Greg Horvath (on the right)

Greg Horvath
is the CEO of Daka Shoes, featured in iPromote Techfoots.

He asked iCarly to promote their new high-tech shoes, the Techfoots, and Carly, Sam, and Freddie agreed.

It was later revealed, however, that the Techfoots had major problems, so on their second visit to Daka, the iCarly trio asked Mr. Horvath to let them stop promoting the shoe. He refused and held them to the contract they signed.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie then found a loophole in the contract. On the webcast, they began to expose the Techfoots' many problems, but used language that made the defects seem like positive traits. Mr. Horvath then agreed to buy iCarly out of their contract if they would stop talking about the Techfoots altogether.

Throughout the episode, Mr. Horvath and his subordinates are seen giving money to the iCarly team, first for promoting their shoe and next to get them to stop.

He seems to have a tendency to deamean underlize his employees, especially Braxley, whom he whacked a blueberry muffin out of his hand and he complained about his turkey sandwich being missing (Sam took it while he wasn't looking), and Mr. Horvath told him to snap out of it. Braxley says "I'm stupid." whenever Mr. Horvath tortures him.

Mr. Horvath was played by Kevin Symons.

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