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Freddie and Harper are main characters of iCarly (2021). They are neighbors and live in Bushwell Plaza.


Freddie and Harper are friends and neighbors. They know each other through Carly Shay.



Additional Names

Nicknames for each other


Season 1 Moments

i'M Cursed

  • Harper tells Freddie about riding on the skateboard.
  • Freddie tells Harper about his life and about having a fun in his 20s.

iNeed Space

  • When Freddie tells Harper and Carly that Millicent called him the "d word", Harper immediately responds with "dumba*s", however Freddie is not offended.

iTake a Girls' Trip

  • Harper feels bad for Freddie when he mopes around when he finds out she and Carly are going on a trip together.
  • Although at first it seems like Harper is going to advise Freddie, she asks him to get the bags.
  • Freddie is invited to have a girls brunch with Harper and Carly.

Season 2

iObject, Lewbert!

  • Harper sits behind Freddie in court.
  • Freddie agrees with Harper when she says she needs the brand of concelor Lewbert usues.
  • They stand next to each other in the final scene.

i'M Wild and Crazy

  • Freddie knew that Harper has gone skydiving naked with triplets.

iHire a New Assistant

  • They are considered compatible due to their star signs.
  • They salsa dance with each other

iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party

  • Harper sings happy birthday to Freddie and gets quite close to him
  • Freddie smiles as Harper sings.




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