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"I'll never let go, Carly. I'll never let go."
— Harper

iGot Your Back is the 4th episode of Season 1 of iCarly (2021), and the 4th episode overall.


"After enlisting Harper's help for a red-carpet event, Carly starts to doubt that Harper understands her best interests and questions their friendship. Meanwhile, Spencer goes to extraordinary lengths to get Freddie his first post-divorce date."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


After enlisting Harper's help for a red-carpet event, Carly starts to doubt that Harper understands her best interests and questions their friendship.


After Freddie misses out on a date with a girl that works for PostRabbit. Spencer tries to hook Freddie up with his friend, Ramona, who is a sex worker who works on EagerBunny.

Guest Stars


Writer Danny Fernandez as Kevin in iSpeed Date

  • Laci Mosley revealed on her Instagram that this was the first episode of the season to be recorded. [3]
  • This episode's writer, Danny Fernandez, previously guest starred as Kevin in the episode, iSpeed Date.[4]
  • During the live tweeting session, writer Danny Fernandez tweeted a number of behind the scenes trivia points.
    • Countess Debra's Cameo is a nod to Countess Luann de Lesseps[5]
    • The garlic kombucha and the dinner menu having no pictures were jokes from Danny's boyfriend Brandon Leffler.[6]
    • Danny Fernandez first met Veronika Dash, the actress who portrays Framona (Fake Ramona), when she was cast in Danny's episode of Grand Hotel.[7]
    • The line "Oops I just blazed a trail" was Korama Danquah's idea.[8]
    • Using the dress from iGoodbye was Kate Stayman-London's idea.[9]
    • Due to COVID precautions, the crew spent the first 2 days of filming watching from home and texting non-stop with Ali Schouten during and in-between takes.[10]
    • Writer Nasser Samara came up with the show "The Real Widows of Wisconsin."[11]
    • Writer Jacques Mouledoux was responsible for the first joke in the episode, which was about hot beers.[12]
  • The cast rehearsed in full PPE gear (masks and goggles).[13]


  • Blessed Buy is a parody of Best Buy.
  • Postrabbit is a parody of TaskRabbit.
  • GameStation X is a parody of both PlayStation and Xbox Series X.
  • ContritionPigeon is a parody of Cameo, Starsona, and MyFanPark.
  • EagerBunny seems to be a reference to Backpage, OnlyFans, and Fiverr.
  • The Real Widows of Wisconsin is a reference to the The Real Housewives franchise.
  • Despite Millicent calling Carly and Harper boomers, they are actually millennials.
    • The name calling of boomers was used display Millicent's ignorance towards those in a older generation than her.

Character Revelations

  • It is revealed that Carly and Harper first met at Skybucks Coffee Bar. They bonded over The Real Widows of Wisconsin during Harper's break.
  • Millicent is 11 years old.
  • Harper previously learned Hebrew to throw a bat mitzvah party, despite not being Jewish.
  • Carly and Harper live in apartment 8-E.
  • Beau's mother is deceased.
  • Spencer has a credit card that ends with 6821.


  • There was no sound coming from the TV when Millicent was watching The Real Widows of Wisconsin.
  • When Beau is mentioned for the first time in the episode, Paramount Plus has his name spelled correctly in the closed captions. However, for the rest of the episode, it is misspelled as "Bo".
  • Multiple characters say that Carly's type is attractive and unintelligent men, however, Carly has previously been interested in smart guys, such as Kyle and Shane.
    • However they maybe just saying that's her type due to the bad luck she has had in her love life.

Running Gags

Series Continuity

  • Carly shows Harper the dress she (Carly) wore to the Air Force father-daughter dance in iGoodbye. Harper updates the dress by adding a long skirt.
  • This is the first episode of the revival to not feature an iCarly webcast.
  • Sam is mentioned for the first time since iStart Over.
  • Titanic is referenced by both Harper and Carly. Carly says "Promise me you'll never let go" and Harper responds with "I'll never let go, Carly. I'll never let go".
  • This is the third episode to start with iGot following iGot Detention and iGot a Hot Room in the original show.
  • The term "man-me-downs" will continue to be used for the foreseeable future.[14]


Freddie: "I asked Ramona and she said yes."
Spencer: "Tomorrow at 8PM?"
Freddie: "Yeah! Wait, how did you know?"
Spencer: "Just a lucky guess, ha."

[Carly pulls out a dress]
Carly: "Ta-da!"
Harper: "That? It looks like a dress you would wear to an Air-Force One Father-Daughter dance."

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