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"Dude, my mom's in Tijuana having laser hair removal!"
Sam to the guard about leaving the mental hospital.

iLost My Mind, the 14th episode of Season 4, is the first episode of the four-episode storyline continuing iOMG. It is the eighty-fourth episode overall.


This episode won second place for Best Episode at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

After the events of iOMG, Sam goes missing for three days, telling no one where she is. Since Carly and Freddie are worried about her, they track her Pear phone and figure out she's at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Carly, Freddie and Gibby go to the hospital and find that she is there. Sam explains she checked herself into the mental hospital because she thought she was insane for liking Freddie. She and Freddie have a discussion, and she realizes she isn't insane after all.

Sam tries to leave the hospital but the guards say that she is not allowed to leave without a parent signing a release paper. Her mother is in Tijuana having laser hair removal, and her father isn't around, so Spencer pretends to be Sam's mother. Their plan fails when a guy Spencer went to law school with recognizes him, alerting the hospital staff to the ruse.

As Sam still hasn't been released and the trio have iCarly to film that evening they decide to do the show from the hospital. The guards and nurses are against the idea, but the patients (one in particular with a very deep voice) influence them to allow the filming. When they do the web show, instead of Gibby playing Hey, What Am I Sitting On? and trying to figure out what type of fish it is (sushi), Carly asks viewers via video chat if they think Sam is insane for having a crush on Freddie. Most of the viewers say it's totally normal, but the last 'viewer' is Freddie himself, who uses his PearPad to tell Sam how he feels. At first, she thinks he's doing it to get back at her for all the mean things she's done to him, but he instead kisses her, showing that he returns her feelings.


Gibby meets a man called Caleb (guest starring The Big Bang Theory's own Jim Parsons), who insists that he is from the future and makes 'prophetic' statements like "California is going to fall into the ocean". When Carly doesn't believe that he's from the future he tells her she's the future vice-president of the United Sates.

Guest Stars

Special Guest Star


  • Monique Edwards as Flora[2]
  • Noah Jacob Geldberg as Multiple-Personality Patient[2]
  • Brian D. Johnson as Chief Security Guard[2]
  • Jason Weissbrod as Gary Bervin[2]

Featuring Stars

  • Zarii Arri as Little Girl[2]
  • Carol Lyn Black as Old Lady[2]
  • Peggy Clements as Natalie[2]
  • Tracy Dillon as Book Club Woman #1[2]
  • Jeremy Dozier as Goopy Gilbert[2]
  • Sally Elphick as Nancy[2]
  • Jaycee Levin as Becca[2]
  • Michelle Gunn[2]
  • Lisa Lillien as Hungry Girl[2]
  • Chris Erric Maddox as Orderly[2]
  • Treva Tegtmeier as Enthusiastic Patient[2]
  • Alfred Rubin Thompson as Huge Scary Patient[2]


  • This episode was advertised as the Season 5 premiere.
  • iLost My Mind and Sam and Freddie trended on Twitter on its premiere night

    "iLost My Mind" & "Sam and Freddie" trended

  • The episode was filmed from May 9–12, 2011.[3]
  • This episode continues after iOMG, despite the fact that iParty with Victorious aired in between the two.
  • This episode was filmed out of order. iDate Sam & Freddie, the next episode in the four part storyline, was filmed before it.
  • This episode is part one of the "Seddie arc" which consists of four episodes including this one, iDate Sam & Freddie, iCan't Take It, and iLove You.
  • The iCarly webcast which shows Freddie and Sam kissing was uploaded on iCarly.com before it aired on TV. This accident may have affected the viewer count of this episode. The video got removed during the airing of the episode and got uploaded again after it was done.
  • This episode provides a new opening sequence, with a number of significant changes:
    • During the theme song when iCarly.com is being typed, the computer interface has been completely overhauled, with a brand new desktop background and internet browser, and the bookmarks are now seen in the respective website logo form rather than plain text. "DanWarp" and "TheSlap" can be seen in the toolbar being a reference to Victorious and the creator Dan Schneider.
    • An explosion from Spencer's blowtorch segues into the iCarly logo, which appears from the flames and sparkles as they die down. The logo is now rendered in 3D and shines realistically, before dissolving into colourful sparkles which fly out into the next scene of Carly on screen. New, powerful sound effects of blasting accompany this transition.
    • When the iCarly logo appears, the transition from the season 4 clips to the season 3 clips is done more smoothly, as the clips spin out, rather than a quick cut before the spin. While the season 3 clips are still present, some are edited out in various shots and replaced with the shots from the second half of season 4.
    • Noah Munck's credit is now rendered in the same 3D font as the other members' credits.
  • On the walls in the mental hospital, signs that read phrases such as "Friends don't kill friends!", "Do not eat game pieces!", "Please don't feed the patients!", "Urine is for restrooms!", "Please keep pants on!" and "Only bite food!" can be seen.
  • Caleb said in the future West Virginia and Virginia will merge to form "one huge Virginia." West Virginia and Virginia were, in fact, "one huge Virginia" splits until the Civil War (1862).
  • Miranda Cosgrove's birthday was celebrated 05/12 on the iLost My Mind set.
  • Girly Cow can be viewed in the background on the TV in the first scene at the mental institution.
  • Autographed "finger painting"

    Dan tweeted that he had Jennette sign the "finger painting" herself and sign her character Sam Puckett's name. He also mentions he now has that same painting in his own home.
  • This is at least the fifth time Nathan and Jennette have had an on-screen kiss thus far for iCarly. The first as Sam and Freddie in iKiss, the second as Freddie and Melanie in iTwins. They've also had to kiss twice for iOMG as Sam and Freddie, where Dan revealed they shot the kiss two different ways. Then, the one after that in this episode and following twice in iDate Sam & Freddie and twice for iCan't Take It - not counting practice kisses or do-overs.
  • First Gibby and then Carly fall for Caleb's assertion that he is from the year 2077 and that he remembers meeting them on this very day. For that to be true Caleb would have to be at least 80 years old.
  • Seddie became canon in this episode.
  • This episode is sometimes called a lost episode since the only way to watch it is to buy it off digitally, and it isn't on Paramount+ and never airs on TV.
  • As of June 14, 2022, this episode is available to stream on Paramount+, but only for US-region users.[4]


  • Spencer saying "...in ways you can't understand," is a very brief nod to Dan Schneider's show All That: the character Coach Kreeton (played by Kel Mitchell) was known to yell "Daagghh! Aw, you've upset me in ways you can't understand!"
  • "DanWarp" can be seen on the monitor behind Spencer during one scene of the new opening sequence.
  • In the background during a scene, Hungry Girl can be seen on the TV.
  • The dialogue
    Caleb: "I have to get back."
    Gibby: "To where?"
    Caleb: "The future."
    may be a reference to Back to The Future
  • At one point, Caleb says to Gibby: "Would you like to know more?" This is a quote from the B movie "Starship Troopers."
  • "Troubled Waters" (The name of the mental hospital) is a little nod to a Simon and Garfunkel song.[5]
  • Sam and Freddie getting together after Sam checks into a mental hospital parallels how Josh and Mindy from Drake & Josh got together (Although Josh and Mindy only got together AFTER Mindy was released).
  • The signs at the mental hospital were blurred out when this episode aired in the UK.[6]

Character Revelations

  • Carly knows Sam's password to track her PearPhone, which only Dan Schneider truly knows, and it is described by Carly as an "icky" word.
  • Sam doesn't know where her father is.


  • When Carly and Freddie are trying to locate Sam's PearPhone, they enter the number [[1]] into a web site. However, 503 is the area code for Portland, Oregon. The area code for Seattle is 206. You can also call this number and you will get a voicemail that Jennette McCurdy recorded in-character as Sam.
  • If Sam is underage to sign out of the mental hospital, she would be underage to sign in in the first place.
    • Some mental hospitals in real life allow underage teenagers to sign in if they are suicidal.
  • At Troubled Waters, Sam is wearing what looks like pajamas with the pants tied with a black ribbon bow. But in the scene where Caleb tells Spencer he is wearing "neutronium cotton" pants, the black bow suddenly disappears, then reappears, then after Spencer kicks Caleb's thighs the black ribbon again disappears then reappears.
  • How did Freddie get his tech equipment to Troubled Waters?
    • He probably went home to get the equipment.
  • It would be illegal to do a webshow in a mental hospital with patients visible in the background.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • Gibby's voice is much deeper starting from this episode (though it was already slightly deeper starting from iGot a Hot Room) because of Noah Munck going through puberty.
  • This is the second episode Carly is physically subdued and gagged by Sam (the first being iSpeed Date).
  • This is the third kiss for Sam and Freddie after iKiss and iOMG).
  • Sam now owns a PearPhone, which was first seen in previous episode iParty with Victorious.
  • Spencer's book club girls are seen for the second time in this episode. The first time was in iParty with Victorious.
  • Goopy Gilbert (played by Jeremy Dozier), the fan who screamed "Seddie!" in iStart a Fanwar, is also in this episode.[7] He had lost 80 pounds since the filming of that episode.


Carly: What's happening here?
Spencer: Me getting fat. Look! I can barely get my jeans past my butt slabs. [wriggling his legs and trying to pull up the jeans]
Carly: Those are my jeans.
Spencer: Well ... [Realizing she's right] Yeah, I know.

MeLlamoSammo (Sam's Wristband).png

Freddie: I'm really getting worried about Sam ... I mean, it's been three days since--
Carly: Since you two kissed!?
Freddie: [eyebrows raise] ...
Carly: Yeah! I know! I saw it with both my eyes! [walks over to her backpack] You guys were talking and ... she kissed you and you didn't stop her, why ... why didn't you tell me?
Freddie: Well, I-- [interrupted by Carly]

Carly: You should've told me! Do you like her? Is this ... is this a new chapter in our lives? What is goin' on?
Freddie: [trying to change the subject] ... Do you have any fruit?
Carly: [not falling for it] I don't know, but if I do, you can have it! You know why? 'Cause I don't keep things from you!

Freddie: Do you know Sam's password?
Carly: Yes ...
Freddie: Good! Tell me.
Carly: Can't say it out loud; its icky.
Freddie: Fine, I won't look, you type it in.
Carly: 'kay ... [types Sam's password; shudders] Ew ...

Carly: We're going to a mental hospital.
Gibby: Yes!

Sam and her finger painting.

Sam: [calmly] Hello, Carly. What do you want?
Carly: To find you! What are you doing in this mental institution?
Sam: Finger painting. [shows Carly her painting of a hand with the thumb and first finger raised] What do you think?

Sam: [to Carly] My head's jacked! I'm bonkers!

Sam: Do you know?
Carly: What? That you kissed Freddie?
Sam: Ah! Shut up!! [covers ears, freaks out]
Carly: I think it's awesome! I think it's great!
Sam: No, no, no!!! [runs around the room]
Carly: [chasing Sam] There's nothing wrong with it! Why are you freaking out? Sam, stop it!

Sam: Accept it, Carls! I've lost my mind!
Carly: What? You think that just 'cause you like Freddie ...
Sam: Ugh! Don't say it out loud!
Carly: It's all right to say it out loud!
Sam: No, it's not!
Carly: Sam loves Freddie! Sam loves Freddie! [skips around the room]
Sam: Quit it! [grabs Carly and puts her hand over Carly's mouth]
Freddie: [walking into the room] There you guys are!
Sam: [backs away from Freddie] You get out! [Carly groans loudly] Licking my hand won't make me let go!
Freddie: Sam, c'mon just ... [removes Sam's hand from Carly's mouth]

Carly: [after leaving Sam's hospital room and leaving Sam and Freddie alone] I don't hear talkin'!


Sam: Why'd you come here?
Freddie: To figure out why you checked yourself into a mental hospital!
Sam: You wanna know why?
Freddie: Kinda!
Sam: 'Cause I hate you!
Freddie: Then why'd you kiss me?!
Sam: 'Cause I...! [quietly] ... I like you...
Freddie: So, you hate me ... and you like me ...?
Sam: Now you see why I need to be in here? Ah, I got problems. I can't think straight, I can't eat, I--I--
Attendant: Sam, we have hot quesadillas--
[Sam grabs plate of quesadillas, shuts the door on the attendant, starts eating]
Freddie: Look, Sam, I get that you're feeling a little--
Sam: Oh, who cares! So I kissed you. So ... so maybe I do like you a little bit. It doesn't matter 'cause ... there's no way I'd ever go out with you or be your little girlfriend and ... dang, this place makes good quesadillas!
Freddie: Can I have one?
Sam: No!
Freddie: Look, can we talk about the kiss?
Sam: Yeah, uh, actually, let's never talk about it, alright?
Freddie: Sam ... [Sam gives Freddie a death glare] Don't kill me ... [backs away] I was just gonna say ... no matter what happened that night, or what you're feeling right now ... [puts his hand on her shoulder] I'm telling you--Sam: [without even looking at him] Off.Freddie: [takes his hand off her shoulder] You're not any more mentally unstable than you have been your whole life!
Sam: You really mean that?
Freddie: I do.
Sam: 'Kay ... let's get out of here [dumps quesadillas into her purse as they leave].
Freddie: Good. [Sam grabs her purse and dumps the rest of her quesadillas in her purse and walks out the door with Freddie] Sure.

Caleb: And in the year 2041, the entire state of California ... kerplunk!
Gibby: [Gasps]
Caleb: Into the ocean!
Gibby: Those poor celebrities!


Carly: He's not from the future.
Gibby: Is!
Caleb: Gibby, you watch your tone. You are speaking to the future Vice President of the United States!
Carly: He's not speaking to the ... I'm gonna be Vice President?
Gibby: Yeah, [pokes Carly] who believes now?

Carly: [as a group of police officers at the mental hospital forcibly escort her and Freddie out of the mental hospital] Hey, paws off! I'm the future Vice President of the United States!!!

Carly: [to Spencer] Hi, are those your book club ladies?
Spencer: Yes
Freddie: You guys talkin' about a book?
Spencer: No, were ... just exchanging recipes.
Gibby: Recipes for what?
Spencer: Fruit tarts.
[Freddie, Carly and Gibby laugh at him]
Spencer: [to the book club ladies] Okay everyone out!

This quote won third place for Best Quote at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

Spencer: No! I am not dressing up like Sam's mom!
Carly: We weren't gonna ask you to.
Spencer: I wanna do it!
Freddie: Fine.
Carly: Okay.
Spencer: I'll get my boobs!

Caleb: [chuckling crazily at the TV]
Sam: Caleb!
Caleb: [still laughing] What?
Sam: The TV's not on!
Caleb: [notices she's right] Ahhhhh!!!! [Runs out of the room]

Spencer: [Walks in the hospital, disguised as Pam Puckett] Hello, Sam. Bleh.
Sam: [knowing it's Spencer in disguise] Hey, mom. How'd your laser hair removal go?
Spencer: Great now I'm smooth as a dolphin!

Carly: [during iCarly from the mental hospital] If you have mental issues ...
Sam: ... you'd be crazy to go anywhere else!!

Caleb: Warning! In the year 2029, aliens capture Ryan Seacrest!

Caleb: Four years from now, Virginia and West Virginia will merge to form one HUGE Virginia!
Carly: Settle down, Virginia.

Sam: Okay look, I don't care how many iCarly fans say I'm not insane for liking Freddie. I know that I'm cra--
Freddie: [interrupts Sam] Wa-Wa-Wa—Let's take one more chat.
Sam: No, I don't wanna ...
Freddie: Just one more!
Sam: [groans]
Freddie: Here, hold this. [looks to Carly, gives her his camera, takes the PearPad].
Carly: [whispers] You be nice.
Freddie: Just-- [into PearPad, to web audience] Hey, it's me, Freddie. So, uh ... a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, ya know, "go out" with each other - and it's like everyone's wondering if Sam is crazy for wanting to. But nobody asked me how I feel.
Sam: [to Freddie] ... We talked about it.
Freddie: No, you talked. You told me how you feel, while you ate a quesadilla.
Sam: [to web audience] The quesadillas here are amazing.
Carly: [shushes Sam]
Freddie: [continues] Anyway, yeah, it's important how Sam feels, but how I feel is important too.
Sam: OK, Benson, we get it! You wanna humiliate me on the web in front of millions of people, go ahead and just do it, I don't care! Get back at me for all the mean things I've sa--[Freddie confidently walks across the room and quiets Sam by kissing her for 8 seconds]

Sam: [after the kiss ends, confused] ... You mean that?
Freddie: [smiling] Mmm hm ... [in a deep voice] ... so I guess we're both insane.
Sam: ... So now what?

Goopy Gilbert: SEDDIE!
Gilbert's mom: [Off screen] Gilbert, dinner time!
Goopy Gilbert: [in same tone of voice] SPAGHETTI!
Carly: [turns camera to herself, smiling] And ... good night! [shuts off camera, ending the episode].

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  • iEscape: Game to help Sam break out of the mental institution.


This episode received just over 5.5 million views on its premiere date.[1] This episode hit the top five on iTunes in less than six hours after its release, hitting #1 later the same day and remained in the top 10 for quite some time.


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