The iCarly Studio located in Seattle, WA, in the Bushwell Plaza on the third floor of Apartment 8-C (The Shay Apartment) is the place where Carly, Sam and Freddie film their web show, iCarly. Its main uses are for meeting, doing rehearsal/run-throughs, and filming the actual web show.

It features various items like a Front-half body car seat with police siren, television, bean bag chairs, stairs, elevator, iWeb Awards' Best Comedy Show trophy, random props, equipment, and unique decor. The decor includes stuffed animals, random signs, and interesting lighting with a large, semicircular window (although in exterior shots of Bushwell Plaza there is no sign of this window at all. It may be on the back of the building, which is unseen)

The studio is where the iCarly trio come together to do their homework on occasions, to watch some movies or videos, to talk about some topics relating to themselves or the show, play video games, and much more.

Carly once slept in here and had a bad dream about an imaginary web show called iGibby that replaced iCarly (iMight Switch Schools).

In IMove Out, the iCarly trio used the studio as a base for their Pet Photography business.

In "iWanna Stay with Spencer" a hammer narrowly misses Carly's head and becomes embedded in the studio wall, remaining there for all subsequent episodes. In the following episode ("iNevel") an "" sign is placed to the right of the hammer. This sign then appears to migrate back and forth along the wall, and seems to be in a slightly different position in almost every episode, up to and including the episode "iToe Fat Cakes". In iApril Fools this sign is not seen, but for iGo One Direction and subsequent episodes the sign has been removed.

Also in ICarly Saves TV a television network recreated the iCarly Studio.

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