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Harper and Millicent are main characters of iCarly (2021). They are neighbors and live in Bushwell Plaza.


Harper and Millicent are friends and neighbors.



The length of their friendship is unknown but it appears they have known each other for a while due to their relationships with Carly and Freddie. The two are friends although Millicent likes to tease Harper for being friends with Carly at several times. The first time the two really spend time together is in the episode iObject, Lewbert!, when Harper offers to watch Millicent whilst Carly and Freddie are being sued by Lewbert Sline.

Additional Names

Nicknames for each other


Season 1 Moments

iHate Carly

  • Harper says its cute that Millicent wants to help Carly find her hater and Millicent replies with "No, I want to cancel Carly".

iLove Gwen

  • Millicent manipulates Harper into making costumes for her school play, and Harper happily complies with her request.

iTake a Girls' Trip

  • Harper lets Millicent borrow her phone to order a pizza.

Season 2

iObject, Lewbert!

  • Harper offers to stay and watch Millicent
  • Millicent likes how grown up Harper is and wants to spend time with her.
  • They call each other their bestie.
  • They have a spa day together
  • They go out to have pizza together.
  • Millicent interrupts Harper's date, but although Harper is disappointed, she is not mad at Millicent.




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