard: Wearing a turtleneck is a violation of school rules!
Carly: [Indicating Gibby] Oh, I can't wear a turtleneck, but he can be shirtless?
Gibby: Check the Handbook.

Sam: [Looking at Locker 239] Just standing next to it makes me feel like a princess ... [takes a bite out of a salami and holds it out to Freddie] Salami?
Freddie: [Sarcastically] No thanks, Princess Puckett.

[Everyone is standing in front of Locker 239]
Freddie: I could fit a whole editing bay in there ...
Sam: You could fit a body in there ...
[Everyone looks at her oddly]
Sam: IF one needed to!

Sam: Fat Cakes, YEAH!

Principal Franklin: Yes Gibby, you have a question.
Gibby: Yes; how many Fat Cakes are in that tank?
Principal Franklin: Oh Gibby, there's so much not right about you.

Sam: Mama knows her Fat Cakes!

Principal Franklin: Now before I announce the winner...
Gibby: Please be Gibby. Please be Gibby. Please be Gibby.
Principal Franklin: I feel compelled to tell you the worst guess, which was 5. [holds up a piece of paper with Gibby's name and the number five on it]
Gibby: I won?! I won! [starts taking off his shirt]
Principal Franklin: No, Gibby, you didn't win. In fact, your guess was so far off, we're calling your parents and having you tested.
Gibby: Again?!

[after Principal Franklin announces Freddie as the winner with 2,718 fat cakes]
Freddie: [to Sam] HA! In your face, you blonde-headed demon! Yeah!
Principal Franklin: Uh, wait. Hold on a second.
Freddie: Huh?
Principal Franklin: It seems another student has also guessed the number correctly.
Freddie: Oh no. [Sam grips Freddie's shoulders.]
Principal Franklin: And the other winner, who will share Locker 239 with Freddie is ... Sam Puckett!
Sam: Whoo! Oh, yeah! [starts dancing] San's a winner! Sam's a winner! Sam Puckett is a winner! Yet again, Fredward. [knocks Freddie to the ground] Told ya Mama knows Fat Cakes.

Carly: [to Spencer] When did you turn into my wife?
Spencer: Oh, so now I'm a lady?

Sam: [to Freddie] When did you turn into my wife?

Spencer: I'm sorry I painted your mouth red.
Miss Fielder: I'm sorry I painted your mouth blue.
Spencer: Wanna make purple?
Miss Fielder: Please. [they kiss]

Freddie: Hey, I can't get our locker open.
Sam: I know. I changed the combination.
Freddie: Why?
Sam: [Grins] I thought it might irritate you.

Sam: Dude, my mom just had laser eye surgery this afternoon and she's coming to pick me up, so I gotta get outside!
Freddie: This won't take long. I am prepared to offer y- Wait, your mom had laser eye surgery today and she's driving a car?!
Sam: I didn't say she makes good decisions.
Freddie: And you're getting in the car with her?!
Sam: I didn't say I make good decisions.

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