Fred Figglehorn
Fred Figglehorn is the alter-ego of Lucas Cruikshank who is featured in a real-life series of webcasts on YouTube. Fred's videos are usually manic and fast-paced, with Lucas Cruikshank, his voice modulated to a high-pitch, making jokes and spouting non sequitirs.

Cruikshank, (and Fred), guest-starred in the second season episode iMeet Fred. In the episode, Cruikshank announces he will quit making Fred videos, after Freddie criticizes them during an episode in the iCarly website.

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In the episode, Cruikshank broadcasts from an elaborate treehouse in Idaho, where Carly and her friends travel to convince him to go back to making his videos. Cruikshank reveals the whole thing was a set-up in order to boost both his and iCarly's online viewership. Lucas and Freddie "make up" during the next iCarly, and the whole gang participates in a particularly manic Fred video about the virtues of cabbages. When Fred and Carly were left in the treehouse, (Sam made Freddie check Spencer was okay as he was being attacked by a large dog), before they went back to Seattle, Fred asked Carly if they should kiss.

Carly and Sam seem to like the videos of Fred, but Freddie doesn't think they are funny.

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