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"Perfect age..."
Carly upon finding a possible friend for Spencer.

iFind Spencer Friends is the 10th episode of Season 5 and the 104th episode overall.[3]


While thinking of people to invite for Spencer's birthday, Carly and Freddie realize that he barely has friends his own age. His birthday party would only include them and Sam because Socko is in Africa with his brother-in-law Hunter and T-Bo is mad at him for how he say tissue, the book club Spencer was in he got kicked out because he set a bunch of books on fire. Even the guy he plays tennis with turns out to be a third grader.

Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby invite some people they meet throughout the day to hang out with Spencer. When they all go to eat at Fiddy's Diner though, Spencer quickly finds out he has nothing in common with them.

Freddie makes fun of a waiter and he blows his nose in the chili fries as revenge, but they get delivered to Spencer's table by mistake. Spencer leaves to sit with Carly, Sam and Freddie after the other guys don't share their fries with him. Luckily for him, the other guys all get sick after eating the dirty fries while he is fine.

A woman who is a huge iCarly fan sees them at the restaurant and eagerly takes selfies with all of them, even running into the men's room to meet Gibby.

In the end, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby celebrate Spencer's birthday at the loft with a giant Spaghetti taco and play Jamaican Laser Tag.


While searching for friends for Spencer in a mens' room, Gibby helps out another guy when there are no soap and paper towels and unexpectedly gets paid. He soon realizes he can work there as the "men's room attendant." He set's up shop in the bathroom at Fiddy's whiole the others watch Spencer trying to bond with the guys they picked to hang out with him. Heather (the iCarly fan) takes a selfie with him there and he sings the song he sang in iCan't Take It when Sam and Freddie get back together later while Spencer's intended friends get sick from their dirty fries.

Guest Stars


  • Emma Stone mentioned this is the third-to-last episode on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and she plays a girl named Heather.[6]
  • This is the fourth time on Dan's shows that a male has put on a dress; the first two were in Drake & Josh episodes, "Pilot" and "The Storm", while the third time was in Zoey 101 episode, "Chase's Girlfriend."
  • Because of the promo, many fans believed Emma Stone's character would be Spencer's new friend because she acted childlike, just like him.
  • Gibby dresses in a wedding dress and marries Baggles in a web show sketch at the beginning of the episode.
  • If the Gibby/Baggles marriage were legally valid, that would make Carly and Sam his co-mothers-in-law.

    Featuring Gibby as the bride.

  • Fiddy's Diner is featured in this episode as well as Hey Foods Supermarket and 23 Hour Fitness.
  • The restaurant's men's room is the same set used for the Hollywood Arts girl's bathroom in Victorious.
  • "iFind Spencer Friends" and every episode up to iBust a Thief uses the theme song that was first used in iShock America. Although iGet Banned was between iShock America and this episode, it used the original Season 5 theme song that was first used in iGo One Direction.
  • There is a mixture of religious traditions at the wedding. The term "father" is used for a Catholic priest. Father Steinberg wears a Christian clerical collar. He holds a copy of a Jewish book, the New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh. He places what is supposed to be a glass wrapped in cloth down on the ground for Gibby to step on. Gibby (playing the bride) breaks the glass, a typical custom for grooms in the Jewish culture/religion at weddings.
  • Gibby pronounces the word "tennis" as "tee-nis" which sounds very similar to a male body part. Many years later, in 2021, Montreal mayor Valérie Plante actually confused the word "tennis" for the male body part when giving a speech where she praised local tennis player Leylah Annie Fernandez.[7]


  • At the end of Gibby/Baggles wedding iCarly segment, Carly said "Ya'll come back now, ya hear?", referencing the end line of every episode of a old TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • According to Father Steinberg Gibby's middle name is Hayes however in iWin a Date Gibby told everyone his middle name was Cornelius.
    • On this wiki's Gibby Gibson page, we settled for accepting both as middle names.
  • During Gibby and Baggles' wedding Baggles squirts yogurt twice on the floor but when they show the floor it is completely clean
  • What Gibby did in the men's bathroom in the diner was illegal.
  • When showing Heather coming, they shifted cameras back to when they were comforting Spencer, you can hear Carly saying "It's okay." But you can see that her mouth was not moving.
  • The super-fan Heather, is seen with her phone taking pictures with the iCarly kids, but after she jumps to their table and is taken away, you see that her phone is not with her nor with the iCarly kids.
  • The waiter for Freddie, Carly and Sam's table would be fired for doing something to a customer's food. Technically, the manager should have inspected the food before letting it be sent out.

Running Gags

  • Spencer makes bad sports equipment (a floppy tennis racket and a bowling ball that isn't round)

Series Continuity

  • Gibby appears to sing the end song from iCan't Take It while pretending to be a men's room attendant at Fiddy's Diner, but in this episode he is clearly lip-syncing.


Carly: [To Freddie] We have to find Spencer some friends his own age!

[Carly and Sam are at the Groovy Smoothie, looking at a guy]
Carly: Perfect age ...
Sam: Alone ...
Carly: Doesn't look too stupid ...
Sam: Or too smart ...
Carly: Let's hit him up.
Sam: Goin' in.

Gibby: I used to know a guy named Darnell.
Freddie: [waiting for the rest of the story] ... and?
Gibby: Y'know, not every story has to be interesting.

Carly: [to a guy at Hey Foods] My older brother ... loves cilantro.
Sam: LOOOVES it.

Spencer: You guys ... are SO mean! And BORING!
Black guy: Well, you're childish.
Spencer: I AM NOT! [knocks a cup off the table]

Heather: Oh my God! Oh my god, it's iCarly! It's iCarly! [comes towards them] Hi! Hi! I love you!

Heather: Oh my God, Gibby! [runs to the men's restroom] Gibby! [hugs him; takes a picture with him; speaks in Gibby's voice] Uh, Gibbeh!

Heather: I met Gibby! I touched Gibby!

Related Cast Posts

  • Miranda tweeted Great day on set!
  • Nathan tweeted Filming at breakneck speed today, shooting some awesome stuff! (possibly meaning shooting a lot of scenes really fast)


  • This episode premiered to 3.338 million viewers.[2]


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