Hillbillies VS. Sick Cheerleaders is a game show that T-Bo created for a web segment featured on This game show is when T-Bo asks questions and whoever gets it right first, gets a point.

The Hillbillies were Sam, Freddie, and Spencer. The Hillbillies kept interrupting T-Bo by yelling at each other.

The Sick Cheerleaders were Cat, Trina, and Robbie from Victorious. The Sick Cheerleaders kept coughing, and Robbie even barfed. The Sick Cheerleaders needed tissues, aspirin, and juice.

ICARLY.COM - "Hillbillies Vs

ICARLY.COM - "Hillbillies Vs. Sick Cheerleaders"


Sam:[hillbilly voice] Hey! wh wh when is we gonna start the dang game?

Spencer:[hillbilly voice] EY! ain't you done heard what the man with the mikaphone just said?

Sam:[hillbilly voice] Ey!

Freddie:[hillbilly voice] He said let's start the game!

Sam:[hillbilly voice] why don't you shut your dangy dang mouth hole?

Freddie:[hillbilly voice, yelling] WHAT, FLABBER!

T-Bo: First question. Name a popular beverage, people drink in the summer time?

Spencer: [yells] WAIT! [walks closer to T-Bo] time out! what's a beverage? I just need to know that

Sam: I can't read

Freddie: There t'aint nothin to read

Sam:[yells] EY!

Freddie: [yells back louder] EY!

Spencer: EY!

T-Bo: Sick cheerleaders?

Trina: What?

Cat: I'm sorry, what was the question?


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