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Girly Cow

Girly Cow is a fictional animated TV show that Carly, Sam, and Spencer enjoy. The show has been shown on screen in only two episodes. It has also been seen in other related TV shows of Dan's, such as Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. One of the recognizable voices in the series is Dan Schneider. It seems that the voices in the series are provided by the iCarly writers.

The show is about a female cow living on a spaceship and is an animated cartoon series. There is probably more than 4 seasons, as Sam got the first 4 seasons of Girly Cow on DVD (Mandy gave it to her). In the episode iWin a Date, Shannon Mitchell's friends went to see Girly Cow On Ice and in that episode Carly implied she liked Girly Cow ("Why is it whenever they've got a popular show they just gotta put it on ice?").

The show is available in two versions, Censored and Uncensored. Spencer is apparently a fan of the latter.

The first shown animated sequence was in iSpace Out. Some animals were on a spaceship-like vehicle and the characters are anthropomorphic animals.

  • Girly Cow: Ya don't have to holla.
  • Other animals: Yeah!

Girly Cow is also seen in iOwe You, iLook Alike and iFind Lewbert's Lost Love.

Also, look for the title card sequence, where Freddie says, "In 5, 4, 3, 2..", you see a bookmark that says Girly Cow at the most right in a Mozilla-Firefox format of the Internet.

Girly Cow has only been seen a few times on iCarly, but made frequent appearances on Zoey 101. The most frequent character was the bear in the Zoey 101 days, but Girly Cow herself would not appear until iCarly. The show was also seen in Drake and Josh and Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

In Zoey 101, Lola (Victoria Justice) could be seen watching on the show while sucking the salt off of Quinn's (Erin Sanders) peanuts.

Girly Cow may be a parody of the Cartoon Network show, Cow & Chicken. It can also be a parody of SpongeBob SquarePants due to its popularity.

If you type "girlycow.com" into the search box, it automatically redirects to iCarly.com.

A clip of Girly Cow was shown in iLost My Mind.

Freddie has a bookmark on his computer for GirlyCow