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"I'm sorry but I can not work with this guy, okay? Its either him or me!"
Freddie about Paul to Carly

iBuild a Team is the 6th episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 19th episode overall. It premiered on May 6, 2022.


"Carly hires a manager to take her channel to the next level, but when the new guy butts heads with Freddie, Carly must figure out a way to make her team work. Spencer tries to please a tough food critic."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly hires a manager to take her channel to the next level, but when the new guy butts heads with Freddie, Carly must figure out a way to make her team work.[1]


Spencer enlists Harper to design his new restaurant uniforms while he tries to please a tough food critic.[1]

Guest Stars

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  • This episode introduces Carly's manager Paul from Italy, portrayed by Josh Peck, who starred alongside Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor in Drake & Josh.
  • Carly and Freddie interact properly for the first time since iObject, Lewbert!, episode 2.
  • The plot on logline suggests that Carly hires Paul in this episode, but an interview with Josh Peck shows a clip from the episode where Carly has known Paul since she was in Italy years before.[3]
  • Nathan Kress described the episode as a big one.[3]
  • This is the first episode known to take place in 2022.
  • Nathan Kress described directing this episode fun but scary, due to the moving objects and telling Josh Peck what to do as he was a fan of Peck's work in the past.[3]
  • If you count the episode iBloop, where Drake Bell made a cameo, this episode officially marks all 3 principal Drake & Josh actors (Bell, Peck and Cosgrove) having appeared on iCarly.
  • Information from live tweet:
    • The scene where Harper shoves Carly into the sack took 10 takes.[4]
    • Miranda wasn't sure of doing the snort at first but Nathan convinced her to do it and it made it into the episode.[5]
    • Nathan described filming the episode as fun, exhausting and challenging.[6]
    • Nathan found the chicken costume "disgustingly hot and itchy."[7]
    • Fun fact: the pear phone did actually have 11 cameras.[8]
    • Crew members had to push the walls of the escape room and the cast just kept laughing during takes as the walls got stuck.[9]
    • Jerry had to prepare for the fire scene in advance as he actually did catch himself on fire.[10]
    • Josh Peck pitched the scene between Paul and Freddie.[11]
    • Miranda was winded from doing so many takes on the bike.[12]
    • Nathan loved making Miranda have another one of Carly's panic attacks as it is one of his favourite running gags of the show.[13]
    • There was another moment during the final scene where Carly and Freddie try to make it up the stairs whilst high but it was cut from the episode.[14]


Character Revelations

  • Harper is 29 years old.


Running Gags

  • Paul repeatedly saying "it begins", much to Freddie's annoyance.

Series Continuity


Carly [to Freddie] I could never do this show without you.

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