George the Bra

George the Bra, voiced by Andrew Hill Newman, is a pink bra on iCarly who tells ghost stories to the iCarly viewers.

He made his first appearance on an iCarly sketch in the episode, iGive Away a Car. However, his ability to tell scary stories has declined since that episode. He also appeared at the start of iSaved Your Life. He is known to tell stories that are not scary or entertaining. They have a segment on dedicated to his stories. He has also appeared on iLook Alike and danced with Jackson Colt on iCarly while Spencer was recovering from unconsciousness downstairs on the Shay's couch.

The voice of George was revealed by Dan Schneider to be that of Andrew Hill Newman, who also played Mr. Henning in the episode iGo Nuclear. He also lives in Bushwell Plaza, in room 36-D (he used to live in 34-C, but he didn't have enough room), a pun on bra sizes and on breast enhancement surgery.

His room may be a reference to Zoey 101, another show Dan Schneider created, in which Coco, the DA, placed Quinn in room 36-D, which is actually Coco's bra size, instead of assigning Quinn.[citation needed]

On, George has been fired as the Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories, replaced with Sombrario, but George reappeared later in iPity The Nevel, contradicting George reappears again in a Season 4 episode entitled iCan't Take It during the sketch, The Adventures of Super Bra.

George is known to be a Seddie shipper, for he had a little conversation with Freddie suggesting that he should date Sam in an video.

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