Goopy Gilbert [1] (aka The Guy who Screams Seddie) is a very enthusiastic Seddie shipper who appears in iStart a Fanwar portraying a crazed Seddie fan, and at very random times shouts "Seddie", and later on in iLost My Mind, when the gang are looking for people to give their opinion on whether Sam and Freddie should go out with each other or not. 'Goopy' is probably not his first name because it was only a video chat name according to iLost My Mind. Gilbert is probably his first name. He answers with of course screaming "Seddie" and then Carly hangs up on him. At the end of iLost my mind he shouts "Seddie" one last time, and then goes upstairs to eat spaghetti for dinner.[2] He is known for randomly yelling, "SEDDIE!!!!!".

Jeremy Dozier, the actor who portrays Goopy Gilbert, has lost eighty pounds since his first appearance.[3]


— Goopy Gilbert

— Goopy Gilbert

Mrs.Gilbert: Goopy, dinner time!

Goppy Gilbert: Spaghetti!



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