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"Freddie: I love you.
Millicent: Same.
iGot Your Back

Freddie and Millicent are main characters of iCarly (2021). Freddie is the adoptive step-father and primary guardian of Millicent. They live together in Apartment 8D with Mrs. Benson.


Millicent and Freddie have a love-hate relationship, but Millicent eventually warms up to her new stepfather.[1] Freddie is somewhat insecure about his new role as a single father, and Millicent sometimes takes advantage of this. However, Millicent is very protective of her adoptive step father, to the point where she is teaching him to be less gullible.


  • Freddie adopted Millicent not long before the premiere episode.
  • Millicent still called Freddie by his name instead of dad, because she was still new to the idea of him being her father and wasn't ready to call him dad yet.
  • Millicent called Freddie her dad for the first time in iNeed Space.


Sometime before 2021, Freddie adopted Millicent as his own following his divorce from her mother. The two moved into Apartment 8D with Freddie's mother Marissa Benson. Freddie is still getting to grips with being a parent to Millicent, but she doesn't make it easy for him as she likes to video him and take advantage of his new skills as a parent.

Additional Names

Nicknames for each other


Season 1 Moments

iStart Over

  • Freddie has adopted Millicent sometime before the events of the episode.
  • Millicent spends time embarrassing Freddie, much to his dismay.
  • Freddie tells Amy who Millicent is.

iHate Carly

  • Freddie tries to be a good father to Millicent.
  • Carly tells Freddie to "dad it up" with Millicent and discipline her.


  • This episode's subplot is focused on Millicent and Freddie.
  • Millicent is hurt when she finds an old post by Freddie, saying he never wanted kids.
  • Freddie tries to make it up to Millicent as much as he can.
  • Millicent takes advantage of Freddie's new skills as a parent.
  • Freddie buys Millicent a new keyboard for her new business.
  • Even though it is to have her keyboard back, Millicent says she is grateful to Freddie for teaching her a life lesson.
  • Freddie seems happy and relieved when Millicent says she is grateful.

iGot Your Back

  • Millicent seems upset that Freddie has a work problem and wants him with her.
  • Freddie tells Millicent he loves her and blows her a kiss.
  • Millicent tells Freddie she loves him too.
  • This is the first time we see Freddie and Millicent have a really sweet father-daughter moment.

iRobot Wedding

ICarly irobotwedding RT 005-scaled.jpg
  • Millicent is worried about Freddie throughout the episode.
  • Millicent doesn't want Freddie to fall in love, worried he will be sad again because of his previous divorces.
  • They sit together at the wedding dinner.
  • When Freddie offers to tie a woman's shoe, Millicent worries and pulls him away.
  • Millicent says it makes her sad to see Freddie sad.
  • Freddie finds it sweet that Millicent is worried about him but tells her that he is the parent and it's his job to care for her.
  • Freddie asks Millicent if its okay if he dances with Carly.
  • Millicent seems supportive of Freddie dancing with Carly.
  • Freddie jokingly embarrasses Millicent with his "dancing face".
  • Millicent seems to be the only one who knows about Freddie's dancing face.

i'M Cursed

  • Freddie describes Millicent as the most precious part of his universe.
  • Millicent is concerned for Freddie when he gets drunk and fractures his neck.

iNeed Space

  • This is a big episode for the pairing.
  • Freddie enrolls Millicent in the Sunshine Girls and hopes to spend time with her.
  • Freddie calls Millicent his "little person".
  • They high-five.
  • Freddie is excited to spend time with Millicent.
  • Freddie and Millicent support each others ideas.
  • Millicent calls Freddie her dad for the first time.
  • Freddie is touched and gets emotional when he hears Millicent call him dad for the first time.

iLove Gwen

  • Millicent is excited when she sees Freddie holding hands with her mother, Gwen.
  • Freddie is concerned about how Millicent will react when she finds out that Gwen has a new boyfriend.
  • Millicent tries to get Freddie back together with Gwen.
  • Freddie goes to see Millicent's performance of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Millicent is sad when she finds out from Carly that Freddie isn't getting back together with Gwen, but understands.
  • Freddie tells Millicent that despite him and Gwen not getting back together, they will always be a family.
  • They have a hug with Gwen.


  • Freddie feels he is finally getting to understand Millicent.
  • They have an "appointment" with each other.
  • Millicent tries to convince Freddie to get her a puppy but he says no.
  • Millicent calls Freddie her dad.
  • Freddie allows Millicent to get a fish to see if she is responsible enough to get a dog.

iTake a Girls' Trip

  • Although they don't interact with each other, Millicent calls Freddie her dad.

iReturn to Webicon

  • Millicent is worried about Freddie and his career.
  • Millicent asks Spencer for help to cheer up Freddie.
  • Freddie protects Millicent when the treehouse starts falling and puts a helmet on Millicent's head to keep her safe from danger.
  • Millicent gives Freddie $15 towards his app idea for a startup.
  • Freddie is very touched by Millicent's money and says "This means more to me than anything", because his daughter helped him.

Season 2

iDragged Him

  • Freddie helps Millicent with her Model UN meeting.
  • Millicent calls Freddie dad.
  • Freddie calls Millicent his little trydant and says he loves her.
  • They hug.


  • Its unknown how long ago Freddie adopted Millicent, but it doesn't seem long before the events of iStart Over.
  • iFauxpologize is the first episode really focused on their relationship.
  • They have the first father-daughter relationship really shown on screen. (Carly and Col. Shay's doesn't really count as it was only shown for a very small part of iGoodbye.)
  • Up until iNeed Space, Millicent only called Freddie by his name, but she calls him dad for the first time in that episode.
  • Freddie adopted Millicent after his divorce from her mother Gwen.


Freddie: Why don't you want me to fall in love?
Millicent: It makes me sad to see you sad, so I'm just trying to protect you. (iRobot Wedding)

Millicent: Congrats, you're my new CDO: chief dad officer.
Freddie: Did you just call me "Dad"?
Millicent: Don't make it weird. (iNeed Space)

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