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Gibby's Tin Foil Shorts is an iCarly.com blog written by Carly Shay about Gibby's tin foil shorts.


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Gibby's Tin Foil Shorts

So you've seen the pic of Gibby wearing his new tin foil shorts, right? Well did you know that Gibby's also made shorts out of other random household items?

First Gibby made shorts out of lettuce. Only problem was that Spencer was watching Socko's bunny. The bunny got hungry and attacked him. Gibby had to run home in his underpants.

Next, Gibby made shorts out of REAL DOLLAR BILLS. Unfortunately, he was mugged while riding on the bus. Again, Gibby had to run home in his underpants.

Then, he made shorts out of cotton candy. It rained. Guess what? Gibby had to run all the way home -- in his underpants.

Finally, Gibby made a pair of shorts out of plastic wrap, which BTW is see-through. We think you can guess what happened next! (Hint: It involves Gibby running home in his underpants.)

So I guess you could say that Gibby's tin foil shorts were the MOST BRILLIANT of all of his shorts creations... which really doesn't say that much. And for your viewing displeasure (Sorry, Gib), it's time once again to check out Gibby's Tin Foil Shorts:

Gibby's Tin Foil Shorts.jpg

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