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"Obviously, Carly won't need to add the anger boost."
Sam on iCarly

iGet Banned is the 9th episode of Season 5 of iCarly and the 103rd episode overall.[3]


After T-Bo accidentally knocks out her date with a lemon launcher, destroys some things in her house and comes over without invitation in the middle of the night to watch a movie about a Jamaican astronaut, Carly bans him from the Shay Apartment. In retaliation, T-Bo bans her from The Groovy Smoothie. He eventually dares her to spend one night at the Bensons' apartment if she wants him to lift her ban. After an overly healthy dinner, being sprayed with anti-tick gas and a fire drill in the middle of the night with the announcement of another one to be done a few hours later, Carly admits how hard it is to live with Mrs. Benson and allows T-Bo back at her place. T-Bo also lifts her ban from the Groovy Smoothie.

Subplot I

Freddie and Gibby claim to be in a band to impress two girls. Sam keeps asking questions, and Freddie names them "The Floors". When Sam asks where they are playing next, the say it's hard to book gigs, so Sam offers to help them get them one and announces them playing at the Groovy Smoothie on the next iCarly.

Freddie and Gibby's musical talent is limited, however, so Freddie comes up with a plan that they could break up during their first gig to avoid public humiliation. They plan a fake fight, but Gibby doesn't follow the plan exactly and accidentally knocks Freddie out for real.

Subplot II

Throughout the episode, Spencer has a broken leg after wearing roller blades in the shower. When he sticks his phone into his cast, it slips down too far to get it out again, so he has to slap his thigh whenever he wants to answer it.

Guest Stars


  • This episode was filmed in March 2012.
  • Dan voiced Dr. Buttmann, Spencer's "other special doctor".
  • Carly gets sprayed with skunk spray.[4]
  • The cast has mentioned doing scenes in their pajamas.[5][6]
  • Singer, Dancer, Actress and Nathan Kress' girlfriend Madisen Hill makes a cameo in this episode at The Groovy Smoothie [7] as one of the girls Freddie and Gibby are trying to impress.
  • Freddie plays the guitar and Gibby plays the bass as shown in this photo.
  • Both Freddie and Gibby are left-handed, however, they play their instruments right-handed, as seen in the photo.
  • This marks the second time that three main characters had love interests from outside the main cast (Carly, Freddie and Gibby), the first being IBeat the Heat (Carly, Freddie and Spencer)
  • According to Nathan, the "during" conversation between Freddie and Gibby during The Floors' "rehearsal wasn't originally in the script. Dan added it in during filming because he thought Nathan said it wrong [8]
  • When Freddie and Gibby are in the Groovy Smoothie and are sitting, Nathan accidentally says Noah, Gibby's actor name. This could not be confirmed. He calls him Gibb and Gibby.
    • At one point, Freddie most probably says "No, I think you miss my point", which can be misheard as "Noah, I think you miss my point".
  • In recent airings of this episode, the scene where Spencer comes out after T-Bo is banned from the apartment is cut. After Carly says "Oh, I handled it", it cuts straight to the Groovy Smoothie scene the following day.


  • Sam talking T-Bo out of making her pay for her smoothie is a reference to the Jedi Mind Trick scene from the original Star Wars movie.
  • Under pressure from Sam, Freddie is forced to invent the name "The Floors" for he and Gibby's band. This may be a reference to American rock band "The Doors".

Character Revelations

To be added


  • The freight elevator that serves the Shays' apartment and the iCarly studio has exterior doors on each floor that appear to be made of studded metal. It also has in inner door that appears to be a gate of green-painted wooden slats - this inner door should be part of the elevator car and go up and down with it. However in this episode, each time a shot is filmed in the elevator the inner door is missing.
  • Spencer has a cast on his leg because he broke it while wearing his roller blades in the shower. But he then proceeds to thump his thigh repeatedly and with considerable force, which would be expected to cause pain, yet Spencer shows no sign of pain.
  • In the Groovie Smoothie, while Gibby is asking how the guys get girls like this, a server in an orange T-shirt delivers a bag to an adjoining table, then walks behind Gibby and back to the counter, but after a change in camera action the same girl repeats the same action, walking behind Gibby a second time.
  • After Carly tastes her smoothie and says she doesn't want to talk about it she puts the blue tumbler down on the table to the right of the glass blender top, but after Carly takes the camera and Sam is inviting people to hear the Floors play at the Groovy Smoothie the blue tumbler has moved and is now positioned between the blender top and the base.
  • While "The Floors" are rehearsing in the iCarly studio, Freddie tells Gibby that it is his fault they are in a fake band - but it was Freddie who first suggested that "maybe they are" in a band.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • When Gibby tells Freddie that he would kill him in a real fight, this is a nod to iEnrage Gibby, where Gibby wanted to seriously fight and hurt Freddie.
  • Carly wears a ponytail again in this episode.


T-Bo: Hey, I need $12 for those smoothies!
Sam: You don't need $12 for these smoothies.
T-Bo: I don't need $12 for the smoothies.
Sam: These aren't the droids you're looking for.
T-Bo: These aren't the droids we're looking for.
Sam: Move along.
T-Bo: Move along.

[Sam and Carly enter the Groovy Smoothie]
Sam: [Noticing Freddie and Gibby seated at a table with musical instruments, talking to girls] Hey, look, the idiots got girls!
Carly: I gotta hit the rest room.
[Sam walks over to Freddie, Gibby and the girls and looks at them curiously]
Freddie: Can we help you?
Sam: Why are you girls sittin' with these clowns?
Girl: They're in a band!
Freddie: [trying not to blow his cover] Shhhh--sure are!
Sam: [sarcastically] Oh, they're in a band! And this band is called ...?
Freddie: Uh … [desperately looking around for something to name the 'band' with] The ... the um ... The Floors!
Gibby: Yeah, the Floors!
Sam: [continues sarcasm] 'The Floors'! So, where are 'The Floors' playing next?
Gibby: Uh, we're not sure.
Freddie: Yeah, it's not always easy to book gigs!
Sam: Maybe I can help you guys book a gig.
Freddie: We don't want your help!
Gibby: Please don't help us.

Sam: Freddie and Gibby are in a band.
Carly: Oh my God.

[During the webshow while Carly blends a smoothie they are making]
Carly: See? Anyone can make an awesome smoothie AT HOME! So it really doesn't matter if a very mean person unfairly bans you from your favorite smoothie place just cause he's mad, when what made him mad was totally HIS FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE!
Sam: Obviously, Carly won't need to add the anger boost.

Sam: [to Carly, about Freddie and Gibby] Uh-oh, I think I tickled their angry bones.

Carly: [Turns around to see Mrs. Benson standing there with a large cylinder] AAAH! What the jack?! What is that?!
Ms. Benson: A tick gasser! You know how I used to give Freddie tick baths?
Carly: Yeah?!
Ms. Benson: Well, now I can get rid of ticks with this industrial gasser!
Carly: Industrial?!
Ms. Benson: [Starts spraying Carly with the machine] YOU MIGHT FEEL A POWERFUL BURNING SENSATION!
Carly: I DO! [Falls onto the bed]

Freddie: [Discussing their band breakup plan] Okay, listen; at the gig, like, before we ever play a song, you and I get in a fight.
Gibby: I'd kill you in a fight.
Freddie: Not a real fight, A fake fight. We argue, then you try to punch me, but I'll duck the punch, then we wrestle around a little 'til people pull us apart. I yell "I'm never gonna sing with that jerk again," And boom! The Floors are no more.
Gibby: Ha, I love that. But in a real fight, I'd kill you.

[In the middle of the night, Mrs. Benson decides to have a fire drill]
[In the hallway]
Carly: What started the fire?!
Mrs. Benson: There's no fire.
Carly: What?!
T-Bo: Mrs. Benson likes to have fire drills ... frequently.
Mrs. Benson: Our time was 32 seconds, which means we'd all be dead.

Freddie: Now, this first song we're gonna do tonight is--
Gibby: [interrupting him] Hey, hey!
Freddie: What?
Gibby: Maybe I want to intro the song.
Freddie: I already started.
Gibby: Well, then maybe now, I'm going to start an argument.


The episode premiered to 3.627 million viewers, making it the highest non-special episode in six months.[2]

  • This episode reached #2 on iTunes for Children's TV during its premiere weekend right behind Victorious' Opposite Date [9]


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