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"Wow, you fixed the hole in the glass! I thought you only broke things."
Carly to Spencer.

iBattle Chip is the sixth episode of Season 5 of iCarly. It marks the 100th episode of iCarly (counting 1 hour specials as two episodes and movies as three). However if all the movie episodes were merged into individual episodes this would be the 87th episode of the series.


After Chuck steals Spencer's clothes, an enraged Spencer calls the cops on him and Chuck gets sent to military school. However, this causes Chuck's younger brother Chip to hate Spencer and terrorize him more than Chuck did to retaliate viciously against him.

Meanwhile, Gibby buys an exact replica of a Galaxy Wars toy phaser. He asks Carly to hold it while he uses the bathroom and warns her to not play with it, not let anyone else play with it, and to not even set it down. Gibby becomes depressed when Carly unknowingly does set it down regardless and accidentally breaks it after Sam beats up a bully and knocks it off a table. They get Freddie to fix it for Gibby and surprise him before he comes to the loft, but he ends up turning it into a weapon (heat gun), and surprisingly Gibby likes it better.


During an iCarly webcast, Chip plays loud music hoping for iCarly to stop and sends a video chatting threat, revealing that he will mess with Carly, making it impossible to continue. They find Spencer tied up in the kitchen by Chip with an apple in his mouth. Chip and one of his friends try to set a trap for Spencer to get him stuck in glue and then shave him.

Gibby sets his phaser to "Overload" and Freddie reveals that it'll explode, so, in a panic, Spencer throws the phaser down the hallway causing Chip and his friend's plan to backfire and have Chip stuck on the elevator door with a lot of glue.

After the big explosion, they run over to see the mess and notice Chip stuck on the elevator, Spencer is particularly pleased to see that his nemesis has gotten punished. Freddie comforts Gibby on the destruction of his phaser before they leave and Chip begs to be freed. Carly agrees that they can't leave him like this, as Spencer sprays Chip's pants with shaving cream and walks away amused. Carly and Sam note that Chip got punished before they leave while Chip leaving his butt constantly tickled.

Guest Stars


  • Jacob Bertrand later played Henry Forman in the show Marvin Marvin, which ran from November 24, 2012 to April 27, 2013. Bertrand is also known for playing the title character in Kirby Buckets.[4]
  • This episode makes iCarly the first Dan Schneider sitcom, let alone, a Nickelodeon live-action sitcom to reach over 100 episodes.
  • iCarly tweeted that Chuck will be returning in this episode.[5] However, Chuck is only mentioned; he is never actually seen on screen.
  • Dan Schneider's voice can be heard repeatedly singing "They're tumbling." in a Southern accent during the webcast when the gang cuts to a pre-recorded video of Carly and Sam doing gymnastics.
  • In an odd turnaround, Spencer is able to fix the door instead of breaking it.
  • Nathan wore the same shirt that Matt Bennett wore in April Fools Blank.
  • This is the second episode that begins with Carly, Sam, and Freddie eating pizza. The first was iHire An Idiot.
  • At one point in the hall scene near the end of the episode, whether intentional or not, they line up in descending order of height: Spencer (Jerry Trainor, tallest), Gibby (Noah Munck, next tallest), Freddie (Nathan Kress, middle height), then Carly (Miranda Cosgrove, second shortest), then Sam (Jennette McCurdy, shortest).
  • Some people think this is the last episode, since the last episode was filmed the week after. Some people didn't realize that they were done filming, but they had about 10-15 episodes to air in the future.
  • This is the 100th episode of iCarly.
  • Apartment 8-H is seen.


  • The title of this episode, iBattle Chip, is a reference to the popular game and movie, Battleship.
  • Spencer sarcastically blames Dora for him being tied up, which may be a reference to his role as Crazy Steve on the Drake & Josh Episode The Storm where Crazy Steve yelled at Dora on the television.
  • When Spencer is skating with his roller-blades, before he meets Chip for the first time, you can hear him singing "Baby, will you take me back," from the Backflesh song,Take Me Back .
  • Carly was wearing a T-shirt with a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament logo.
  • When Carly went to the fridge when Spencer's skate caught on fire, she was whistling the song she whistled in iParty with Victorious.
  • Gibby had bought a phaser that was used in Galaxy Wars, but it was actually from Space Trek, a parody of Star Trek.
  • The phrase "And now for something completely different", said by Sam, is a reference to the 1971 Monty Python film of the same name. In the film, the phrase is said several times by John Cleese in humorous ways, after which, the scene would abruptly end, and cut to another.
  • The brand on the root beer that was melted is a reference to Dan Schneider. The brand is "Schneider's Root Beer". It has been shown once before on an iCarly.com segment.

Character Revelations

  • Chuck has a younger brother Chip Chambers.
  • Carly and Sam are good at gymnastics.


  • Freddie says the door is locked, but when Carly opens it, she doesn't unlock it.
  • When Sam confronts the guy who was bullying Lervin, he turns his face sideways before Sam slaps him with her butter sock.
  • When Sam knocks over the table, its clearly visible that the phaser isn't broken, but when the bully gets up to run out, the phaser has moved and it is broken.
  • Spencer first meets Chip on the 8th floor hallway close to the elevator - at this time sunshine can be seen streaming in through the window, forming a rectangle of light on the floor. The second time Spencer encounters Chip they are in the same location - but there are two things wrong with this scene. First - Spencer has just been out to buy fruit, but he is walking towards the elevator - which doesn't make sense. (If he had walked up the stairs he would have gone straight into the Shay apartment, he would have no need to walk towards the elevator, and if he had come up in the elevator he should be seen walking away from the elevator). Second - even though it must be later in the day, the patch of sunlight is still in the same place - it should have moved as the sun's relative position moves during the day.
  • Gibby's phaser originally shot red beams, but when Freddie rebuilds it into a weapon the beams are blue. However, the red beams maybe be an effect while the blue beams could be real lasers.
  • The insect nest in Spencer's bush is a wasp nest, not a beehive.

Running Gags

  • Chip torturing Spencer.
  • Gibby melting a hole in the door with his phaser.

Series Continuity

  • Sam's Butter Sock returns.
  • Guppy, Gibby's little brother, is briefly mentioned.
  • This is the second time Sam beats someone up in the Groovy Smoothie, then yells at them to get out. The first was in iMake Sam Girlier.
  • This is the second time Gibby spends all of his money on an object that he uses throughout the episode. First was the Gibby head in iStill Psycho.
  • This is the second time when Freddie stands behind Carly when she talks to someone. First was in iStill Psycho.
  • After Chuck tortured Spencer throughout season two and three, Chuck's father sent him to Military School instead of juvie for "rendering Spencer naked". This could most likely be because of Chuck's rebellious nature and lack of respect for authority.


Carly: [to Spencer] So you're happy why?
Spencer: Because I ruined a little boy's life.
Carly: What?
Spencer: Chuck!
Carly: Evil Chuck from upstairs?
Spencer: Uh-huh! I got rid of him! [singing] Oh yeah, he gone, he gone, what, he gone. Huh? He gone.
Carly: OK, what happened to Chuck?
Spencer: I called the cops on him.
Carly: Why?
Spencer: For snatching my clothes! He assaulted me, with intent to render me naked.
Carly: What'd the cops do?
Spencer: They went to his apartment and told his dad he had two choices: Chuck goes to juvie, or military school. And he picked military school!
Carly: Oh.
Spencer: Yep! Finally, I can live in this building without fear of bodily, or facially harm... from mean ol' Chuck.

[Sam steps out of the elevator with a pizza]
Sam: Yo, yo, mama got a piiee.

Carly: You ate the pepperonis.
Sam: [scoffs] I did not, I swear on Freddie's grave.
Carly: Freddie's alive!

[Carly opens the door for Freddie]
Freddie: [Giant voice, waving his arms and stomping] Me want pizzaaaa!
Carly: It was $20, [Imitating Freddie] Me want $7!
Freddie: I need 3 back.
Carly: [Giant voice] Me no have change.

Spencer: [after one of the roller blades he's wearing bursts into flames] DO SOMETHING!
Carly: [calmly gets a stick and a sausage and starts roasting the sausage over Spencer's foot]

Sam: [to bully] Really, you're gonna bust up a kid half your size?
Bully: Uh, sit down, honey, or I'll bust you up, too.
Carly: Oh, no...
Freddie: Poor guy.

Lervin: Thank you for defending my honor.
Sam: [nods] Sure.
Lervin: Could I give you a hug?
Sam: [looks disgusted] No, I don't know where you've been.

Chip: Don't you EVER call me "little boy".

Spencer: [yells] You leave me alone! [Presses the elevator button wildly]
Chip: I don't think so.
T-Bo: [in the elevator golfing] Oh, Hey--
Spencer: Quick, press door close, hurry, press door close! He's related to Chuck, he'll KILL US ALL!

Carly: [looking at her PearPhone and pacing around] Ugh, Freddie said he was almost done three hours ago. Why isn't he back with the ... [looks at Sam filling butter in her butter sock] What is that?
Sam: I'm changing the butter in my butter sock.
Carly: Oh. [points to the plate on the counter] What's this green stuff?
Sam: The old butter.
Carly: [looking disgusted] Augh! [Sam shrugs] Why can't you take that outside or--?

Carly: Wow, you fixed the hole in the glass!
Spencer: Yeah!
Carly: I thought you only broke things.

Carly: [After finding Spencer bound and gagged on the kitchen island] Who did this to you?
Spencer: Dora the Explorer, who do you think?!

[They find Chip glued to the elevator]
Sam: Look! It's Chip.
Spencer: Well, well, well... Lookey, lookey at this cookie.

Carly: We can't just leave him like that.
Spencer: Okay. [He sprays shaving cream on Chip's butt]
Chip: Hey! Who's tickling my butt?!

Related Cast Posts

  • On March 7th, Miranda tweeted "Just finished the table read for iCarly's 100th episode!!! #goodtimes #celebrating ;)".[6]
  • According to Nathan, Dan Schneider described this episode as "vintage iCarly" [7]
  • Dan Schneider tweeted: Wow! Today marks the beginning of iCarly's 100th episode!!! I can't wait to see what surprises the network has in store for us!!! :)[8]
  • Noah Munck (Gibby) tweeted: Just finished an AWESOME table read for the 100th iCarly episode. So many great times and memories on this set. Love you all.[9]
  • BooG!e tweeted "Filming the 100th episode of iCarly 2day ♥". [10]

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  • This episode premiered to 2.362 million viewers[3] which is the series' lowest audience of a premiere.
  • This is the third episode to air in 2012 to reach the top 10 on the overall charts on iTunes, after iBalls and iGo One Direction.


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