ILost my Mind

iLost My Mind is the first episode of Season 5.[1]


Picking up where iOMG left off, Sam checks herself into a mental hospital, thinking she's lost her mind. Carly, Freddie, and Gibby visit. Freddie wants to talk about the kiss. Then, Sam and Freddie go out for a date and ask for Carly to go, if they quarrel she separated. Gibby has Mrs. Benson that Sam and Freddie are dating, and she freaked out.
ILost My Mind-creddie

Carly, Caleb, and Freddie in iLost My Mind


  • The episode was filmed from May 9-12, 2011.[5]
  • The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons guest stars as Caleb, a mental patient who thinks he's from the future. [4]
  • Treva Tegtmeier [6] plays a 'Weird Patient'.[7]

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