iGibby In Carly's dream in iMight Switch Schools, she was transferred to Briarwood, and was no longer able to do iCarly, so Sam and Gibby created this new show, starring them. This was very strange and upsetting to Carly, so she went back to dreaming about what life at Briarwood would be like.

Like all of the fictional websites depicted on the show, the URL "" redirects the user back to

Gibby's Attempt

When Carly actually tells Gibby about her dream, Gibby is determined to actually make one. From the iCarly website, Carly described the first webcast like this: "The first guest on iGibby was Gibby's stepfather who is a plumber. They talked for 15 minutes about what to do if your foot gets stuck in the toilet. This has only happened to Gibby. No one else cared. Then, Gibby's musical guest was Rip-Off Rodney who tap danced while he played the saxophone. Rodney can't tap dance or play the saxophone. It was pretty terrible. And Gibby finished the show by rubbing peanut butter and strawberry jam all over his stomach and sticking pieces of wheat bread to himself. He called it a "Tummy PB&J" ... Even his own family said it was one of the worst things they'd ever seen. The people at SplashFace deleted the video and then e-mailed Gibby and told him to never put up another video ever again." iGibby was then canceled and has never been mentioned in another iCarly episode.