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"Holy similar!"

iLook Alike is the 14th episode of the second season of iCarly and the 39th episode overall.


Carly, Sam and Freddie are thrilled when they get invited backstage to a mixed martial arts arena to interview one of the fighters. However, Spencer (who builds a large version of a Newton's Cradle using bowling balls) and Mrs. Benson refuse to let Carly and Freddie go.

Upset by this, they set up a risky scheme to sneak out by hiring some lookalikes to fool Spencer into thinking they are still there. They provide them with 200 responses they taped previously on the laptop to use when Spencer comes up. Spencer finds out, however, and follows them to the MMA match, where he gets thrown into a table by iCarly's guest star, MMA fighter Jackson Colt.

After this, they go home to wrap up the webcast while Spencer slowly recovers from his brutal toss. At the very end, he says Carly is grounded for 2 weeks and is confused when he sees Jackson Colt dancing with the Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories, thus forgetting what he said.

Guest Stars


63366 2437516586.jpg
  • The iCarly lookalikes are never named.
  • Doctor Doty, the doctor who re-attaches the man's ear at the MMA fight, is actually iCarly writer George Doty IV. He was also in Drake & Josh episode "Football" and was referenced to in Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out" when Trina has her wisdom teeth removed.
  • Gabriel Basso, the actor who plays "fake Freddie" is the real-life brother of Alexandria Basso who played Sabrina in iBeat the Heat, and the girl who knocks over Freddie's drink in iTwins.
  • Malese Jow, the actress who plays the fake Carly, stars in another Nick show Big Time Rush. This marks the second Big Time Rush actor to work with an iCarly cast member. The first being James Maslow in iSaw Him First and the BTR special Big Time Christmas.
  • The skit "Great Moments in Kid History" is featured in this episode.
  • Dan Schneider would laugh at every joke to remind the actors to leave a space for the laugh track.[6]
  • This is the first time we truly see Spencer tell Carly she can't have or do whatever she wants. He acts like a father to her and a more mature version of who we usually see.
  • Annie DeFatta, the actress who played the fake Sam, was also used as a stunt double for Jennette McCurdy to react to while filming iTwins. This was revealed in the ending credits of that episode, where she is briefly credited for doing so.



  • The character of Carter Ford, the boy who had his basketball stolen out of his locker by Sam, was probably named after two former U.S. presidents, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

Character Revelations

  • Carly can be a bit spoiled and bratty when she doesn't get what she wants.


  • In the scene where Jackson Colt threw the other guy at the table, it broke, but when he threw Spencer, it is the same table, and is back to normal.
  • When Carly, Sam, Freddie and Jackson Colt bend down to pick Spencer from the floor Spencer's arm is raised, although he is knocked unconscious.
  • It is not possible to play a DVD which is that dirty, it would constantly skip or freeze if even read at all and it would have to be cleaned before playing it.
    • They may have been joking about the video being on the DVD and just played it from the computer instead.
  • Carly, Sam and Freddie snuck out and did their web cast at the event. Spencer and/or Mrs. Benson could have seen the web cast.
  • When Sam is looking up Jackson Colt on Spencer's computer, her hand is moving the mouse but the pointer on the screen is not moving.

Running Gags

  • Freddie, Carly and Sam trying to go to the fight.
  • Jackson Colt throwing people.

Series Continuity

  • This is one of the two times a Sam "clone" was seen. The second is Melanie seen in iTwins.
  • Carly wears the same shirt later in iTake on Dingo, but not the same vest.


Sam: I have to meet Jackson Colt! He's got this one move called the "shoulder crunch," and I need to learn how to do it!
Carly: Yeah, I bet he can teach you all kinds of new ways to hurt people.
Sam: I know!
Freddie: Man, if we get to interview Jackson Colt on iCarly, it's be the coolest thing we ever--
Spencer: [sprays himself in the face with purple spray paint] Could someone bring me a tissue?

Carly: You guys, we have to do iCarly from that MMA fight.
Freddie: My mom won't let me go!
Sam: Yeah, no offense, Freddie, but your mom is horrible!
Freddie: [sarcastically] How could I be offended by that?
Carly: Can we just try to figure something out?
Sam: What if Freddie's mom had a little ... accident?
Freddie: What!?
Sam: [Grins] My uncle Carmine?
Carly: We're not paying your uncle Carmine to hurt Freddie's mom!
Sam: Well, he's not gonna do it for free!

Carly: We wanna do an interview for iCarly backstage at a Mixed Martial Arts fight.
Sam: ... and Freddie's freakish mother won't let him go.
Freddie: What do you say about her when I'm not in the room?!
Carly: Will you just talk to Mrs. Benson, and try to change her mind?
Spencer: I don't know if that's such a good idea.
Carly: Come on, the worst she can do is say no.
Spencer: Right, but…okay, you're not gonna love hearing this, but I kind of agree with her.
Carly: Huh?​​
Spencer: I don't want you going to that fight either.
Carly: [turns to Sam and Freddie then turns back to Spencer and chuckles] You're kidding, right?
Spencer: No, I'm serious.
Carly: Spencer! [takes his smoothie]
Spencer: Look, I've seen those MMA fights; they can get really rough. I don't think it's a place for kids.
Carly: Okay, when did you suddenly turn uncool!?
Spencer: Uh, when did you turn into a little baby who yells at me the first time she doesn't get what she wants?
Carly: Right when you stopped giving me what I want!

Fake Sam: Hey, when did Freddie start looking so hot?
Sam: Okay, this chick is nothing like me!
Carly: Oh, come on, you guys could be sisters!
Sam: [to the fake Sam] You ever been arrested?
Fake Sam: No.
Sam: We cannot be related.

Fake Sam: Eew, fighting. So icky!
Sam: Boy, how can we look alike?!

Freddie: [testing, speaking in microphone] Test, one two, check check. I looove you Carly, I looove you!

Spencer: [walking in on the fake iCarly cast] Holy similar!

Spencer: Alright, don't try to intimidate me! I am a citizen of Seattle, and I'm taking these kids home right now because I told 'em-- [Jackson Colt grabs Spencer] Oh God, I'm afraid!

Spencer: [on the couch, waking up after recovering from a brutal toss against a wall] Ugh, I mean it Carly! You're grounded for two ... two weeks! [notices iCarly on the computer featuring Jackson Colt] Why is Jackson Colt dancing with a bra?


See photos of iLook Alike here.


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