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GIBBY show

Gibby was another potential iCarly spin-off like Sam & Cat. Noah Munck reprised his role as Gibby Gibson for the unaired pilot episode. Gibby has not been picked up by Nick, and has been confirmed to be cancelled.


The main premise of the show would've been about Gibby getting a job at a recreational center, where he ends up acting as a mentor-of-sorts to a foursome of offbeat middle school students. It would've also been produced by Dan Schneider.


  • This would have be the first series produced by Dan Schneider with a male character lead since Drake & Josh.
  • Noah Munck confirmed in a live-tweeting session that Gibby's character will be the same as it was in iCarly.
  • On August 31, 2012, Dan Schneider tweeted "I'm here editing the very 1st episode of GIBBY (or whatever we end up calling the show). It's making me LAUGH HARD. @NoahMunck = GENIUS! :)"[1]
  • On Noah Munck's official site, he credited Gibby as a pilot, and not as a series.


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