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iCarly is an American teen sitcom which focuses on a girl named Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress). The series was created and executive-produced by Dan Schneider. iCarly is targeted towards preteens and young teens, but has a substantial following among children, older teens and adults. read more

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iGoodbye are the 14th and 15th episodes of Season 5 and the 108th-109th episodes overall. This episode marks the series finale of iCarly.

Carly is looking forward to going to a father-daughter Air Force dance with her dad, but when he can't make it, she becomes extremely sad. Spencer offers to take her, even canceling an important date, but Lewbert sneezes on him and causes him to get very sick, making it impossible for him to go, too.

Spencer fixes a 1964 Sterling motorcycle Socko wants to give to his cousin Ryder. Sam is a big fan of the bike and helps Spencer fixing it.

Freddie gets a gigantic new phone from his mother.

Gibby gets a new replica of his head, but gets stuck in the replication machine. read more..

The Main Characters


Samantha "Sam" Puckett (born on April 17, 1994) is the deuteragonist of iCarly and the co-host of the webshow. She is best friends with Carly and Freddie. In the episode iTwins, it was revealed that she has an identical twin sister, Melanie Puckett. Sam and Melanie were born in a city bus, due to the poor planning of their mother, Pam Puckett

Sam was portrayed regularly by Jennette McCurdy as a teenager. She was also played by Olivia Hosken at age eight and Harley Graham at age seven.

Sam is portrayed as a sarcastic, aggressive, tomboyish, and sometimes-bullying bad girl, who has no respect for the rules or other people (except Carly, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby, sometimes). It is possible that her tomboy demeanor is just a wall so people can't get close to her and then hurt her. Consequently, she frequently gets into trouble. She has been arrested four times (three mentioned in iMeet Fred and once more in iWon't Cancel The Show)

If possible, she avoids any kind of work unless Carly forces her to do it. Her disgust of work even led to her having a near nervous breakdown when she had to get a job to pay back the $526 she owed Carly and Freddie (iOwe You). read more...

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Minor Characters


Nevel Amadeus Papperman is a web critic and one of the main antagonists in the iCarly series. He first appeared in iNevel.

He is shown to be extremely intelligent and cultured (though extremely old-fashioned), but an egotistical and arrogant boy who dislikes just about everyone except himself. He has a crush on Carly, and has tried more than once (unsuccessfully) to get Carly to kiss him. In the alternate reality in iChristmas, he was Carly's boyfriend.


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iCarly Quotes

Carly: (grabs Freddie) "Just forward the e-mail!"
Freddie: (looks delighted) "Hold me tighter..."

-- iStage An Intervention

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Cast and Character Birthdays

Cast Birthdays

Cast member Birthdate
Miranda Cosgrove May 14, 1993
Jennette McCurdy June 26, 1992
Nathan Kress November 18, 1992
Jerry Trainor January 21, 1977
Noah Munck May 3, 1996
Mary Scheer March 19, 1963
Dan Schneider January 14, 1966

Characters' Birthdays

Character Birthdate
Carly Shay July 24, 1994
Sam Puckett April 17, 1994
Freddie Benson February 4, 1994
Spencer Shay November 11, 1981
Gibby Gibson January 20, 1995

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