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Gwendolyn "Gwen" is Freddie's ex-wife and Millicent's mother.


Gwen is a marine biologist and travels the world. She is Freddie's ex-wife and Millicent's mother. She divorced Freddie one year prior to the episode iLove Gwen.

Gwen is good at cooking and makes a specialty enchilada dish, which she calls "Gwenchiladas"

Physical Appearance

Gwen has dark wavy hair. She sometimes leaves work smelling like sea turtle afterbirth.



Freddie Benson

(Unknown-present; Ex-husband) Gwen and Freddie were previously married and maintain a friendly relationship.

On their first date, they ate Ethiopian food. Freddie had a soul patch and Gwen had an eyebrow ring, which was later bitten off by a barracuda. Freddie missed her “Gwenchiladas”.

The reason for the divorce is unknown, but they divorced a year before the events of iLove Gwen. They seemed to have divorced amicably based on their relationship.

Millicent Mitchell

Millicent is Gwen's daughter and the daughter of her deceased husband. Gwen doesn't see Millicent that much as she is often out of town, but its implied that they have a good relationship when Gwen is in town, which is shown in iLove Gwen. Gwen really cares about Millicent and Millicent is shown to really love her mother.


  • Gwen used to have an eyebrow ring, which was later bitten off by a barracuda.
  • She is Millicent's biological mother, but her first husband passed away, whom is Millicent's biological father.
  • She is a marine biologist.
  • Given Millicent's surname, its implied that Gwen's name is also Mitchell, but it hasn't been confirmed.