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"What kind of fauxpology was that?!"

iFauxpologize is the 3rd episode of Season 1 of iCarly (2021), and the 3rd episode overall.


"A disgusted reaction from Carly is paired with Spencer's latest artwork to become a popular meme, giving Carly new viral fame but leaving Spencer feeling insulted and out for revenge. Millicent finds Freddie's troubling old social media posts, which gives her a brilliant idea."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Harper's picture

Spencer is rehearsing his speech for his art show, but Carly, Harper, Freddie and Millicent are distracted by food and internet posts, much to his annoyance. Harper takes a picture of Carly spitting out a meatball while standing next to Spencer's sculpture and Carly posts it on social media. The meme goes viral and is #1 on iMemeDB. Freddie and Harper encourage Carly to capitalize from this meme to drive traffic. They post the meme all over social media and even make merchandise.

Recreation of the "interesting" meme

Spencer is furious. As Spencer's sculpture is in the background of the picture, people believe that Carly's disgusted expression is about Spencer's artwork, rather than the disgusting meatball. The opening of Spencer's art show is that weekend, and the meme is attracting negative attention to his art. However, Carly doesn't feel that she has done anything wrong. Spencer is unimpressed by Carly's insincere apology, and describes as a 'fauxpology.' Harper and Carly don't take Spencer seriously and even incorporate 'fauxpology' into the captions of their posts.

While carrying his sculpture into the art show, Spencer is recognized by Willow, a social media influencer. However, she is not interested in his art and only wants to take a picture with "meatball brother" for her social media. She even causes Spencer to drop and break his sculpture. Spencer is devastated but Willow is completely nonchalant. While Spencer rants about people's obsession with memes and social media, he suddenly gets an epiphany.

Willow and Carly at the Museum of Influence

To help Spencer, Carly decides to do a livestream of his show so that the attention will be off her meatball meme and on his art. During the live stream, while Carly tells her fans that Spencer is a talented artist, she discovers that Spencer's art show is actually a Museum of Influence and that memes, including Carly's meatball meme, are all over the exhibit. Many of the artwork in the exhibit mock internet culture. Carly interviews Willow, who criticizes the "Single Pringle" sculpture, which ends up being eaten by an ASMR stan. She also shows Carly a pile of old computers displaying a video of Carly speaking with fire coming out of her. Willow and Carly invite the viewers to come of the exhibit to see a show about hating the internet, which brings a mob of influencers who show up to cancel Spencer.

Carly and Spencer end up both apologizing to each other and hug. To distract the angry mob, Harper yells that someone is sharing their negative opinion of a TV show they liked as a child, which causes them to leave.

Back at the Shay Apartment, they sing Millicent's jingle.


Millicent manipulates Freddie

Millicent scours Carly's social media for offensive content and is unsuccessful, but does find an 8-year-old tweet from Freddie where he said he never wants to have kids. Freddie says that he was joking, but Millicent is upset. She decides to take advantage of this tweet and Freddie's insecurity about his new role as a step-father to manipulate him into buying gifts for her. Freddie buys Millicent Red Lamb Energy drinks and a USA Bae Doll with her name.

Millicent starts a business

Millicent decides to start a business where she helps people with their social media posts so they can avoid posts that will be offensive in the future. She describes herself as the "offensive oracle" and even writes a jingle to promote her business. Her services include a "meme sweep" package where she pays old Republican senators to use a meme, so that no one wants to use it anymore.

After Freddie gifts Millicent a keyboard at the Museum of Influence, Millicent tweets about how easy he is to manipulate, which ends up being displayed on the screen behind her. She admits that she isn't actually traumatized and took advantage of Freddie's insecurities to get cool things. Freddie attempts to teach her a lesson, but ends up letting her keep the keyboard anyway.

Guest Stars

Josie Totah as Willow and George Montgomery Butler as Latte Activist Leo


  • The title comes from Spencer's line when Carly "apologizes" to him: "What kind of fauxpology was that?"
    • It is a portmanteau of the words "faux" (meaning fake) and "apology".
  • Millicent says people won't be able to spit because of a worldwide pandemic and Freddie tells her it won't happen. This is a reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was still underway during this episode's production and when it aired.
  • Josie Totah had a recurring role in the Disney Channel show Jessie as a child, then performing under the name J. J. Totah, before she came out as a transgender woman in August 2018.
  • The ASMR stan is played by Alex Wassabi, who is a real-life YouTuber with 11.5 million subscribers (as of June 2021). While he does not make ASMR videos, he mainly makes skits, comedy, and challenge videos.
  • During the scene at the Museum of Influence, the twitter handles shown are the social media handles of various iCarly writers.
    • @SCHOUTOUT is the Twitter handle of ALi Schouten, the show runner.
    • @_ksl is the Twitter handle of Kate Stayman-London who wrote iRobot Wedding.
    • @JacquenessMonster is the Instagram handle of Jacques Mouledoux, who wrote iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party.
    • @Sumupid is the Twitter handle of Clay Lapari, who wrote i'M Cursed.
    • @TheNasserSamara is the Twitter handle of Nasser Samara who wrote this episode.
    • @koramadrama is the Twitter handle of Korama Danquah, who wrote iLove Gwen.
    • Other twitter handles shown include @DianeIsNotTheOnlyKeaton, @Ms.Chris.ZoeH and @NotMillicent123.
  • iCarly writers Nasser Samara and Danny Fernandez did a rendition of the line "Gotta switch it up on a bitch", which Miranda Cosgrove and Laci Mosley were not impressed by.[3]


Recreation of interesting meme

  • Carly references an iconic meme from Drake & Josh, recreating the scene of Megan Parker, Miranda Cosgrove's character on the show, in the 2006 episode, Mindy Loves Josh where she is holding a soda can and staring at a computer screen saying the word "interesting". The meme first gained online traction in early 2016. Shortly after, the scene is recreated again by Millicent. Jaidyn Triplett is roughly three years younger at the premiere of this episode than Cosgrove was when the original scene aired in 2006.
  • Freddie mentions JavaScript, a programming language commonly used in webpages. Several other TV shows in the past have also made jokes about the language.
  • IMemeDb is a parody of IMDb.
  • Red Lamb is a parody of Red Bull.
  • QuackFeed is a parody of BuzzFeed.

Character Revelations


Carly's meatball meme

Running Gags

  • Carly's Meatball Meme popping up everywhere.

Series Continuity


Carly: It's like Harper always says: "You gotta switch it up on a bitch!"
Carly: I'll never say that again.

Freddie: So, this place is just, like, skewering stuff on the internet? ... Oooh! Where's the part where they make fun of JavaScript?!

Carly: Interesting...

Related Cast Posts

  • On June 17, 2021, Alex Wassabi tweeted "i literally forgot I was in the new icarly too til I saw this tiktok 😂 @drewtubehd" with a video of his brother's shocked reaction to seeing Alex on iCarly.


International Premieres

Platform Premiere date Title
Paramount+ Australia
  • Australia
TBA iFauxpologize
Paramount+ Canada
  • Canada
TBA iFauxpologize
Paramount+ Latin America
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  • Bolivia
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TBA Falsa disculpa (Spanish)
Pseudesculpa (Portuguese)
Paramount+ Nordic
  • Denmark
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TBA iFauxpologize


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