Galaxy Cruiser

Spencer in his Galaxy Wars Cruiser

Galaxy Wars is a parody of Star Wars. The only characters mentioned were Nug Nug (resembling Yoda in appearance and Jar Jar Binks name-wise) and Red Skynauts (Stormtroopers). Spencer and Freddie are huge fans. There is also a Galaxy Wars convention as stated by Freddie in iHeart Art when he tries to make Sam insult him. There is franchising and marketing of Galaxy Wars shown in iSaved Your Life, where Freddie's pillows have the Galaxy Wars logo and design. Also, in the extended version, Freddie is shown to have a Galaxy Wars Stun Blazer in his room, that actually stuns people. On, Freddie said that Blessed Buy was having a sale on the Galaxy Wars video game, but Sam bought all of the copies and never gave him one.

In iGive Away a Car, Spencer buys what he thinks is an original Proton Cruiser used in Galaxy Wars, but Freddie points out a few differences. The plates were the wrong shape, there were 2 front wings, and there was a note on it saying "Not an actual prop from the movie Galaxy Wars". At the end of the episode, it is given to Nevel who takes it out on a test drive and crashes it into a flower shop.

In iWas a Pageant Girl, Freddie and Spencer were seen playing with ray guns before their dates arrived. Several movies of Galaxy Wars have been released. Galaxy Wars was also mentioned in an episode of Drake and Josh, Battle of Panthatar and in another Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, as two action figures who are still in their packaging, one being a Nug Nug, the other one being Oblangata.

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