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iCarly: iDream In Toons is an animated video game created for the PC.

Jerry Trainor is the only iCarly cast member to reprise his role, as the other character's voices are dubbed with typing sounds on a keyboard.


  • Success, progression, and unlockables based on your Fan-meter.
  • Multiplayer mode that allows you to enjoy your iCarly experience with up to 3 of your friends for an even more awesome time.
  • Full character integration from show featuring Carly, Sam, Freddie, Carly's older brother Spencer and other reoccurring characters.
  • Create your very own webisodes from skits from the show - 200+ skits directly from the show included.
  • Make the skits your own. Add your touch with Intros, Outros, and Music, experiment with green screen, sound effects, and more.
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