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"You know we're about to ruin a relationship between two of our best friends?"
Carly to Gibby regarding the relationship of Sam and Freddie.

iCan't Take It (originally titled iBreak Up[3]) is the sixteenth episode of Season 4 of iCarly and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It is also the third episode of the four-episode storyline stemming off of iOMG.


When Sam and Carly discuss how Sam's relationship with Freddie is working out, Freddie presents the newest fake iCarly movie trailer, The Adventures of Super Bra. Much to Carly's dismay, Freddie has edited Carly out of the fake trailer and focuses on Sam. Sam is seen to abuse Gibby, since she has stopped picking on Freddie because they're dating.

Sam and Freddie are going to a movie together, and are just going down the stairs of Bushwell Plaza when Mrs. Benson arrives. Freddie pushes Sam back into Carly's apartment and makes Spencer lie to Mrs. Benson about their romance. Spencer comes up with the story that he sent Freddie out to get yeast because he's starting a bread business in the apartment.

Gibby, now the subject of abuse, concocts a plan to split up Freddie and Sam. He enters the elevator in Bushwell Plaza, waits for Mrs. Benson to arrive and then stops the elevator when she enters it. He shows her pictures on his PearPad that show Sam and Freddie acting like a couple. Mrs. Benson is clearly outraged, and as the scene ends, she and Gibby start forming a plan.

Later while Carly and Sam are at Glitter Gloss, Mrs. Benson attempts to bribe Freddie into breaking up with Sam by giving him 100 grams of palladium worth $100,000. However, to Mrs. Benson's disapproval, Freddie denies the offer.

Sam and Freddie then go on another movie date only to come back to the studio late and miss a webcast of iCarly. There it is revealed to Sam and Freddie that Gibby was the one that outed their romance to Mrs. Benson, next Sam becomes furious and beats up Gibby so badly that he dislocates a breast bone and loses a clump of hair, and kicked Spencer in the groin.

Angered that Sam and Freddie missed iCarly and at the prodding of Mrs. Benson and Gibby, Carly lets it slip that Sam was the one that sabotaged Freddie's application to New Electronics Research and Development (N.E.R.D.) Camp. They devise a plan to tell Freddie that Sam messed with his application in hopes it will split them.

The Kiss at the beginning

During the next iCarly rehearsal when Sam and Freddie show up three minutes early Carly and Gibby set their plan into motion and aid Mrs. Benson. Freddie's mom shows him the application. Carly runs downstairs, telling Spencer that she felt guilty. Freddie figures out it was Sam who changed all his answers. She tries to explain it was four months ago, before they began dating, but he is too hurt to say anything other than it was something he wanted and that it could have helped get into any college he wanted. Sam apologizes, but Freddie does not respond to that.

Meanwhile Carly is watching this from downstairs with Spencer (on her computer from the iCarly cam), and, feeling guilty, she runs back upstairs. Gibby then forcibly escorts Freddie's mom out of the studio because he does not want to get in the way of "young love" (despite the fact he was the one who told Mrs. Benson) after Mrs. Benson tried to attack Carly from salvaging Sam and Freddie's relationship. Carly then points out that Freddie should not break up with Sam and mentions Sam's good qualities. Sam and Freddie stand there awkwardly until Carly pushes Sam and Freddie together until they kiss. Sam and Freddie kiss and hug when they make up. Gibby sings a love song for everyone to celebrate Sam and Freddie not breaking up. Spencer is seen downstairs eating yeast and being very emotional (he cries a little bit during he eat yeast).

Guest Stars


  • According to a photo posted by Dan via his Official Facebook Page: "This episode reached Number 1 on iTunes in the Childrens' TV Category the day after its television premiere." "Who Did it to Trina?" was #2, a Victorious episode which premiered the same night.
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  • The working title for this episode was originally "iBreak Up" before being changed to the finalized title "iCan't Take It." [4]
  • Some scenes in this episode were shown in promos for iLost My Mind and iDate Sam & Freddie.
  • This is the eighth and ninth time Nathan and Jennette have had an on-screen kiss thus far for iCarly. The first as Sam and Freddie in iKiss, the second as Freddie and Melanie in iTwins. They've also had to kiss twice for IOMG as Sam and Freddie, where Dan revealed they shot the kiss two different ways. Then, the one after that in iLost My Mind and twice in iDate Sam & Freddie and twice for iCan't Take It - not counting practice kisses or do-overs. Also it's the sixth and seventh kiss for Sam and Freddie.
  • There is a return appearance by George the Bra voiced by Andrew Hill Newman, the bra in "The Adventures of SuperBra" sketch.
  • For some reason, in the promos, Spencer's pants fall down after he says the line "What?!", like in iGot A Hot Room, though this didn't happen in the actual episode. It seems that this was a deleted scene.
  • The clip of Gibby singing was used in the 1-hour Victorious special Tori Goes Platinum.
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #5 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be awesome: Spencer opens a bakery. In. His. Loft. Why? Find out Saturday!"
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #4 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be great: Gibby sings a love song to someone!"
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #3 to watch the next iCarly is 'cuz it's gonna be awesome. Don't believe us? Watch a sneak peek here!"
  • iCarly posted another link to the first and only (American) promo for this episode: "The next episode of iCarly is this Saturday at 8! It's called "iCan't Take It" and is going to be fan-bat-tastic :P" via iCarly's Official Facebook page.
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #2 why the BRAND NEW iCarly is gonna be great: There's MORE Sam & Freddie! Check out our Sam Vs. Freddie quiz."
  • iCarly tweeted "Reason #1 y the NEW iCarly's gonna be epic: George The Bra is BACK! Play Bust A Ghost if u miss George & watch tmrw @ 8."
  • This is the first episode of iCarly in a while with only one (American) promo.

Tumblr lrp7uzmnZg1qlx91jo1 500.gif

Tumblr lrp7uzmnZg1qlx91jo2 500.gif

  • The final scene for this episode on iCarly.com is different because the song is longer and at the end Sam and Freddie put their arms around each other.
  • Spencer sports a new Penny T which is blue and has the phrase "Corn Pappy" in yellow letters.
  • Not counting the Super Bra trailer, this episode marks the shortest amount of time with a iCarly webcast. In this case only 12 seconds.
  • After Gibby says "Thanks, Carly! So much for secrets!", and Sam attacks him, it sounds like Gibby yells in his younger voice. This may have been a sound bit recorded from the past.


  • This episode has Spencer watching an episode of Hungry Girl a reference to Dan's wife Lisa Lillien a.k.a Hungry Girl.
  • Mrs. Benson tearing her blouse is known as Keriah, a traditional Jewish custom when a parent mourns for the loss of a child. This may also be a reference to the scene in the 1980 film The Jazz Singer, starring Neil Diamond, in which the title character's father, Cantor Rabinovich, tears his coat in a "You're no longer my son" fashion. This implies a religious reference to Judaism as creator Dan Schneider and most of the iCarly crew are Jewish. Freddie and his mom are either Catholic or Christian as Freddie stated before he wore "church pants."
  • When Spencer said, "I ain't afraid of no bra!" in the Super Bra sketch, this may have been a reference to GhostBusters.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • Carly watches the confrontation from downstairs on her computer, supposedly from an iCarly camera feed, though you can see the camera change angles several times, even though there would have been no one to change the angle, as all characters present were involved in the conversation. Also, at the end during the credits (when Spencer is watching through the camera) you can actually see the camera moving as Gibby moves.
  • When Sam and Freddie leave to go to the movie, they hit the Up Button on the elevator instead of Down.
  • If you notice very closely when Carly, Sam, and Freddie are watching the "George the Bra" movie trailer, you can see Carly in a few shots in the trailer on the right side of the screen. You can also hear Carly say her lines in the trailer. If Freddie really edited Carly out of the trailer, he would have completely erased Carly out of the it.
  • When Gibby shows Carly "banana man", the grapefruit on the table has a face drawn on it. Then in the next shot the grapefruit has no face on it. (The fact that the grapefruit already has a face on it is mentioned in iBloop2, but apparently they forgot to edit the face out of the previous shot).
  • When Sam whacks Gibby with the bag of sandwiches, there is nothing on the floor, except for a few crumbs. When Sam whacks Gibby once more, you could see some bread on the floor. After that, when Sam dropped the bag of sandwiches on Gibby, the bread has disappeared.
  • Gibby goes to take a nap in Carly's bed but later, he is in the elevator to tell Mrs. Benson about Sam and Freddie's relationship.
  • Just after Sam attacks Gibby, Spencer runs in and throws his rolling pin down to the left of the studio door, but after the next cut the rolling pin has suddenly moved close to the elevator.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • Sam making it clear to Spencer that she said "Holy crab" is probably a reference to people complaining about Sam using profanity when she used the same phrase in iThink They Kissed.
  • Spencer again sets something on fire. This time it's his stove-top and oven where he is cooking and baking bread while wearing a chef's hat.
  • The iCarly webcast with Carly and Gibby holds the record for shortest ever, about fifteen seconds long, and is the third one without Sam (the first was in iReunite With Missy and the second was in iWon't Cancel The Show). It is also the third one without Freddie (iWill Date Freddie and iKiss being the first and second).
  • Freddie's blog Sam Changed My Answers! relating to this episode is the first time he mentions Sam as his girlfriend noted by the line "You have to admit. I have a pretty funny girlfriend." Though Sam first called Freddie her boyfriend in IDate Sam & Freddie noted by the line, "This is not how boyfriends behave."


Carly: So, things are going good with you and Freddie?
Sam: Yeah, way better. Only 3 fights this week.
Carly: And you haven't hit him?
Sam: Not in the face...
Carly: [smiles] Aww, that's sweet.
Freddie: [knocks on Carly's bedroom door; comes in holding his blue laptop] So, guess a-who just finished editing iCarly's next fake movie trailer?
Carly: The same guy a-who edits all of iCarly's fake movie trailers?
Freddie: [smiles proudly] Yes ... [to Sam] Hey, cuteness.
Sam: Lips please. [Freddie leans down, gently lifts Sam's chin with his fingers and kisses her for 3 seconds]
Carly: [shocked in a good way] How did this happen?? You guys have a relationship, and I have a magnetic fish! [holds up the fishing rod she's been holding with a magnetic fish at the end].
Freddie: [runs to the seat] Alright c'mon let's watch the trailer

Gibby: Your son, Freddie...
Mrs. Benson: [gasps]
Gibby: ...is dating Sam. Look at this. [holds up PearPad and shows Mrs. Benson a picture of Freddie with his arm around Sam's shoulder; smiling at each other]
Mrs. Benson: [screams shrilly and loudly]
Spencer: [Watching a cooking show on TV] She's a genius!

Mrs. Benson: [comes into the Shay's apartment holding a silver bar] Freddie!
Gibby: Wow, Freddie! Your mom's here!
Mrs. Benson: [puts the silver bar on the counter]
Freddie: [looks at her; confused] What's that?
Mrs. Benson: 100 ounces of pure palladium.
Gibby: Wow! So a bar like that must be quite valuable!
Mrs. Benson: Oh, it is, it has a street value of nearly $100,000.
Spencer: [raises his eyebrows; eyes wide]
Freddie: [holding the bar; surprised] Whoa, whose is this?
Mrs. Benson: Yours...
Freddie: Why would you give me something worth this much money?
Mrs. Benson: So you'll do something for me in return!
Gibby: That seems fair!
Freddie: What do you want me to do?
Mrs. Benson: [loudly] Stop dating Sam!
Freddie: [gets off the chair he was sitting on; looks confused and shocked] How'd you know?
Gibby: Yes, how did you know?
Mrs. Benson: It doesn't matter! [to Freddie] If you want that bar of palladium, you tell that no good Puckett to find some other boy to ruin!
Freddie: You can't bribe me to break up with Sam!
Mrs. Benson: But, Freddie!
Freddie: [furious] No chance!
Mrs. Benson: [screams and rips a piece of her shirt; takes the palladium back from Freddie and runs back into her apartment].
Freddie: [mouthing] Wow... [sits back down]

Carly: [annoyed and angry] I'm going to kill Sam and Freddie! [to Gibby] Are you sure they haven't texted you?
Gibby: [to Carly] Look, I'm just having some juice.
Carly: [frustrated] Well, fan-bat-tastic! iCarly starts in thirty seconds, and I'm here, alone!
Gibby: I'll try not to take that the wrong way.
Carly: [to Gibby] Alright, we're starting iCarly. You and me. Get up!
Gibby: [excitedly] Really?
Carly: [as she sets up the tech stuff] In 5, 4, 3, 2.. [to audience] I'm Carly! [looks to Gibby]
Gibby: [stands there and smiles as he says nothing for about 10 seconds]
Carly: [keeps glancing at Gibby to say something]
Gibby: [to Carly] My turn?
Carly: [disappointed, but not really sounding it] And this has been iCarly. [turns off the web cast]

Carly: [to Sam and Freddie] So, last week you two made me your involuntary Couple's Counselor. Then you edited me out of "Super Bra" and tonight you made me do iCarly by myself.
Gibby: [offended, he yells to Carly] What am I, a mushroom?!
Freddie: [to Carly] Okay, you're making way too big a deal out of--
Sam: [to Freddie as she gently pats him on the arm 3 times] Hey, hey, hey this isn't about us missing the show...
Freddie: [to Sam] She seems pretty upset by-- [Sam nods at him] Oh, right...
Sam: Mm hmm...
Carly: [rolls her eyes, annoyed] What's right?
Freddie: [to Carly] Look, since Sam and I started going out [looks to Sam, then back at Carly], maybe you've been feeling a little--
Sam: [finishing his sentence] Jealous.
Carly: [looking shocked] Wh- wh- wh- wh? [scoffs] You two think I'm jealous of your relationship?
Freddie: Maybe.
Sam: And maybe you were the one who let his mom know that we were going out.
Carly: [shocked] I did not!
Freddie: [confused] Then who did?
Carly: [screams] Gib---what?
Sam and Freddie: [glaring at Gibby]
Sam: [mad] Gibby?
Gibby: [sarcastic to Carly] Thanks, Carly! So much for secrets!
Sam: [runs to Gibby and throws him on the floor while screaming]

Gibby: [to Carly] Tell us what you know.
Mrs. Benson [to Carly] Give in to your anger.

Carly: [to Gibby] You know we're about to ruin a relationship between two of our best friends?

Carly: [feeling bothered by Gibby going to take a nap in her bed] Oh...

Carly: [to Freddie] You know eventually you're gonna have to tell your mom you and Sam are dating.
Freddie: [scoffs] Oh really, you wanna see my mom burst into flames?
Carly: Yes!
Spencer: That'd be cool.
Sam: [laughs]
Mrs. Benson: [Off Screen knocking on the door] Freddie, are you in there? Come home! It's time for your tick bath!
Freddie: Now what?
Sam: [to Freddie] No worries, we'll take the 'vator. [to Spencer] Tell his batty mom you haven't seen him or me.
Spencer: No, no, de nopedy nope, I am not gonna lie to your mother.
Freddie: [frustrated] Why not?
Spencer: 'Cause when you tell one lie it just leads to another lie, and another lie...and before you know it, you're a guy telling [slight pause] multiple lies.
Sam: [scoffs] Oh come on, when the girl with no teeth kept coming over here I lied for you.
Mrs. Benson: [very annoyed, knocking on the door louder] Fredward Benson!
Sam and Freddie: [look to Spencer, pleadingly]
Spencer: Fine. I'll lie. Go.
[Sam and Freddie run toward the elevator door. Sam pushes the second button]
Mrs. Benson: [very annoyed, knocking on the door] Fredward!
Carly: [to Sam and Freddie] You know, you guys could invite me to go to the movies with you. [as Sam and Freddie step in the elevator]
Freddie: [to Carly as the elevator door is closing, hesitating] Uh, well if you wanted to--
Sam: [to Carly as the elevator door is closing, hesitating] Um.. well, okay, let's get the door.
Sam and Freddie: [as the elevator door shuts] Bye, Carly!

Gibby: [In the elevator while showing Mrs. Benson pictures] Wait, I brought you a flashlight too.

Mrs.Benson: What's that?
Gibby: Oh, that's me in the bathroom. And that's me brushing my cat's teeth. [Stops and looks and Marissa's face] He didn't like it...

Freddie: [looking at his PearPhone] Ah, dag, man! No!
Sam: [to Freddie] What's the matter, baby?
Freddie: I didn't get into that summer program I applied to.
Carly: [smiles] NERD Camp.
Freddie: It's not NERD Camp. It's "New Electronics Research and Development camp!"
Gibby: [laughs to Freddie] You're perfect for that!
Freddie: I know!

Gibby: Cool! There's a sale for glitter gloss at the store!
Spencer: Why do you get text updates from Glitter Gloss?
Gibby: I care about women's personal needs, a'ight?
Spencer: [looks at Carly, Sam and Freddie giving an offended and weirded out expression based on Gibby's reaction]

Carly: [looks at Freddie] Look, having Sam in your life is like owning a wild chimp...
Freddie and Sam: [both look confused]
Carly: Sure, she is unpredictable; she can go berserk and chew your foot off. But if you keep her clean and well fed, she's adorable [puts her arm around Sam] and cool and tons of fun.
Freddie: I know, but--
Carly: [interrupts Freddie] She said she was sorry! And she really meant it.
Gibby: [walks in quietly]
Carly: Sam loves you! [looks at Sam waiting for her to speak then nudges her]
Sam: [shyly] It's kinda true.
Carly: [steps to the side and gestures for Sam to kiss Freddie then pushes them closer together]
Freddie: [smiles lovingly at Sam]
Sam: [smiles lovingly back at him]
Carly: [pushes them together to kiss]
Sam and Freddie: [kiss for 10 seconds]

[The lights dim, disco lights flutter throughout the room, and music begins to play]
Gibby: [grabs a microphone and begins to sing] Loving you, is my favorite thing to do. And if you'll be mine, to the end of all time. My heart, will sing the sweetest part of this song, of love.
[Carly, Freddie, and Sam clap for the performance]
Freddie: Wow!
Gibby: [just before dropping the microphone on the floor] Giiiiibbbaaayyy!
Freddie [while still clapping]: That was good, Gibb.

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This episode received 5.13 million views during its premiere weekend among viewers at the 9-14 year old demographic for the week of September 12, 2011-September 18, 2011.[5]


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