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"I'm in a hot, hot relationship!"
β€” Carly

iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now is the 1st episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 14th episode overall. It premiered on April 8, 2022, followed by iObject, Lewbert!.


"After the whole internet turns against Carly, she tries to win her audience back by faking a relationship with Freddie. Spencer gets overzealous planning Freddie's new app launch party, while Harper tries to get Double Dutch's dog to like her."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Spencer shows his multi-layered dip

Spencer shows his nine-layer brunch dip made with the favorite food of his friends. For Carly, he put oatmeal, berries and bacon. For Freddie, he put grapes, coffee and leftover pizza. For Harper, he put figs, caviar and spicy Bloody Mary. He invites them to try, but they are disinterested. While drinking mimosas, Carly makes fun of Freddie's parasite.

Millicent shows a clip of the Weau Bros shows. Carly watches as Wes and Beau criticize Carly for dragging them to Webicon on Wes' grandmother's half-birthday, and then dump both of them on a helicopter. Beau blames his inability to commit on Carly and they both dub Carly the "Ice Queen." They turn the internet against Carly and even have people mailing boxes of ice to her.

Carly writes ideas onto a whiteboard

Carly has her friends give her ideas on how to win back the internet, and she writes them onto a whiteboard,

Freddie talks to Spencer about his progress in organizing his launch party for the Kevin app. Spencer proposes going primal and having everyone eat with their hands tied behind their backs like animals, but Freddie is not satisfied with this idea. Millicent offers to help throw a party, since she has a penchant for throwing serious parties.

Carly and Freddie pretend to be a couple

Carly and Freddie have Wes and Beau on the iCarly show so that Carly can share her side of the story. Both Wes and Beau wear thick jackets and woolly hats because Carly is an "ice queen." Carly apologizes to them on camera and tries to explain that she did not mean to hurt either of them. Wes and Beau accuse Carly of being incapable of love and that she will be a lonely person, she immediately claims to be in a hot relationship. Seeing Carly stammer when Wes asks for the identity of this boyfriend, Freddie steps in and claims that he is her boyfriend.

Carly and Freddie at an onion festival

At an onion festival, Carly and Freddie take selfies while holding onions. Carly is ecstatic that their ruse succeeded and she has won over the internet. Three hardcore Creddie shippers, Emily, Tati and Boris walk in and ask to hear about their relationship journey. Suddenly, Mrs. Benson shows up wearing a "Creddie Forevvie!" t-shirt. The four of them encourage pressure Carly and Freddie kiss

Millicent and Spencer argue

Spencer and Millicent storm into Carly and Harper's apartment mid-argument over Freddie's launch party. Spencer wants a fun party, but Millicent wants a sophisticated one. Hearing Harper side with Millicent, he reluctantly agrees to go along with Millicent's idea.

Freddie zips up Carly's dress

Carly struggles to zip up the back of her dress and has Freddie help her. Carly then helps Freddie tie up his tie. Pearl comes in and tells them the party is a bit somber. Freddie is confused by what she means, and when he shows up at the party, he realizes that Millicent and Spencer have thrown a funeral. Everyone is dressed in black, there is a large photo of Freddie, a coffin of dog bones, and an organ playing in the background.

While Freddie and Pearl talk, he reveals that he is actually single. Carly does a live stream from the party and is joined by the three fans from the onion festival and Mrs. Benson holding a ring. They go to find Freddie and accidentally live stream Freddie and Pearl kissing.

Freddie encourages Carly to pretend to dump her. Carly and Freddie do another live stream in front of the coffin of dog bones and say that their relationship has ended. Midway through their stream, the 3 fans, Tati, Emily and Boris boo Pearl for being a homewrecker. Tati goes as far as uploading a picture of her driver's license online and doxxing her. Carly decides to clear things up and states that she and Freddie were never together. Suddenly, Spencer bursts out of the coffin of dog bones.

The internet goes back to hating Carly. Carly receives a vacuum cleaner with the message "You suck!" However, Carly is fine and insists she only cares for her real fans who haven't left her.

Millicent shows a new episode of the Weau Bros show. While Beau and Wes talk, they get into an argument and Beau quits.


Harper and Kevin

Harper is taking care of Dutch's dog Kevin, while she is on tour, but struggles to get Kevin to like her. Harper worries that if Kevin hates her, Dutch will hate her. Harper goes as far as making Kevin cooked meals and massaging her, but to no avail. Freddie brings Dr. Pearl Wallace, the Kevin app's certified animal therapist, to help Harper and Kevin. Pearl blames their issues on the energy that Harper is feeding Kevin.

Harper and Kevin face time Dutch. Dutch reveals that her tour got extended by 6 months and invites Harper to join her in Bavaria. Harper doesn't want to leave and proposes having a long-distance relationship, but Dutch is against the idea and claims that phone sex is illegal in Germany. They decide to wait until they are in the same place, and Dutch decides to have her mom take care of Kevin instead.

Guest Stars


Script cover

  • The title of this episode was revealed on Paramount+'s Twitter account on March 31, 2022, a week before the season premiere.[5]
  • This is the season 2 premiere.
  • iObject, Lewbert! aired straight after this episode.
  • Carly and Freddie share an awkward kiss, but it is more of a peak kiss.
  • The executive producers are Miranda Cosgrove, Heather Flanders, Eliot Glazer, and Michael Hobert. Other producers include Danny Fernandez, Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Alissa Vradenburg, Richard Bradon Manus, Esther Povitsky, Don Dunn, Max Burnett.[6]
  • During the live tweeting session, Nathan Kress, Ali Schouten and Danny Fernandez tweeted a number of behind the scenes trivia points.
    • This 9-layer brunch dip was crafted with extreme accuracy. It smelled funny and was not eaten by the cast.[7]
    • Nathan attests that Laci Mosley does indeed smell like an angel, just like what Spencer said about Harper.[8]
    • Nathan's number one request was to resolve Freddie's parasite from iReturn to Webicon. As an actor, he couldn't bear the weight of performing under such agony.[9]
    • Nathan now knows that he can't work craft beer in every conversation like he used to do.[10]
    • Leo, the dog who plays Kevin, threw a fit during filming. Nathan thinks he was going method.[11]
    • Nathan ad-libbed the part about his mom normally tying my tie during a run-through, the day before they shot this scene. He felt that it seemed proper that Freddie start out this season with a smidge too much dependence on his mother.[12]
    • Nathan's wife, London Kress, took that framed memorial photo of Nathan while they were on a dinner date just down the street from their sound stages.[13]
    • Spencer's stunt guy was the same as Nathan's stunt guy in iReturn to Webicon.[14]
    • Watching Laci and Kevin flailing around together makes Nathan laugh every time.[15]
    • Nathan did not ever expect to see Marissa Benson doing shots.[16]
    • Writing "You Suck!" on the box was a pitch by Jerry Trainor.[17]
    • 8 out of the 9 layer cake were actually Ali Schouten's favourite breakfast creals. She hates bloody Marys but feels like Harper would be sophisticated enough to like them.[18]
    • The voice that says "Whoa, bro!" is Aaron Seeks.[19]
    • "See you on Zoom" was an adlib by Spencer.[20]
    • Visiting an onion patch was Korama Danquah's most tentative pitch ever but everyone was immediately all in. There were many onion jokes on the cutting room floor.[21]
    • The 3 teen fans were Ali's favorite roles to cast in all of two seasons. They were cast by DeLiziaCasting.[22]
    • The onion root doll was originally written as onion-skin.[23]
    • Eliot Glazer, a fan of Marissa Benson, pitched "you may sleep with him, but I’m the one who tucks him in."[24]
    • Laci jumping on the massage table was not scripted.[25]
    • When Kate Stayman-London pitched this funeral idea, the whole room knew that was it.[26]
    • Originally it was scripted that Tati used the Kevin app to overcome the death of her twin, who Boris and Emily had murdered. Emily was next, since she was about to talk.[27]
    • There was a version of the script where after Carly slaps Freddie and he says "Who was that for?", Carly responds with "women everywhere."[28]
    • Poppy Liu wore her own clothes.[29]
    • Like Carly, Ali Schouten received a Dyson as a gift. It was a wedding gift from Miranda Cosgrove.[30]
    • The onion patch was term the iCarly writers used for unique ideas.[31]


  • Beau and Wes calling Carly an ice queen could be referencing Elsa from Disney's Frozen.
  • Carly mentions that her "Avril Lavigne phase is paying off" when tying Freddie's tie. This references the real life singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, who co-wrote Miranda Cosgrove's pop single Dancing Crazy, which released on December 21, 2010.
  • The scene where Carly and Freddie are found by fans and kiss is similar to the 2009 film The Proposal where the two leads are fake engaged and kiss in front of his family. The family even says "Kiss, kiss, kiss!", just like the fans do to Carly and Freddie in that scene.

Character Revelations

  • Mrs Benson has her grandmother's ring, which her grandmother likely gave to Freddie's father to propose to Marissa.
  • The theme of Millicent's 10th and 11th birthday party was The Magna Carta.
  • Freddie doesn't know how to tie a tie, because his mother usually does it for him.
  • Mrs. Benson taught Carly how to use a tampon.


  • Despite what Dutch said, phone sex is not illegal in Germany.

Running Gags

  • Freddie exclaiming "Who was that for?"

Series Continuity

  • This episode has the longest title in the revival so far.
  • This episode introduces Pearl, who appears in at least one more episode this season.
  • This is Marissa's first appearance in season 2, followed by the next episode iObject, Lewbert!
  • This is the third episode to tease the possiblity of Carly and Freddie getting married. The first 2 times were in season 1, in the episodes iRobot Wedding; (the dance) and iTake a Girls' Trip (the honeymoon suite).
  • This is the first episode to feature an iCarly web show in season 2 and the first since iMLM.
  • The word Creddie is used for the first time since iStart a Fanwar.
  • This is the last appearances of Beau and Wes. It is also the third and possibly last appearance of Dutch.
  • Freddie mentions that he has been medication for the parasite from iReturn to Webicon and says it has been two months since the events of that episode.
  • Carly and Freddie indirectly mention their previous relationship from iSaved Your Life.
  • Its revealed that Harper and Dutch have been dating since season 1 finale, until they break up in this episode.
    • It is also revealed that Carly dumped both Beau and Wes on the helicopter on their way back from Webicon in that episode.


Freddie: Mom, what are you doing here?!
Emily: She was our ride.

Related Cast Posts

  • On April 8, 2022, Miranda tweeted "Season 2 of @icarly just dropped on @paramountplus! Lemme know if it makes you laugh πŸ’š Also rehearsing to host The Kids Choice awards tomorrow! Can’t wait to do 1,000 slimings with @RobGronkowski"
  • On April 8, 2022, Nathan tweeted "SEASON 2 LET'S GOOOOO!"


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