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"So, we clearly have a problem with the iCarly boys."
Miranda after showing Nathan's bloopers

iBloop is the 15th episode of Season 3 of iCarly and the 65th episode overall, this is the first clip show in the series. The episode features bloopers and clips from various episodes, some that would air after this episode. It aired on April 17, 2010. Drake Bell makes a guest cameo in one of the bloopers mistaking Carly for Megan and several minor and recurring characters returned via archive footage.


Miranda talking to Jerry about being more serious on the show

Miranda Cosgrove has a conference with Jerry Trainor about him goofing off too much at rehearsals.

This conference turns into a viewing of never-before-seen clips of bloopers and outtakes backstage. In the end, Miranda admits that everyone messes up sometimes, and it's not much of a big deal. Some of the bloopers are from episodes that had not been shown yet when iBloop aired, so those are previews to later episodes. This is because, in production order, this episode was the last episode of Season 3 (in production code Season 2, as Season 2 and 3 were split into 2 parts).

Drake's appearance.


Miranda and Nathan aka Freddie and Carly

  • When Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor show their guest-stars making mistakes, one of them is Drake Bell, who was a co-star with Miranda in Dan Schneider's previous Nickelodeon series, Drake & Josh. He

    This episode won third place for Most Random Moment at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

    plays his character, Drake Parker, because he calls Miranda/Carly "Megan" (which was her name on the show), and seeing Jennette/Sam, Nathan/Freddie, and Mary Scheer/Freddie's mom, he asks Miranda where Josh [Nichols] (played by Josh Peck, his real-life best friend), Mom (played by Nancy Sullivan), and Dad (Jonathan Goldstein) are, not recognizing the others (Sam, Freddie, Mrs. Benson). This blooper was made during iWill Date Freddie.
  • If you look closely, you can see TheSlap.com, the official website of Dan Schneider's new show Victorious, multiple times in the bloopers, often replacing green screen shots from the actual episode.
  • In some parts you can hear Ginger Fox singing "Number One."
  • This is the episode with the most Penny-Tees. If you look really close you discover it shows a Penny-Tee 19 times and a new one at the end with the phrase: "Random Dancing."
  • A repeat of the episode that aired on July 30, 2010 following the premiere of iGot a Hot Room had 5.58 million viewers, over 125% of the premiere audience. [2]
  • Sam and Freddie (nor, by extension, Carly and Spencer) do not appear in this episode. While Jerry Trainor and Miranda Cosgrove appear as themselves, Nathan Kress and Jennette McCurdy are absent for the entire episode.
  • This episode continues the tradition of clip shows for Schneider series ("PCA Confidential" for Zoey 101, and "Dr. Phyllis Show" for Drake & Josh). A Victorious blooper special known as "Blooptorious" was also made later on.
  • Dan tweeted about a blooper sequel for iCarly.
  • Clips from iWon't Cancel The Show, iBelieve In Bigfoot, and iPsycho were shown, this is because this is the last episode of Season 3, but Nickelodeon airs episodes out of order.
    • When the DVD release of the Season 3 came out, this was placed as the last episode of the season, keeping in mind of the fact that it was meant to air after "iWon't Cancel The Show", "iBelieve in Bigfoot" and "iPsycho."
  • At the end, during Random Dancing, Lisa Lillien (a.k.a Hungry Girl and the wife of Dan Schneider) is seen dancing with the cast and crew.
  • This episode rarely airs on Nickelodeon.


Nathan: Mr. Blanton just picked up Sam in... m hal ma dubin! (from iSpace Out)

Jerry: Hey, I know you guys are mad I won't let you go to the fight, but... sorry, I don't know what line to say. (from iLook Alike)

Jerry: Dan sent me some directions via text message... Let me clear this message here. [looks at camera] I will act better. [snickers] (from iWon't Cancel the Show)

Jennette: I'm Carly! ...I am not Carly! (from iSaw Him First)

Nathan: Yeah! ... What?! [monitor screen falls down] Oh no!
Miranda: [laughing] Our TV! (from iHurt Lewbert)

Nathan: Hello, the remote's gone again... We should prob--[someone throws remote at his face] Yey-oh! [remote lands on the floor behind him] We lost it. It's outta there. (from iCarly Awards)

Nathan: I don't bluff. Okay, I was bluffing when I said "I don't bluff," but I'm...serious about quitting! that was it! [snickers] (from iWill Date Freddie)

Jennette: We used some footage from rece-rener-rnt!
Miranda: Yeah-huh!

Nathan: [to Victoria Justice] I thought you might want a snack so I took some raisin bread, put a little butter and toast on it, then- [realizing his mistake, ends sarcastically] I put a little butter and toast on it, then cinnamoned it. (from iFight Shelby Marx)

Nathan: Do you guys think I'm [voice breaking] funny?
Nathan: [in high voice] Puberty! All righty. (from iPie)

Miranda: Now...say hello...now please enjoy our... [bursts out laughing] (from iWon't Cancel The Show)

Reed: THIS IS A MOCKERY! EAT POPCORN! [extras around him laugh] Oh wait, no eat popcorn! (from iFight Shelby Marx)

Miranda: So, the only two people left in the game are Sam and my best friend...my best friend? Sorry.
Jennette: I think I'm your best friend. (from iSaved Your Life)

Jennette: [breaks her styrofoam cup]
Miranda: Whoa!! Defaulty cup! [laughter] What?
Offscreen crewmember: "Defaulty"?!
Miranda: That's not a word... Sorry! (from iReunite With Missy)

Drake is confused, not recognizing the others except Miranda.

Drake Bell: [comes into room where Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Mrs. Benson are acting a scene] [to Carly] Hey, Megan. [points to Mrs. Benson] Who's she?
Mary Scheer: I don't believe I know you.
Drake: Where's Josh? [Looks around] Where-- Where's Mom and Dad? What's going on? (from iWill Date Freddie)

Noah: Check out what it says if I play every fourth word.
Ethan: Happy birthday!
Noah: [starts laughing] What...?! (from iPsycho)

Nathan: Hey, I didn't say they were hot.
Jerry: Yeah, and you didn't say that they were DOOBADOOS! (from iCarly Awards)

Jerry: Yeah, it's a really old video game from like the last century! One of the most pop-- [breaks down, in a high pitched voice] I don't know what to say anymore! (from iStage an Intervention)

Miranda: What was that crash?
Jerry: Oh, we're fine, the elevator just fell nine stories to the...
Hal: To the what?
Jerry: To the basement, it's in the basement.
Hal: Can you show me where that is?
Jerry: It's on the stairs.
Hal: I'll take those. (from iSaw Him First)


See photos of iBloop here.


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