Freight Dog is Socko's uncle but more of a friend to Socko. He is the 2nd of Sock's family members to be seen. Freight Dog has an extremely low-class and dangerous airplane piloting job. He only pilots his plane by using a rope to control the steering. He is often shown chewing on a pepperoni stick, which Spencer threw into a pail. He doesn't have bathrooms on his planes, he only provides buckets for passengers to do their business in. He also didn't land for the iCarly trio, Freddie's mom, and Spencer for Japan, but instead, he made them jump out with parachutes. But it was possible that he didn't have enough time, since he had to deliver possi (the plural of possum) to an unknown place in Korea. Freight Dog only appears in the first half of iGo to Japan, and never appear again in the series since.

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