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i'M Wild and Crazy is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 16th episode overall.


"After a game of Never Have I Ever, Carly fears she is boring and sets out to prove to Harper that she can hold her own on a wild night out on the town. Spencer finds new office space for Freddie's app at the old Groovy Smoothie location."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly, Spencer, Harper and Freddie play a game of Never Have I Ever. Carly watches her friends repeatedly drink and realizes that she hasn't had many life experiences. It bothers her that she's the boring one in the group.

Carly proposes going out with Harper to prove that she's wild and crazy. Harper initially tries to convince her that it's okay to just be herself and that she just wants to stay home, but eventually admits that she's just joking.

Carly and Harper start off with some drinks in their apartment. Harper then gives Carly some ACD, a new organic club drug.

At a bar, Carly and Harper get drinks. She gave her number to the bartender. Harper then gives Carly some ideas on how to act crazy. At Harper's instruction, Carly kisses a stranger named Nick. Harper then suggests getting into a bar fight, but Nick refuses, she throws a drink in his face instead. Carly then steals the bar garnish tray.

While sitting on the edge of a fountain, Carly throws bar garnish at Nick, and one goes into his drink. He then gets up and leaves because there's only one more bus he can catch to get home.

Carly notices a tattoo parlor and wants to get a tattoo, but Harper tried to convince her to go back to the bar instead. Carly insists on getting a tattoo of a cute bunny holding a knife and guns on her ankle.

Carly, Harper and Jen in mall jail

After getting a tattoo, Carly decides to jump into the fountain and drags Harper with her. They are caught by the mall cop Mike, who puts them in mall jail with Jen, a rebellious teenager who steals things to get back at her mother.

Carly and Harper discusss ways to get out of mall jail. She finds that the tattoo is running and Harper inadvertently reveals that the tattoo wasn't actually real. She asked the tattoo guy to give Carly a temporary tattoo. Mike tests Carly's blood alcohol level and finds that it's 0.00. Harper reveals that Carly's drinks weren't alcoholic and the ACD pill was just a vitamin pill. Harper also reveals that the stranger Carly kissed was actually her dentist.

Harper explains she did those things because the Carly she knows would not enjoy a night out, but it's okay, because Carly is her best friend. She faked the whole night because she wanted to look out for Carly, like how Carly looks out for her.

Carly gifts her scarf

Carly decides to gift Mike the mall cop her crochet scarf for his daughter, since she saw a framed picture of his baby daughter on his desk. Mike accepts the gift and tries to get Carly and Harper to agree to never cause trouble again. They refuse, but since the mall was to close in 10 minutes, he let them go anyway. After they leave, Mike gives Jen the scarf, revealing that she is his daughter.

Carly, Harper, Freddie and Millicent play Never Have I Ever at the Groovy Smoothie. Spencer walks in and reveals the new name for his restaurant. He shows them the new sign for his restaurant, with "Bar F" written on it. His friends reveal that it looks like the word "barf" and Spencer regrets putting out all those ads with "Bar F, coming up soon."


Freddie and Millicent on a video call

Spencer brings a blindfolded Freddie to the new office space for his Kevin app, which turns out to be the Groovy Smoothie. Spencer reveals that he bought the Groovy Smoothie to make it up for screwing up his app launch party. Spencer thinks it would be fun to run a restaurant and an office space at the same time. Freddie sets up a video call with an animal shelter in Japan to get them to donate puppies to Kevin. Millicent, who speaks fluent Japanese, helps translate.

Partway through the video call, Spencer closes Freddie's laptop and surprises him with T-Bo's old food sticks. Freddie asks about the office supplies he asked Spencer to get, and finds that he didn't get any of them. Freddie begins to doubt the idea of combining an office with a restaurant.

Millicent proposes doing something new, instead of restoring the Groovy Smoothie to what it was. Spencer begins brainstorming ideas on how to serve food in other ways, and Millicent suggests jicama.

Spencer shows Freddie and Millicent his idea of food on wheels

Spencer comes out in rollerskates pushing a trolley with food. He reveals that he came up with a new idea - food on wheels. Each plate has wheels underneath. Freddie is frustrated that Spencer, who is supposed to be his partner, hasn't done anything to help him. Freddie asks Spencer to leave him alone and a second later, Spencer slips and knocks the entire trolley of food and drinks onto Freddie's laptop. Freddie is annoyed that he has lost connection to his video call with Yusaku, and asks Spencer to choose between working on the restaurant or the Kevin app.

Spencer and Freddie at the Groovy Smoothie

While Millicent mixes drinks, Spencer skates over to her with a list of reasons to run the Groovy Smoothie and a list of reasons to run the Kevin app. He realizes that he has more reasons to run the Groovy Smoothie, but doesn't want to let Freddie down. Freddie overhears him and walks over. Freddie admits that Spencer is not a good business partner, so he agrees that Spencer should just continue running the restaurant and says that he'll be fine on his own. Freddie encourages Spencer to make his restaurant his own.

Guest Stars


Melissa Joan Hart on set

  • On October 13, 2021, Laci Mosley and Lyrik Cruz posted images of the script cover, revealing that the episode name is "i'M Wild and Crazy" and that the episode would be directed by Melissa Joan Hart.
  • This episode was filmed as episode 202, but aired as the 3rd episode of Season 2.[3]
  • T-Bo is mentioned for the first time in the revival.
  • This is the first episode to mention drugs.
  • Info from live tweeting:
    • Jaidyn Triplett was asked if she could actually speak Japanese and when she said no, she learned her Japanese lines in 2 days.[4]
    • The mall that Harper and Carly visit is called Caldwell Mall, named after the street that Jon Fener grew up on and the tattoo studio is called Jack's Tats.[5]


Character Revelations

  • Harper has gone skydiving naked with triplets.
  • Millicent speaks Japanese.


  • When playing "Never Have I Ever", Spencer says he hasn't been skydiving, but he skydived with Carly, Freddie and Sam into Japan in iGo to Japan.
    • As it was unexpected, he could have meant that he never willingly skydived.

Running Gags

  • Carly repeatedly asking Harper for the best night out possible in order to not be "boring".

Series Continuity

  • The Groovy Smoothie makes a return in this episode, where it is revealed that it shut down due to a giant rat problem, but it is unknown what happened to T-Bo.
  • This is the second title to have "i'M" with the first being i'M Cursed.


Related Cast Posts

  • On April 16, 2022, Nathan tweeted "Me when you tell me you haven’t caught the new episode of @iCarly that came out yesterday on @paramountplus" with a gif of Freddie drinking with annoyed look.
  • On April 18, 2022, in response to iCarly tweeting a picture from episode, Laci tweeted "We were road-tripping to Santa Barbra when this episode dropped. Art imitating life haha"


International Premieres


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