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'''Sam''': You are <u>sooo</u> good looking. '''<br />'''
'''Sam''': You are <u>sooo</u> good looking. '''<br />[[File:I-hire-an-idiot-large-marge.jpg|thumb|300px|Carly and Sam smiling at Cort]]'''
'''Carly: '''I was about to say that!<br />
'''Carly: '''I was about to say that!<br />
'''Sam:''' Well..<br />
'''Sam:''' Well..<br />

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iHire An Idiot will be the eighth episode of the fourth season of iCarly, and will be the 78th overall.


Exhausted by the work needed to run iCarly, the cast holds auditions for a new intern at Spencer's suggestion. Carly and Sam immediately choose a "good looking guy" named Cort, only becasue he is attractive (Cort himself is an idiot).To get back at them, Freddie hires another "good looking" intern named Ashley (who is also an idiot), making him "even" with Carly and Sam. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to sneak his Bottle Bot into an art museum, but is caught twice by security guards. After that, he tries to get Gibby to sneak it in for him, but Gibby too, is caught.


Sam: You are sooo good looking.

Carly and Sam smiling at Cort

Carly: I was about to say that!
Sam: Well..
(Freddie: You guys!
[Freddie gives Sam a BE SERIOUS look.]
(these two events were deleted from the actual episode)
Freddie: Thank you, Cort. You can go now.
Cort: Go where?
Freddie: I don't know, wherever you came from. We've already decided who we're gonna hire.
Sam: We sure have! *Big smile on her face*
Carly: Congratulations, Cort!
Freddie: What?

Freddie (to Sam): Remember the fudge!!!

Freddie: (to Cort) You brought lemonade in a bag?!?!?
Carly: It’s adorable!
[wiggles lemonade bag]

Carly: Are you a good dancer?
Cort: The goodest!
Sam: You got the job!

Carly: Are you going to fire your feminidiot?
Freddie: I'll fire my feminidiot when you fire your himbecile!
Carly: Ok...that was clever wordplay.

Spencer: Yeah! In your face, you old skutter! Whoo! [realizes what he's just said] I love you.


  • Spencer and Carly's granddad returns after an absence of 4 seasons, this time to try to make Spencer go back to law school.





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