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"I never really knew anything about money. Other than having a lot of it."
— Harper in iHate Carly

Harper Bettencourt is a main character on iCarly (2021). She is Carly Shay's best friend and roommate.


Harper is Carly's best friend and roommate whom she met in college. She grew up as the child of a wealthy family. After her family loses all their money, she has difficulty adjusting to her new life. She got a minimum wage job as a barista at Skybucks Coffee Bar and worked there for four years[10], but later quit.[4]

Harper is pansexual and has an "interesting and all over the place" dating life. She dreams of becoming a fashion stylist and dresses Carly in some unique outfits, such as a Björk swan dress.[11][12]

Harper's dreams of becoming a fashion stylist come true when she lands a job as a stylist for the singer Dutch. However, Harper later faces a difficult decision of whether to prioritize her career or follow her heart when she finds herself developing feelings for Dutch and learns that these feelings are mutual.

Physical Appearance

Harper is African-American. She has black braided hair, brown eyes and a dark skin color.


Harper is less anxious and worrisome than Carly. While she doesn't seem to have everything in order, she does deeply care about Carly and encourages her to always move forward in life.


Carly Shay

(Unknown-Present; Best Friend, Roommate) Harper and Carly are best friends and share an apartment at Bushwell Plaza. Harper pushes Carly out of her comfort zone as they confront day to day obstacles.[11] (See: Carly and Harper)

Minor Relationships


  • While several news articles refer to Harper as "Harper Raines"[13][14], her last name was confirmed to be "Bettencourt" in a behind-the-scenes image from iLove Gwen[15] and in iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party when Carly refers to her as "Bettencourt".
  • Harper is the LGBTQ main character of the revival.
  • She is lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, but dismisses this by saying "my body, my choice" and still consumes dairy products.
  • She had a Bat Mitzvah (despite not being of the Jewish faith) and learned a bit of Hebrew.[16]
  • She has a rejection playlist.[9]
  • Her favourite podcast is "Scam Empress".[4]


Harper: But I do find the dumber the man, the better the party. (iStart Over)

Harper: Yes I do! Why am I lying? The man is a ding-dong. (iStart Over)

Harper: You should be! Your legs look like Eugene Levy's eyebrows. (iStart Over)

Carly: But you're lactose intolerant.
Harper: My body, my choice. (iStart Over)


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