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iHire a New Assistant is the 4th episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 17th episode overall. It premiered on April 22, 2022.


"When Grandad comes to visit, Carly hires him as her assistant, while Spencer is determined to finally win his respect. Harper helps Freddie with his birth chart and is horrified to discover that they are a perfect match."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly waters her plants for her iCarly plant cam. Spencer is trying on new outfits in preparation for Granddad Shay's visit in a week. Both are keen on bonding with granddad.

The doorbell rings, and to their surprise, Granddad has arrived a week early. Carly tells Granddad about Spencer spending the last 2 years decorating the apartment, but Granddad is not impressed as he did 2 tours in Vietnam.

Carly is live streaming her plants. She tells Granddad that she has been busy juggling her webshow, texts, and errands. Carly wishes to spend more time with Granddad and goes through her schedule. Carly suddenly has the idea of hiring Granddad as her assistant.

Granddad catches Carly shopping for shoes online while "working" and shows her his pre-prepared morning snacks. He tells Carly that he booked her a collab with himself and his coin collection. Carly's pottery guy calls and Granddad answers the phone, but upon hearing that he is a "pot guy", he immediately yells at the man and hangs up, believing that he is a drug dealer. Granddad feels bad about messing up the call. He asks Carly to type up a list of job responsibilities and to get him several items while he relaxes on the couch.

Carly picks up food for Granddad Shay

At Shay What?!, Carly picks up a steak au poivre for Granddad Shay. Carly tells Spencer that she has hired Granddad as her new assistant, but Spencer is confused as she is the one getting food for him. Carly suggests bringing Granddad to Spencer's restaurant, but Spencer doesn't want to as he thinks Granddad will be critical.

Harper believes that Carly is mad at her after receiving a passive-aggressive text from Carly. Carly realizes that Granddad has been replying to her texts and yelling at people in the iCarly comments from her computer.

Millicent and Granddad are live streaming a video about Granddad's coin collection. Granddad pays Millicent money every time she laughs at his jokes or agrees with him. Carly shows up and is upset that the two of them have been filming on her livestream. Carly proposes doing a collab showcasing Granddad's coins and her plants, but Granddad doesn't want to. Millicent hands Carly a list of things to do while Millicent and Granddad's prepare for their next segment.

Spencer is frustrated that Granddad gave out his email on the show, and Carly also shares those feelings. Carly fires Granddad. She then notices an email from Vinnie threatening Granddad's life. Granddad explains that Vinnie is an old friend who he stole coins from after losing coins to Vinnie in a poker game. Carly tells Granddad to return the coins to Vinnie, but Granddad is adamant about not returning the coins because they have been in the family for generations. Spencer says he will think of a solution and Granddad offers him $20 for doing so.

Carly brings Granddad Shay to salsa night at Shay What?! Granddad is unimpressed by the blank wall, but Spencer assures him that it's all part of the plan. He runs onto the dance floor wearing custom-made salsa slacks with Granddad's coins attached to them.

Harper and Spencer dance

Vinnie shows up and asks Granddad to return the coins. Granddad refuses to. Carly tries to distract them with random topics of conversation. Seeing Vinnie threatening to murder Granddad, Carly panics and rips off Spencer's custom-made coin slacks. She hands them over to Vinnie, who takes the slacks and leaves. Granddad is disappointed that he can no longer pass down those coins to Carly and Spencer, but Spencer reveals that he still can because the real coins are attached to the wall. The coins on his slacks were fake. Granddad tells Spencer that he is proud of Spencer, who becomes emotional. Spencer, Carly, and Granddad all hug.


Harper and Millicent try J-Smops

At Shay What?!, Spencer shows Freddie, Pearl, Millicent, and Harper his new menu item - popsicles named J-Smops. Pearl leaves to audition hamsters for therapy. Harper tries to teach Freddie about astrology by doing his birth chart. She discovers that she and Freddie's birth charts are a perfect match. Harper is shocked, but Freddie is skeptical.

Later, Harper and Freddie pick up their drinks and realize that they ordered the exact same thing.

In Freddie's apartment, Freddie and Pearl are discussing therapy animals when Harper walks in. She tells Pearl that she and Freddie are soul mates because their birth charts are a perfect match. Freddie tries to convince Pearl that astrology doesn't mean anything, but Pearl insists that she stars have spoken and they must listen. Pearl reveals that she and Freddie's birth charts are also a perfect match. Harper and Pearl decide that they need to figure out who matches with Freddie physically by salsa dancing.

Pearl and Freddie dance

During salsa night at Shay What?!, both Harper and Freddie dance, and are surprisingly compatible. Later, Pearl and Freddie also dance well together, but suddenly trip. Harper is distraught, as this means she and Freddie are indeed a match. It is at that moment when a woman catches Harper's eye. After hearing the woman's astrology sign, Harper realizes the two of them are compatible and leaves with the woman. Freddie and Pearl continue dancing.

Later, Harper invites Granddad Shay to dance with her to find out if they're soul mates.

Guest Stars

On set picture


  • Filming for this episode wrapped up on October 21, 2021.[3]
  • Lyrik Cruz was hired as a dance choreographer for this episode.[3]
  • The title was revealed via Twitter on April 20th 2022.
  • There is a picture of Freddie and Pearl kissing, but it is not shown in the episode.
  • Carly says that Granddad Shay is really the only family she and Spencer have as their father is always away, possibly implying that their mom had died.


Character Revelations

Harper and Freddie dance

  • Harper and Freddie's birth charts are a perfect match.[4]
  • Granddad Shay did 2 tours in Vietnam.
  • Harper's birth was a scheduled C-section.


Running Gags

Series Continuity

  • This is the second title to have "iHire" with the first being iHire An Idiot from the old series.
  • Granddad Shay appears for the first time in the revival series.
  • This is the second appearance of Pearl Wallace.
  • This marks the first appearance of Shay What?! after Spencer brought The Groovy Smoothie in the last episode.
  • Info from live tweeting:
    • The popcicles had to be replaced multiple times due to the lights melting them.[5]
    • Fun Fact: Viewers rarely see characters eat in scenes because they have to keep eating until they wrap the scene.[6]
    • All the Salsa dances were filmed in one day.[7]


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