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iCarly Revival

The iCarly Revival premiered on June 17!

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iCarly Revival

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iCarly is an American teen sitcom about three best friends, Carly, Sam and Freddie who begin a web show, iCarly. Their web show becomes a hit and their previously "normal" lives are turned upside down. The show follows the lives of Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer as they navigate school, relationships and internet fame. The series was created and executive-produced by Dan Schneider. iCarly is targeted towards children and preteens, but has a substantial following among older teenagers and adults.

The iCarly revival is an adult-oriented revival about Carly Shay and her friends being in their twenties navigating work, love and their family. Carly is living with her new best friend Harper, and decides to restart her webshow. Freddie has been though several divorces. He and his adopted step-daughter Millicent move in with Mrs. Benson. Spencer has become immensely wealthy. The revival premiered on Paramount+ on June 17, 2021.


Featured Episode

iGoodbye are the 14th and 15th episodes of Season 5 and the 108th-109th episodes overall. This episode marks the series finale of iCarly.

Carly is looking forward to going to a father-daughter Air Force dance with her dad, but when he can't make it, she becomes extremely sad. Spencer offers to take her, even canceling an important date, but Lewbert sneezes on him and causes him to get very sick, making it impossible for him to go, too.

Spencer fixes a 1964 Sterling motorcycle Socko wants to give to his cousin Ryder. Sam is a big fan of the bike and helps Spencer fixing it.

Freddie gets a gigantic new phone from his mother.

Gibby gets a new replica of his head, but gets stuck in the replication machine. read more..

The Main Characters
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Fredward "Freddie" Benson (born on February 4, 1994, 30) was iCarly's technical producer and the tritagonist of the show.

This role includes being an administrator for the iCarly website, creating the special effects used on the iCarly webcast, editing film clips for the show, and being a camera man. Freddie is the oldest member of the iCarly trio and came up with the name iCarly for their webshow.

He lives in Bushwell Plaza, in apartment 8-D with his mother. This is the apartment directly across across the hall from his best friend Carly Shay.

Freddie is very intelligent and is shown to be a bit of a "geeky, but cool" person who can get excited about anything that has to do with technology. He is also a member of the A.V. Club in school, along with being a fan of World of Warlords (parody of World of Warcraft). Because of his love for computers, he became iCarly's technical producer, the one who builds and operates the technical equipment on iCarly.

Freddie does have a somewhat devious side, especially when he wants to get back at Carly or Sam for something. This was shown in iStage An Intervention and iHire An Idiot. Freddie likes to believe that he is "bad", but his pranks and wrongdoings usually backfire somehow, and he's as squeaky-clean as ever.

Freddie shares Spencer's enthusiasm for Galaxy Wars (parody of Star Wars). His interest is also shown in the decoration of his room and the fan-talk they share after Spencer buys a "Proton Cruiser" spaceship.


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Minor Characters

Nevel Amadeus Papperman is a web critic and one of the main antagonists in the iCarly series. He first appeared in iNevel.

He is shown to be extremely intelligent and cultured (though extremely old-fashioned), but an egotistical and arrogant boy who dislikes just about everyone except himself. He has a crush on Carly, and has tried more than once (unsuccessfully) to get Carly to kiss him. In the alternate reality in iChristmas, he was Carly's boyfriend.


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iCarly Quotes
Sam: "Your spaghetti could use more garlic."
Freddie: "I think Carly's spaghetti is great."
Sam: "Then why don't you put some down your pants?"
Freddie: "Maybe I don't want to put pasta down my pants. "

-- iWant More Viewers

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Cast and Character Birthdays

Cast Birthdays

Cast Member Birthday
Miranda Cosgrove May 14, 1993
Jennette McCurdy June 26, 1992
Nathan Kress November 18, 1992
Jerry Trainor January 21, 1977
Noah Munck May 3, 1996
Mary Scheer March 19, 1963
Dan Schneider January 14, 1966

Character Birthdays

Character Birthday
Carly Shay July 24, 1994
Sam Puckett April 17, 1994
Freddie Benson February 4, 1994
Spencer Shay November 11, 1981
Gibby Gibson January 20, 1995

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