Galini's Pie Shop is a popular pie shop that was around for a long time, and Mr. Galini owned it until his eventual death in 2008. In the iCarly episode, iPie, Mr. Galini was sick in the hospital and his workers were going to close the shop down because they didn't know the pie recipe and because the pies weren't selling as much as they used to.

In the beginning of the episode, Mr. Galini passed away. At Mr. Galini's memorial service, Sam and Freddie found his coconut cream pie recipe hidden literally inside of his computer, which reopened Galini's Pie Shop. It is now owned by his creepy granddaughter, Trudy Galini, who turns out to be an expert advertiser, and run by one of Galini's workers and dear friend, Mario.

Galini's is housed in Schneider's Properties, a reference to series creator, Dan Schneider.
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Known Products

Some of the known food items/beverages are:

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