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iCarly: Groovy Foodie is game playable on Nintendo DS.

Carly and Sam get into some big trouble, and as punishment, they’re required to make some of their wild and crazy recipes. Players will be the chefs as players get to cook up some delicious, if not insane dishes for the craziest customers this side of the food industry. The way one plays is all dependent on which character they choose to be their chef.

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More About The Game & Contest

Carly and Sam need your help when they get into trouble at a hot dog stand and get assigned to community service. Their task? Serving up wacky dishes to crazy customers and citizens of Seattle! Play as the duo in this fast-paced, action puzzle game that dishes out all the random hilarity of the show! Interact with the entire iCarly cast!

  • Earn special upgrades like Random Dancing or have Gibby charge shirtless into lines of customers!
  • "Battle" over 20 types of hungry customers!
  • Serve 25 wacky foods including spaghetti tacos, corn juice, and fladoodles!

Contest Details


Standard Entry:

Fill in your information on this page and send it to us! Only one entry allowed per day, per person, for a total of 15 entries.

Video Entry (optional):

Create a 'groovy foodie smoothie' that says something about you! Then, submit a video of you serving your smoothie creation to family or friends and tape their reaction! The smoothie must be sampled by the end of the video. Video submissions count as 5 additional entries.

For example, a person who loves summer could invent a smoothie that includes BBQ items like hotdogs, jello, and BBQ sauce!


April 16th, 12:00am EST – April 30th, 11:59am EST.

Winner will be announced May 7th!

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External Links (Official Website with contest details to win prizes and a chance to visit the iCarly set)

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