iCarly has many fictional bands and musicians.



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The one of the gang's (especially Carly's) favorite bands. Cuddlefish concerts usually get sold out most of the time, and as shown on an episode, some teachers go to their concerts. Their genre is apparently pop-rock.

Yellow Day

A parody of "Green Day" mentioned in iDon't Want to Fight. Rip-off Rodney tried to sell tickets to their concert.


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Spencer's old band. They aren't very popular until Spencer hooks them up to a live performance on Seattle Beat. They are famous for their single "Take Me Back". Mandy, a former iCarly fan/stalker, becomes strangely obsessed with Backflesh. Their genre is alternative punk.

The Plain White T's

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Solo Artists/Musicians


Main article: Harper

Harper first appears on "iCarly Saves TV." He is a talented guitarist and percussionist and made a single just for iCarly called "Dream". He prefers retro-rock and acoustic.


Main article: Jake

Jake is a boy at Ridgeway Junior High School that most every girl likes. He performs his single dedicated to iCarly and his Grandma (who was about to buy a new foot but instead bought a computer to watch him perform) called "Whatever My Love". Even though he is good at guitar, his voice is much less than stellar. Freddie edits his voice so it sounds like a great pop singer. If Jake hopes for a career ahead of him, he'll have to rely on computer editing.

Greg the Beatboxing Flutist

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Greg is Sam's cousin. He is one of her only relatives that is not in jail (nor parole) He is mostly the good relative of the Puckett family. He is a talented flutist, but prefers to beatbox with distorted flute sounds. He is shown in "iHeart Art", where he beatboxes while Sam and Carly do a virtual art show of Spencer's creations. Greg is one of the few characters who plays as himself.