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"Uh, how 'bout me? I can co-host iCarly with Sam."
Freddie to Carly and Sam.

iBalls is the 22nd episode of Season 4, and the 92nd episode overall.


Carly has to go to Yakima since she has to take care of her grandfather after he gets foot surgery, which would leave Sam to host the show herself. However, Freddie decides he wants to be a "creative" member of the iCarly team (since a TV reporter named Cameron James refused to interview him because she says that he's not a creative member of the show), which includes him wanting to perform on the show for a change. He does a robot skit on iCarly, which is received poorly, and he is upset.

After that, Sam talks him into focusing on technical inventions, and Freddie develops a new 3D technology. However, it turns out that the 3D effects mess up peoples' eyesight. Freddie is once more depressed that he seemingly failed, but then, his mother's therapist tells him that his 3D technology cured the eyes of his daughter Courtney, who had been suffering from vision problems (bilateral optic stenosis) throughout her life, and Freddie is asked to give the technology to the American Optometric Association.

When everyone is about to leave to get a smoothie, Carly comes home, but they just give her a quick "See ya!" and leave, letting her stand there confused.


Spencer hires a personal assistant named Marty. When he finds out he doesn't have enough money to pay him, he tries to make money by letting someone rent half of his room, but Marty quits, saying that he doesn't want to cause Spencer trouble, and they remember the good times they had.

Guest Stars


  • Dan made it clear in his tweet and on Facebook that the title "iBalls" refers to eyeballs.
    • That being said, the plot of this episode involves how Freddie’s 3-D software caused people’s eyes to get disoriented.
  • This episode features little of Carly in the whole episode, letting Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby have more airtime because Miranda went on tour.
  • As shown in iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo, Jennette laughs at something Jerry said in a scene for this episode, which causes her to spit out the water she's drinking. Nathan and Jerry then laugh along with her.
  • The name of Spencer's personal assistant Marty is revealed in IBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo, the episode preceding this one. Jerry messes up in one of the lines in a scene, where he says, "C'mon Marty, let's go look for my money..."

DanWarp commented

  • Nathan reveals some details about this episode to BOP & Tiger Beat.[4]
    • A blooper for this episode is when BooG!e (T-Bo) says that his eyes are all wonky and Boog!e was doing some crazy things with eyes, so much so that Nathan and Jennette couldn't stop laughing. That scene took a while to shoot.
    • Freddie is faced with an angry mob because of the adverse 3D side effects.
      • For some reason this scene wasn't included in the episode: it was most likely removed at some point.
    • Nathan's favorite part of the episode was getting to be a part of the web show and play a bad robot. Though the robot costume was uncomfortable for him to wear because it was made of plywood.
  • When Marty tells Spencer he got him Dr. Gibbs soda, the camera pans to Gibby in a reference to his name.
  • Before the second webcast, Freddie and Sam both spin but Nathan only spins once while Jennette spins three times. Jennette was a figure skater so she probably still has the skills to spin.
  • In iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress pulled a prank on Miranda Cosgrove by running and tackling her to the ground and then running away instead of just leaving the apartment.
    • In the same scene, a comment above that reads, "Where's Carly?"
  • Second writing credit goes to Ben Huebscher for this episode.
  • When Courtney first appeared, she was wearing the same blue shirt Carly wore in iWin a Date.


  • References to DanWarp and Dan's wife Lisa Lillien a.k.a Hungry Girl22 are made when Sam is reading the comments about the 3D webcast left on the iCarly web site.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • Marty did not have any eye problems after the web cast even though he glanced at the screen a couple of times. Although he may have just not looked at the screen long enough.
  • In the webcast with Carly when they were brushing Spencer's teeth with ketchup, you can see Gibby smothering Sam's hand in ketchup, but in the next shot the ketchup is gone. Then, it reappears.
  • At one scene, while Spencer is sitting down at the kitchen table after the plate with the plums on it fell on the floor, suddenly the plate and plums reappear on the table, then just as suddenly disappear again.
  • In the scene where Marty resigns his position as Spencer's assistant, the view out the window does not look like the usual view of Seattle with the Space Needle - it appears to be live footage of a different city with a helicopter flying by in the distance. But in the scene after Courtney and her father leave, the Space Needle is back in its usual position.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • This is the second time that Sam breaks the fourth wall by commenting on something that happens in a flashback or fantasy; in this episode she mentions how Spencer and Marty frosted a cake together in the flashback (in "IFind Lewbert's Lost Love" after Carly and Freddie imagine how their lives would be like if Lewbert was happy, Sam remarks that she doubts that balloons would rain down, since balloons were seen falling from the ceiling in the fantasy).


Freddie: [sad] Apparently, I'm just a monkey with a camera ...
Sam: [excited, to Carly] Whoa, could we get a monkey to work the camera?

Sam: [asks Carly] Hey, if you're going to Yakima for the weekend, how are we gonna do iCarly?
Carly: Oh yeah ... you wanna host the show alone?
Sam: Nah, I need somebody to banter with.
Freddie: [smiles, raises hand] Uh, how 'bout me? I can co-host iCarly with Sam.
Sam: Or, I could fill up a garbage bag with yoghurt and put a face on it.
Carly: That is hilarious, you can call him Baggles.
Sam: [laughs] Oh, Baggles, I love that!
Freddie: [yells, walks over to counter, asks Sam] Oh, C'mon! You'd rather do comedy with a sack of yoghurt than me?!
Sam and Carly: [mumbling] Eh, well ...
Freddie: I can be creative. I've been working on some really funny characters and stuff.
Sam: [looks at Freddie worriedly] Oh my God, no, no, no.
Carly: [nudges Sam's shoulder] Sam.
Freddie: I've done stuff on the show before.
Sam: Little stuff.
Carly: That we wrote.
Freddie: [pleads to Carly] Just let me host the show with Sam, one time.
Carly: Okay.
Freddie: Yes! [looks to Sam for approval]
Sam: Whatevs.
Freddie: YES! It's gonna be awesome! [runs out] Yoo-hoo!
Carly: Have Baggles standing by ...
Sam: Yup.

Sam: Okay, you people need to sit down and shut up!
Mrs. Benson: [gasps] Where are your manners!?
Sam: In my butt. Sit down.

Freddie: [doing the web show with Sam, in a robot suit] I am not Carly!
Sam: [to Freddie] Yes, we are all painfully aware ...

Spencer: C'mon, Marty, let's go look through my dirty clothes for money!

Sam: [walks over to the couch, pats Freddie on the knee]
Freddie: [laying down on the couch, sad] I just wanted people to think I was creative.
Sam: And I wanted a mom without stretch marks, that ain't happenin'. [pause] Well, ya know, tech stuff can sort of be creative.
Freddie: [sits up] What do you mean?
Sam: [moves hand while she speaks] You know, weren't you working on some sort of ... techy 3-D chiz?
Freddie: Yeah, I was trying to figure out a way to shoot video so people could watch it online in 3-D [gesturing to his eyes] without special glasses.
Sam: [smiles] See, that's creative.
Freddie: But I never could make it work.
Sam: Well, you know ... Uh ...
Freddie: [finishes her sentence] I should ... try again?
Sam: [nods] Yeah! ... That sounds like the sort of advice you'd get from someone who cares.

Spencer: [getting a pedicure from his assistant, yells] Woah, woah, it's like Sam's finger's coming right at me!

Spencer: [to Freddie] Your 3-D effects are insane!
Freddie: [raises hand up for a high-five] Up top!
Spencer: That cap. [firmly high-fives Freddie's forehead]
Freddie: [grabs forehead] Ah, ow!!
Spencer: I'm sorry, I meant to hit your hand!
Freddie: [grabbing forehead] Yeah, well, ya didn't!

T-Bo: Everybody's eyes went all wonky!

Freddie: At least there wasn't any permanent damage to anyone's eyes ...
Sam: [Clicking through the comments about the 3D webcast] Yeah, just to their stuff ... and their bikes and cars ... and the stuff their bikes and cars ran into ...

Spencer: [to Freddie] Alright! I'd say it takes a super-creative dude to invent a new technology that turns googly-eyed freaks into pretty young girls.

Carly: [Coming out of the elevator] I'm back!
Spencer: Later.
Freddie: See ya!
Sam: Bye, Carls.
[Everyone leaves to get a smoothie; Carly stands there confused.]

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The episode was seen by 4.147 million viewers on its premiere.[3]


See photos of iBalls here.
See videos of iBalls here.

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