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"Oh my god! They killed his twin brother!"
Chumlee about Gibby's head replica.

iLost My Head in Vegas[5] is the 12th episode of Season 5 of iCarly and the 106th overall.


During iCarly, Sam gets a text that her mother, Pam, is being held in a Las Vegas jail, and her lawyer informs her that she needs $2500 to bail her out. Spencer suggests going to Las Vegas and pawning things to get the money.

In Las Vegas, Freddie tries to sell a vintage computer to the Pawn Stars guys and Carly and Sam try to sell a potato chip shaped like Texas which gets eaten, and later on a bottle of WaHoo punch Michelle Obama drank from and signed. After explaining their situation, they get the $2500 they need and put the money in a bag with Gibby's fake head. In addition, Sam learns that if Pam is not bailed out by midnight, she will be kept in jail until Monday. However, just as they are about to leave, Gibby goes to the back of the store to sell his pants to Chumlee without the others noticing, so he gets left behind.

Before the others realize Gibby and the money are missing and return to the pawn shop, a man distracts Gibby with a "moon rock", which is really just a random rock from the parking lot, and steals the money. Luckily, a little Asian girl wants to have Gibby's fake head, and her father offers them $10,000 for it. Gibby refuses to sell it, but Sam uses the Vulcan Nerve Pinch to render him unconscious. Once they get back to the RV, they realize Spencer isn't in the front seat to drive them, but singing in the shower. [6]

Guest Stars

  • Rick Harrison as himself
  • Corey Harrison as himself
  • Chumlee as himself
  • Hope Shapiro as Officer Brecker
  • Justin Welborn as Con Man
  • Tohoru Masamune as Mr. Fuzawa
  • Kaya Sasaki as Mr. Fuzawa's Daughter


  • Dan Schneider and his wife Lisa Lillien are big fans of the Pawn Stars guys which is why they are guest stars in this episode.[7]
  • This is the first time the gang goes to Las Vegas.
  • The only main Pawn Star character not in this episode is The Old Man.
    • However, he is mentioned by Chumlee.
  • This is the second episode Jerry Trainor has directed, the first being iApril Fools.
  • Robert Beard played an unnamed extra in this episode. [8]
  • According to this tweet Dan considers this a crossover episode between iCarly and Pawn Stars. He also claims it is one of the weirdest.
  • The PearPlus Freddie attempted to pawn was actually a modified Macintosh Classic II.
  • The Police Station featured before Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer enter it, is the same one featured at the start of Season 2 Episode 1 of Good Luck Charlie 'Charlie is 2'
  • Gibby no longer has his fake head replica upon selling it to the foreign girl. He will get another head in iGoodbye.


  • There's a Kim Possible reference, when Carly says "what's the sitch?"
  • "Oh my god! They killed his twin brother!" is a reference to South Park's running gag of Kenny getting killed and Stan shouting "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!".

Character Revelations

To be added


  • When Gibby tells Freddie that he ate the entire bag of sugar, you can clearly see that the bottom of the bag is full, meaning he didn't eat the entire bag.
  • When the Carly tells Freddie to bring up the map, you can clearly see in the first shot that there is already a pin in Nevada. But when they go back to it in a future shot, you can see that it's not there and they are adding the pin.
  • At the end of iBelieve in Bigfoot, Socko's RV was stolen by Bigfoot, but reappears in this episode. However, it is possible that Socko either somehow got it back or bought a new RV.
  • In the RV, the teens are sitting at the table, and they're not buckled in. It's illegal to not be buckled in while inside a moving vehicle.
  • When Gibby told Carly and the others that he had payed the man for the “Moon Rock”, this was incorrect as the money was stolen from Gibby not spent by him.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • Spencer singing "Take Me Back" (the Backflesh song) in the shower is the third time the song is sung by main characters in the series. First, Sam and Carly sang it in iStage an Intervention, and second, Spencer sang it while rollerblading down the hall in iBattle Chip.
  • iMeet The First Lady is mentioned when Carly and Sam pawn off a bottle of Wahoo Punch, which the First Lady (Michelle Obama) drank.
  • This is the second time Gibby wears noticeably unattractive pants. The first is in iShock America.
  • This is the second time Sam has used the Vulcan Squeeze on somebody, first being Nora in iPsycho.
  • The gang is once again seen borrowing Socko's RV like in iBelieve In Bigfoot, but this time they're heading to Vegas.


[during iCarly]
Carly:And now,
Sam: Next on iCarly,
Carly: We're gonna' give you guys a little quiz!
[they listen carefully]
Computer voice: A little quiz! ... Not ... a big one!

Carly: What's the sitch?
Sam: … that's not cool.
Carly: [looks to the side] I know.

Carly: How much is it gonna cost to bail her out?
Sam: Twenty-five hundred.
Carly: Dollars?
Sam: Uh-huh.
Carly: Ooh girl.

[A little later]
Freddie: [helping Gibby walk over to the Shays' couch] How much is gonna cost to bail her out?
Sam: Twenty-five hundred.
Freddie: Dollars?
Sam: Uh-huh.
Freddie: [awkwardly] Ooh girl.

[Trying to find stuff to pawn]
Carly: Well, I'll go check my room for alien body parts.
Freddie: I'll go check our apartment.
Gibby: I'll go help Freddie.
Spencer: I'll go see what I have in storage.
Sam: I'll go check the fridge.

Carly: You worried about your mother?
Sam: Yeah. I hate to think of her locked up in that jail cell 'cause, you know, she's my mom. Even if she is just a big, wrinkled sack of junk.
Carly: That's so sweet ...

Chumlee: Uh, is there something wrong with your brain?
Gibby: Yeah. Yours?
Chumlee: Yeah.

Spencer: You better let me hold onto the cash.
Carly: No! No, you lose everything!
Spencer: You take that ba … where did my watch go?

Police officer: Puckett ... Puckett ... We got a Plimpton.
Sam: I don't want a Plimpton.
Police officer: Yeah, I don't blame you. She's a stabber.

Sam: [to Spencer] Hey, would you drive faster? Like a man would.
Spencer: I am driving like a man! [puts on chapstick; A little later, he runs his fingertip over his eyebrows] Do you guys think I should have my eyebrows thinned?

Gibby: Alright, I got some good news and bad news. And additional bad news.

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  • The episode premiered to 3.527 million viewers.[4]


See photos of iLost My Head in Vegas here.
See videos of iLost My Head in Vegas here.

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