Granddad Shay is the paternal grandfather of Carly and Spencer Shay and Ozlottis and Faye Dorfman. His first appearance was in iWanna Stay With Spencer, when he wanted to take Carly to the city of Yakima after Spencer caused her to almost get hit in the head with a hammer. After several failed attempts to change his mind, he allowed Carly to live with Spencer when Spencer revealed he had kept Carly's asthma inhaler "just in case," although Carly pointed out that she hadn't had an asthma attack since the age of 7. In this episode, it was also mentioned that he didn't agree with Spencer's choice to become an artist.

When the iCarly gang attempted to break the world record for longest webcast in the episode iWant a World Record, he performed a handstand and explained why exercise is important.

Granddad and carly

Carly and Grandad

In iHire An Idiot, it is revealed he made Spencer promise to go back to law school if one of Spencer's sculptures wasn't shown in a museum within three years. Although Spencer didn't send an application to the museum in time, he managed to sneak his bottle bot in and Granddad didn't send him back to law school.

In iBalls, it was mentioned that he got foot surgery. Because Carly went to Yakima to take care of him, she was absent in the second half of the episode and only returned at the very end.

In iOpen a Restaurant he calls Carly after he heard that Spencer exploded in the new iCarly (but it was just a joke). He is very worried about him and keeps asking Carly if he is dead or alive. Sam takes Carly's phone and tells Grandad that Spencer's funeral would be in in a few days and that he has to send fried chicken instead of flowers to Sam. It is unclear if Grandad still thinks that Spencer is blown up.


  • He likes to wake up at 5:30 in the morning.
  • He has been shown to wear crazy socks like Spencer's. Unlike Spencer's, they don't light up.
  • He has the ability to walk on his hands.
  • The fact that he can be shown to be just as crazy as anyone else proves that craziness runs in the Shay family.
  • He also rubs his stomach like Spencer does, as shown in iWanna Stay with Spencer.
  • He plays Bingo
  • He doesn't seem to see every iCarly, because he was informed that Spencer exploded
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