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"I'm gonna get Vin Diesel in tip-top shape."

iCan Fix it Myself[2] is the 11th episode of Season 1 of iCarly (2021), and the 11th episode overall.


"Carly is in over her head when she tries to repair her car herself rather than ask for help. Spencer tries to help Maeve reveal her secret to Harper."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly as Taco Tina

Carly, Freddie, Harper and Spencer are playing a card game. Harper is distracted and staring at her phone, nervous about the outcome of her application for a styling job with emerging pop star Dutch.

Later, while Carly is filming for iCarly dressed as Taco Tina, her car named Vin Diesel, breaks down and needs to be towed away. Wes, the mechanic, advises Carly to buy a new car as the repairs will cost more than her car's worth. Unsatisfied with Wes' recommendation, Carly decides to take things into her own hands by taking an auto repair class.

Carly, Freddie and Millicent in class

Carly, Freddie and Millicent attend an auto repair class at Tucci's Tune-Ups. There, they meet Regina, an enthusiastic student who has attended auto repair classes many times. To Carly's surprise, the teacher of the auto repair class is Wes. Carly accuses Wes of giving people false hope and swindling, but Wes is insistent that he only aims to empower people. He invites Carly to try checking the oil of a car, but Carly refuses Wes' help and ends up covering herself in oil.

Carly attempts to fix her own car by following a tutorial online, but ends up damaging her car even more. She calls Wes begging him to help save her car, however his efforts are futile. Carly is distressed and explains that the car means a lot to her because she has a lot of memories with Sam in the car, and driving the car helps her feel connected to Sam.

New Seat of Sitting for the studio

Spencer preserves Carly's car by repainting it and keeping it in the iCarly Studio, so that Carly can make more memories with her car.

Later, Wes asks Carly out on a date.


At dinner, Maeve reveals to Spencer that she faked her own kidnapping. She pretended to be kidnapped to get away from paparazzi, bill collectors and the media after her family lost all their money.

Maeve and Spencer work together to figure out how to reveal this information to Harper. To put Harper in the right mood, Maeve buys a limited edition Normani Off Balance sneakers that Harper was been coveting and Spencer buys a $2,000 bottle of champagne. They also put up flowers around the apartment. However, after hearing how excited Harper is about getting the styling job with Dutch, Maeve changes her mind and doesn't tell Harper the truth about her disappearance.

Later, Maeve and Spencer discuss their new plan, which is to never tell Harper the truth. However, unbeknownst to them, Dutch is in the apartment and overhears their conversation.

During Harper and Dutch's strategy meeting, Spencer interrupts them in an attempt to prevent Dutch from revealing the truth to Harper. However, a misunderstanding results in Maeve revealing the truth to Harper herself.

Harper is angry and vents her frustration to Carly, revealing the extreme lengths she went to find Maeve, such as taking out ads in the newspaper, making #SaveMaeve go viral, and recording a charity single about missing cousins.

At the end, Harper forgives Maeve, and they sing Harper's charity single "Save Maeve" together.

Guest Stars


Harper holds a picture of cousin Roxy (Franchesca Ramsey)

  • This episode is directed by Nathan Kress, who plays Freddie Benson.
  • Carly starts dating Wesley who appears in the other 2 episodes of this season.[4]
  • Sam is mentioned since iGot Your Back.
  • Carly mentioned that she and Sam put money together to buy Carly's car and that Sam named it Vin Diesel.
  • During the live tweeting session, writer Jordan Mitchell tweeted a number of behind the scenes trivia points.
    • The slow motion scene was the last thing that was filmed for the show.[5]
    • The writers all felt that a bug (car) fit Carly’s personality.[6]
    • Miranda did a variety of very funny "car noises" before the crew settled on "nyah nyeah neheaa!!!"[7]
    • The first version of the car oil splash on Miranda was a bit to slow and "goopy", so the effects team went with a quicker version.[8]
    • The picture of cousin Roxy is a picture of iCarly writer Franchesca Ramsey.[9]
    • Miranda Cosgrove thought the fake motor oil was chocolate and tasted it, only to realize that it was paint.[10]
    • Jaidyn Triplett broke the steering wheel on set.[11]
    • This episode was originally supposed to be centered around sasquatch, but the plot was changed after a few rewrites.[12]


  • Dutch's first album being named "Hermione Freaking Granger" is potentially a reference to Lana Del Rey's album "Norman F*cking Rockwell!"

Character Revelations

  • Spencer and Maeve are officially dating.
  • Carly and Sam bought a red car together when Carly was in college. Sam named the car Vin Diesel and they went everywhere in that car, including road trips to Snoqualmie Falls, an exotic jerky emporium over the border in Idaho, and out to the forest to search for bigfoot.
    • There is a secret gum wad in this car that Sam used this once to keep their seat belts together and Carly once used it to keep her toes apart after a pedicure.
  • Millicent has been taking an investing class at a community college.



Running Gags

  • Carly getting covered in oil.
  • Millicent honking the horn whenever Carly and Freddie start cussing.

Series Continuity


Dutch: No birds. If I can't fly, no one should be allowed to.

Dutch: I don't like beverages that start with the letter "T." I'm looking at you, tonic water.

Related Cast Posts

  • On August 11, 2021, Miranda tweeted "New episode of @iCarly comes out tomorrow on @paramountplus called iCan Fix it Myself. This one is extra special because @NathanKress directed it. I’ve known Nathan since I was 12 and I’ve never seen him more in his element. He killed it 🤍"
  • On August 11, 2021, Josh posted on Instagram "Hahahaha! Go watch the newest episode of #icarly right now! Directed by the insanely talented @nathankress — this one is special! Oh and @mirandacosgrove somehow pulls off a taco outfit brilliantly 😂😂😂 Thanks for having me! @paramountplus @ali_schouten @chescaleigh @jerrytrainor @divalaci @bookjaidyn #icarlyreboot #comedy #hilarious"
  • On August 12, 2021, Nathan tweeted "Thank you guys for your incredible support and kind words for this week's episode! "iCan Fix it Myself" was a labor of love, and it was an honor to direct for this group of immensely talented cast and crew.. especially the ones I grew up with ❤️ dream come true, I hope you enjoy!"
  • On August 12, 2021, in response to a fan's tweet, Laci tweeted "Of course me and Harper stan @Normani !! Wake up the members of The Nation! Haha #iCarly"
  • On August 12, 2021, in reponse to Jordan Mitchell's tweet about the slow motion scene, Laci tweeted "🤣 that was so fun! Congratulations on a great episode!!"


International Premieres

Platform Premiere date Title
Paramount+ Australia
  • Australia
TBA iCan Fix it Myself
Paramount+ Canada
  • Canada
TBA iCan Fix it Myself
Paramount+ Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
TBA Puedo repararlo yo sola (Spanish)
Eu Mesma Consertarei (Portuguese)
Paramount+ Nordic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
TBA iCan Fix it Myself


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