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This is an episode list for iCarly listed by date of premiere. Every episode begins with a lower case i which represents the internet, as in "iCarly". Nickelodeon, the channel that produces and airs the series, occasionally schedules and airs the show's episodes out of chronological order, especially during re-runs, which may cause confusion between viewers when episodes have connections to others. The series premiere, iPilot, earned 4.1 million views. [1]

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iCarly (2007-2012)


Season Episodes Originally aired DVD releases
Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
1 25 September 8, 2007 July 25, 2008 1xx September 23, 2008 (Volume 1)[2]
April 21, 2009 (Volume 2)[3]
2 25 September 27, 2008 August 8, 2009 2xx August 18, 2009 (Volume 1)[4]
January 4, 2011 (Volume 2)[5]
April 5, 2011 (Volume 3)[6]
3 20 September 12, 2009 June 26, 2010
4 24 July 30, 2010 January 21, 2012 3xx and 4xx August 30, 2011[7]
July 10, 2012[8] Season 4
5 15 March 24 2012 November 23, 2012 5xx TBA

A special 3-disc DVD set, out in stores on July 19, 2011, "The I <3 ICarly Collection" combines episodes of Season 2 and Season 3, along with Behind the Scenes Extras, Pilot of Big Time Rush, iSpace Out trivia, and a bonus episode of Victorious.[9]

Season 1: 2007-2008

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
1 1 "iPilot" September 8, 2007 (2007-09-08) (101)
In the pilot episode of the series, Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is accused of photodocking Ms. Francine Briggs head onto the body of a rhinoceros even though her best friend, Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy), did it. Because of this, they are forced to be the judges of the school talent show auditions. Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress), who has a crush on Carly but is enemies with Sam, brings his tech equipment to videotape the auditions. They eventually finish the auditions and pick which ones they want to be in it. Ms. Briggs rejects them all, inspiring them to make their own webshow titled iCarly.

First Appearance: Mindy Sterling as Miss Briggs, Tim Russ as Principal Ted Franklin.

Viewers: 4.1 million [10]

2 2 "iWant More Viewers" September 8, 2007 (2007-09-08) (103)
In an attempt to attract more viewers, Freddie and Spencer, and Carly and Sam, both compete to see who can draw more viewers to iCarly (with the loser having to touch Lewbert's wart as a punishment). Carly and Sam make a sign to hold up outside the window of the studios for Seattle Beat, but a rainfall ruins the sign. Freddie and Spencer build an electronic sign to put up on a freeway, but the sign eventually malfunctions live on-the-air, going from saying "PLEASE GO ONLINE TO iCARLY.COM" to only the letters spelling out "PEE ON CARL" (much to the ire of a police officer named Carl). However, the mistakes still end up drawing more viewers and nobody touches Lewbert's wart.

First Appearance: Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert.
Segment: "Messin' with Lewbert"

3 3 "iDream of Dance" September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16) (113)
Carly, Sam, and Freddie host a contest for dance videos on iCarly. They get so many that they have to stay up all night watching them. They fall asleep watching dance clips, and all have strange dreams, all related to dancing.

First Appearance: Noah Munck as Gibby Gibson. Guest Star: Mindy Sterling as Miss Briggs.

4 4 "iLike Jake" September 22, 2007 (2007-09-22) (102)
When Jake Krandle ( Austin Butler ) breaks up with his girlfriend, the girls at Ridgeway go crazy about him being single. When Carly asks Jake to come to her apartment and see the iCarly studio, Jake says yes and quickly develops a crush on her. In the end, he ends up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend after she hears him sing on iCarly, and because he assumes that Carly is dating Freddie after seeing her kiss his nose. Meanwhile, Spencer creates a splatter paint sculpture which Carly helps splatter paint.

Guest Star: Austin Butler as Jake Krandle.

5 5 "iWanna Stay With Spencer" September 29, 2007 (2007-09-29) (105)
When Carly's grandfather visits and sees her nearly decapitated by a hammer as a result of one of Spencer's sculptures malfunctioning, he wants her to come and live with him in Yakima, WA for safety. He eventually changes his mind and lets Carly remain living with Spencer.

First Appearance: Mary Scheer as Mrs. Benson (Freddie's Mom)
Guest Star: Greg Mullavy as Granddad Shay
Segment: Spencer's Sculpture

6 6 "iNevel" October 6, 2007 (2007-10-06) (104)
The gang wants iCarly reviewed by 11-year-old web critic Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander), who runs the review website Nevelocity. Carly refuses to date him, risking a bad review for the webcast. Carly eventually tells Nevel's mother on him and iCarly's status is restored. Meanwhile, Spencer works on a sculpture of toast, made out of butter.

First Appearance:Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman
Guest Star: Nicole Anderson as Tasha

7 7 "iScream On Halloween" October 20, 2007 (2007-10-20) (114)
On Halloween, Carly does a special webcast in apartment 13B, a supposedly haunted apartment. Numerous spooky things happen; lights fail, "blood" appears, objects fall and break, etc., and of course the apartment owners return early. The apartment was later known to be an old apartment as the iCarly crew find that the doorman, Lewbert, had purposely gave them wrong information. Meanwhile, Spencer forgets to buy Halloween candy, and angry kids gang up on him, causing him to be stuck in an oversized pumpkin and rolled into the streets.

Guest Stars: Estelle Harris as Mrs. Halberstadt, Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert

8 8 "iSpy a Mean Teacher" November 3, 2007 (2007-11-03) (106)
Because Ms. Briggs is mean to everyone, Carly and Freddie spy on Ms. Briggs to see what mean teachers do after school for a segment on iCarly. They find out she is addicted to Randy Jackson and they eventually get caught when Sam tries to get them out. She threatens to call the police and expel them unless she performs on her webshow. She ends up performing on the bagpipes and their view count drops instantly. But when they use the green screen to get hilarious backgrounds, people come back and iCarly has more viewers than ever. Meanwhile, Spencer has a girlfriend who can juggle.

Guest Star: Mindy Sterling as Miss Briggs.
Note: After this episode, Miss Briggs did not appear until the season 3 episode, iHave My Principals.

9 9 "iWill Date Freddie" November 10, 2007 (2007-11-10) (108)
While doing a "Blab Cam" bit on iCarly, Freddie gets a date with a girl named Valerie. They have a date in Carly's apartment, and Spencer was their waiter. They start to like each other, but soon she wants to do her own webcast on the same day as iCarly. Freddie begins working only with Valerie and production of iCarly suffers. Things get worse when Valerie invites Sam to come to her webcast. In the end, Valerie tells Freddie the truth and he dumps her. Freddie is then permanently back on iCarly.

Guest Star: Carly Bondar as Valerie
Segment: The "Blab Cam"

10 10 "iWant a World Record" November 17, 2007 (2007-11-17) (107)
Carly, Sam, and Freddie want to break a world record for the longest webcast, which has to be longer than 24 hours and 8 minutes. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of all the trash stored in crates. Unfortunately, when Spencer powers on his sculpture, the power goes out, and they don't get to break a world record. But Spencer does, because of his kinetic sculpture that has the most moving parts in the world. Feeling bad, he asks Carly, Sam and Freddie to attach the last part onto his sculpture, including them in the record so they can get their picture in the book, and Sam gets to meet one of her favorite record holders, the world's fattest priest.

Guest Star: Greg Mullavy as Grandad

11 11 "iRue the Day" December 1, 2007 (2007-12-01) (115)
When Carly, Sam, and Freddie expect the Plain White T's to appear on their show, their website is hacked by Nevel Papperman, who tries to ruin their website as revenge for Carly refusing to kiss him in the episode iNevel. The iCarly trio attempt to hack Nevel's website, for hacking their website but fails. Carly then calls in the military to stop Nevel, and then he is forced to apologize to Carly. The Plain White T's then appear on the show, and performs their song, "It's Our Time Now".

Guest Stars: The Plain White T's as themselves. Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman

12 12 "iPromise Not to Tell" January 12, 2008 (2008-01-12) (118)
After Carly gets a B+ on her history paper (because she hands in her paper with three hole punches, something her history teacher Mr. Devlin doesn't like, considerably a minor technicality), she gets upset because she wanted to get straight A's, and this grade prevents her from doing so. After overhearing Principal Franklin's username and password to the school's network, Sam changes Carly's grade to give Carly the straight A's she deserves. After finding out about this, however, Carly feels guilty when Sam, orders Carly not to tell anybody about the hacking. Sam changes Freddie's grade so she doesn't have to pay him back. Carly and Freddie try to change it back, but get stopped by the Computer Security Agency for hacking.

Trivia: In the 8th minute of this episode, the "ankle swear" is born.

Guest Star: Adrian Neil as Mr. Devlin, Tim Russ as Principal Franklin.

13 13 "iAm Your Biggest Fan" January 19, 2008 (2008-01-19) (110)
iCarly's biggest fan, Mandy Valdez, becomes the show's first one-kid live audience. However, she begins following the cast incessantly and refuses to leave them alone, which annoys the trio. They try to find out how to get her to stop. Meanwhile, Spencer gets to be a drummer for a rock band, but discovers that the band was using him to play in his apartment. In the end, Mandy falls for the band after they dump Spencer, and drives the band insane.

Guest Star: Aria Wallace as Mandy Valdez
Segment: Live Audience

14 14 "iHeart Art" February 2, 2008 (2008-02-02) (109)
Spencer's art idol, Harry Joyner, gives him much criticism on his three sculptures causing Spencer to become depressed and quit sculpting. To make it up to him, Carly decides to showcase all of Spencer's sculptures on iCarly, but despite the sculptures on the webcast getting many positive comments, Spencer becomes a dental assistant. Carly and her friends try to help him to get back to his old self by convincing Harry Joyner to admit he actually likes the sculptures, while Sam tries to resist the temptation to insult Freddie for a whole week so she doesn't have to pay him $5.00 for each insult. When a dentist pays Spencer to make a sculpture, he splits it with Carly, Sam, and Freddie, and Sam uses the money to insult Freddie. Spencer becomes a artist at the end.

Guest Star: Oliver Muirhead as Harry Joyner
Segment: Virtual Art Show

15 15 "iHate Sam's Boyfriend" February 9, 2008 (2008-02-09) (120)
Sam begins going out with Freddie's friend, Jonah, and the two become inseparable. However, when the relationship begins to affect iCarly, Carly and Freddie decide that they have to do something. Meanwhile, Spencer makes a claymation film. Jonah tries to kiss Carly, and when Sam finds out, she asks him to volunteer during the show for a new segment. She pulls him up by his underwear and bounces him up and down in the iCarly studio on the "wedgie-bounce" machine, which is broadcast live on iCarly.

Guest Star: Aaron Albert as Jonah
Segment: The Wedgie-Bounce

16 16 "iHatch Chicks" February 23, 2008 (2008-02-23) (111)
Carly and Sam decide to hatch baby chicks for a science project. However, the chicks all escape and get lost in the apartment. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer learn that if they don't find the chicks in time, the baby chicks will die, and must search frantically before time runs out. In the end, they find all the chicks and they survive.

Guest Star: Doug Brochu as Duke Habberman
Segment: Eggs

17 17 "iDon't Want to Fight" March 1, 2008 (2008-03-01) (112)
Carly gives Sam a special T-shirt as a present on their fifth year anniversary of being best friends. Sam then trades it for Cuttlefish concert tickets for Carly and herself which abruptly starts a fight between them. Freddie believes this will adversely affect iCarly, so he tries to let viewers decide who's right using a poll on the website. They agree to become friends again at the end. Meanwhile, Spencer builds an automatic fish feeder in true Rube Goldberg style, to little avail, but he doesn't realize the slight problem with it.
18 18 "iPromote Techfoots" March 15, 2008 (2008-03-15) (117)
Carly is extremely excited when the popular shoe company, Daka, wants to promote their new shoe, the "Techfoot", on iCarly. But when the shoes turn out to have numerous problems, iCarly begins losing viewers. Carly, Sam, and Freddie must figure out how to end the deal with Daka without legal action against them. Meanwhile, Spencer tries new methods of transportation after falling asleep on a bus and ending up in Canada. Luckily, Spencer manages to help Carly and her friends get out of the contract by putting his three days of law school lessons to work, exploiting a loophole, which forces the Daka executives to cancel the deal and reimburse them.

Notes: Original airing title was "iGot a Sponsor". The company Daka was originally mentioned in Drake and Josh.

19 19 "iGot Detention" March 22, 2008 (2008-03-22) (116)
Carly, Sam, and Freddie are planning on presenting iCarly's 50th webshow spectacular, but Sam accidentally hits Mr. Howard with a football and gets detention on the same day they were preparing to air the show. As a result, they decide to do iCarly in detention. Carly manages to get into detention, but Freddie can't, so he decides to do filming of iCarly secretly, hiding in a closet. Unfortunately, Mr. Howard comes into the room and sees them filming after saying bad things about the principal. Principal Franklin, having watched iCarly, shows up to send Mr. Howard to his office. All the kids are sent out of dentention. Spencer's sculpture for this episode is a gigantic coffee cup that he drops his cell phone in.

Guest Star: David St. James as Mr. Howard, Tim Russ as Principal Franklin.

20 20 "iStakeout" April 5, 2008 (2008-04-05) (121)
The police use the loft as a stakeout to track a clerk from selling pirated DVDs, but seem to be taking too long, and eat all of Carly and Spencer's food. While making a cake for Socko's birthday, Spencer realizes one of the detectives is his childhood bully from camp, Stew "Spanky" Stimbler. In addition, the stakeout is badly affecting the webcast. Meanwhile, Freddie loses a bet with Sam and must get a tattoo of Sam's face on his left arm, which he tries to hide from his mother, unaware that it is temporary. Carly has had enough of the police's presence in her home, and she goes undercover to find the criminal clerk, only to find out that he only sells movies about pirates rather than pirated movies.

Guest Star: Curtis Armstrong as the Convenience Store Clerk

21 21 "iMight Switch Schools" April 26, 2008 (2008-04-26) (122)
Sam and Freddie are upset when Carly is offered a full scholarship to an elite private school. They do not want her to do this because it would mean the end of iCarly. Carly is evenly split on what to do. Sam and Freddie come up with a scheme that will sure Carly won't switch schools. Meanwhile, Spencer creates a miniature golf course that becomes popular with tons of kids.

Guest Star: Lise Simms as Mrs. Peelof, Noah Munck as Gibby. Segment: Mini Golf

22 22 "iFence" May 10, 2008 (2008-05-10) (123)
Freddie joins Spencer to go fencing and have some "guy time." When Spencer's rival, Doug Toder, sees how good Freddie is, Spencer puts Freddie up against him in a match of fencing. Carly is mad at Spencer and Freddie both for not helping her out during the visit of their nerdy cousins, the Dorfmans, and his obsession with fencing, so she stops him from doing it by telling Freddie's mom. Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie engage in a bet that if Sam can finish a book in a week, Freddie will stick a washing hose down his pants with the water turned on to make it look like he urinated in his pants. Sam gets interested in books for the first time and wins the bet.

Guest Star: Daniel Samonas as Doug Toder.

23 23 "iCarly Saves TV" June 13, 2008 (2008-06-13) (119)
A big time producer offers to make iCarly into a hit TV show after seeing how much his daughter loves watching their web show. At first it is great because Carly, Sam and Freddie get paid, ride in a limo and get a new band. After the first rehearsal, they regret letting the producer make iCarly into a TV show, because the producer changes the show and destroys it. The producer gets rid of the iCarly band to fit in Zeebo the dinosaur, Sam is fired for being pushy and aggressive and is replaced by an untalented "princess" of a movie actress, Amber Tate, and the producer makes Freddie do janitorial work. Meanwhile, with the kids at the TV studio, Mrs. Benson and Spencer try to fill the void by acting like a family to each other. In the end, after Carly has had enough of the changes, she tells the producer that the show isn't even iCarly anymore and the producer agrees with her. Carly gets the rights to the title back and changes iCarly back to how it's supposed to be. The producer puts Zeebo the dinosaur and the bad movie actress who replaced Sam into another TV show, which performs terribly. Meanwhile, to celebrate the return of the real iCarly, the lead of the iCarly band performs his favorite song.

Guest Star: Leon G. Thomas III as Harper and David Starzyk as Brad and Rachel Fox as Amber Tate.

24 24 "iWin a Date" July 25, 2008 (2008-07-25) (124)
In order to help Gibby get his date, Shannon, who is much more interested in Freddie, Carly opens up a dating segment, which Shannon and her friends volunteered to star in as contestants. But when only Shannon herself appears without her friends, Carly steps in and she finds herself becoming the "lucky" sweetheart for Gibby. This happens because Shannon wasn't picked and Sam, who also stepped in, secretly stepped out and went down to the kitchen to eat food. However, Carly sets Sam up with Reuben (a friend of Gibby) and Freddie with Shannon for a triple-date with her and has Gibby act like Freddie to get Shannon interested in him. Meanwhile, Spencer tries posting various videos to an online dating site to try and get a new girlfriend, but has a hard time finding what to do.

Guest Star: Noah Munck as Gibby.

25 25 "iHave a Lovesick Teacher" July 25, 2008 (2008-07-25) (125)
When Carly, Sam, and Freddie's deranged history teacher, Ms. Ackerman, is dumped by her boyfriend, she freaks out and becomes abusive to the class. When Spencer is called in for a conference, the two realize they like each other and start dating. However, Spencer soon discovers that Ms. Ackerman is extremely needy and mentally unstable and he dumps her, and Ms. Ackerman becomes abusive again to the class. To settle the matter, Carly sets up an iCarly segment to find out whether the two should make up or stay on bad terms as voted by the viewers. At the end, after realizing its a no-win situation of pleasing Ms. Ackerman at the same time to make Spencer, Carly, Sam and Freddie's lives easier, the gang decided to get rid of her by having Ms. Ackerman arrested for illegally downloading music.

Guest Star: Jessica Makinson as Miss Lauren Ackerman and Ashley Argota as Kathy Segment: Make Up or Break Up

Season 2: 2008-2009

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
26 1 "iSaw Him First" September 27, 2008 (2008-09-27) (204)
In the second-season opener, Carly and Sam both develop a crush on Freddie's "nerd" pal, Shane. When they cannot decide who should date him they decide to go by the first one to kiss him, but he has to be the one to do it. They constantly try to get into situations where he is close to kissing them, and always become unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Spencer hires a repairman to fix the elevator, but the repairman proves to be no help at all, just a dancer. Because of the broken elevator, Shane accidentally falls from the iCarly studio to the basement, when he finds out that Sam and Carly are competing for him and angrily walks away from both. When they visit him at the hospital Carly kisses him, but it is by then too late.

Guest Star: James Maslow (from Big Time Rush) as Shane

27 2 "iStage an Intervention" October 4, 2008 (2008-10-04) (205)
Spencer finds a Pak-Rat video game cabinet in a junkyard and becomes addicted to it, whilst procrastinating on a commissioned Labradoodle sculpture. To curb his addiction, Carly brings Sasha Striker, the top Pak-Rat player in the world, to compete against Spencer to defend her title as the world champion of Pak-Rat. Meanwhile, Freddie experiences a streak of "bad luck" after not forwarding and deleting a chain email, passing it off as a superstition.

Guest Star: Lorena York as Sasha Striker

28 3 "iOwe You" October 11, 2008 (2008-10-11) (206)
Sam owes Carly and Freddie $526, so she gets a job to earn the money, and pay them back. Carly, Sam, and Freddie make a broadcast on iCarly to all their fans to donate money to Sam. However, they find out its illegal to solicit money over the internet. Meanwhile Spencer tries to impress an attractive single mom by helping her daughter sell fudgeballs, an equivalent to Girl Scout cookies, but two scouts stole Spencer's place at the market. Spencer comes up with the idea to send every iCarly fan who sent them money to send them fudgeballs. Carly and Freddie then hire someone to give the money they earned to Sam in a tip. At the end, everyone enjoys what Sam got with her money except Spencer.
29 4 "iHurt Lewbert" October 18, 2008 (2008-10-18) (207)
Lewbert, Carly's doorman, is injured during an exploding muffin basket prank. Spencer suggests that Carly, Sam, and Freddie help him until he's back on his feet, but it is more easily said than done. When Freddie's mother takes over, she makes it look easy, but leaves the group extremely concerned. Freddie's mother and Lewbert fall in love. Meanwhile, while using a CB radio, Spencer upsets two truckers nicknamed Porkchop and Sledgehammer.

Guest Stars: Ryan Ochoa as Chuck, Matt Willig as Sledgehammer, and Joel McCrary as Porkchop

30-32 5-7 "iGo to Japan" November 8, 2008 (2008-11-08) (201-203)
The team, along with Spencer and Mrs. Benson, go to Japan when iCarly is nominated for the iWeb Awards. After an intensely dangerous ride (where they jump out of the plane but make it out safely), they are all sabotaged by 2 competing Web Show Nominee's; Kyoko and Yuki. Their cousin's wrap them up in seaweed in a massage room and lock the door while Kyoko and Yuki ditch the trio in the middle of nowhere and flee. Carly, Sam and Freddie must each return to Specner and Mrs. Benson -- in time for the iWeb Awards.

Note: This can be shown as a three-part episode, or a movie with all parts together.
Guest Star: Good Charlotte as themselves
Segments: Random Debates (Legs vs Pudding), Random Dancing, Melanie Higgles: Space Cheerleader

33 8 "iPie" November 15, 2008 (2008-11-15) (208)
When the group's favorite pie shop closes down due to the death of the head chef, they go out to find the recipe for their favorite pie. The only person believed to have the recipe is the chef's granddaughter. She agrees to give them the recipe if she can go on a date with Spencer. She takes it a bit too far, and confesses that she never owned the recipe. Carly, Sam and Freddie hatch a plan to find the recipe. Meanwhile, Mrs. Benson's cousin's baby visits for a few days, making Freddie uneasy about it because his cousin always has a blank expression when she sees Freddie. Freddie tries finding a way to succeed in making his cousin laugh.
34 9 "iChristmas" December 13, 2008 (2008-12-13) (209)
When Spencer makes an electromagnetic Christmas tree, the tree bursts into flames, which makes Carly furious at him because the fire mauled the presents Carly got for Spencer. Carly then wishes that Spencer was born normal. Carly's guardian angel, Mitch, makes this wish come true, surprising Carly. The next day, at school, Sam is absent, Freddie was never friends with Carly, and to make things worse -- Nevel Papperman is Carly's boyfriend. Carly questions Mitch about Sam's disappearance, and Carly is taken to the Juvenile Detention Center, where Sam is being held. Carly finds out that Sam was never her friend, either. Carly returns home and then is told that Mrs. Benson and Spencer are now engaged, making Carly angry at what the world has become. Carly then walks up the stairs and finds out that, because Sam and Freddie were never her friends, iCarly never existed, either. Carly begins to sob, realizing how much the world would change if Spencer was born normal. Mitch turns the world back, making Spencer born abnormal. Carly is now happy with the electromagnetic Christmas tree, and Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer have a good Christmas together in the end.

Guest Star: Danny Woodburn as Mitch and Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman

35 10 "iKiss" January 3, 2009 (2009-01-03) (210)
In retaliation for putting a dead fish in his locker, Freddie handcuffs Sam to Gibby. Later, Sam overhears Freddie make a confession to Carly that he has never had his first "real" kiss, implying that his former girlfriend Valerie, kissed him for half a second at school with a bunch of other kids hanging around. To get back at Freddie, Sam exposes his secret on iCarly. Freddie is then mocked at school about this, and starts not going to school, talking to anyone, or going to iCarly rehearsals. Carly makes Sam feel guilty about this, so a regretful Sam exposes the same secret about herself. She goes and apologizes to Freddie. After she apologizes, both of them feel dumb about not kissing anyone, so they kiss each other and promise not to tell anyone about it, not even Carly. Meanwhile, Spencer trains to be a famous Seattle Cobra football player.

This is the first ever iCarly episode to reach #1 on iTunes.

Viewers: 5.943 million viewers [11]

Segment: Kelly Cooper Terrible Movie, Meatball War

36 11 "iGive Away a Car" January 17, 2009 (2009-01-17) (211)
Carly, Sam and Freddie host a contest for a free, new car. The winner, shockingly is Nevel Papperman. When Freddie and Sam goes to retrieve the car for him, the two find out that the car did not exist. Carly, being disappointed with the news, starts to question Nevel on how he won the contest. The three find out that Nevel was the one who created the contest and the car, but iCarly still must provide him with a car. Meanwhile, Spencer buys a prop from a movie online, but finds out that he was simply fooled by a replica, and Carly decides to give the prop to Nevel as his new car to keep iCarly from getting shut down for fraud.

Guest Stars: Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman.

37 12 "iRocked the Vote" February 7, 2009 (2009-02-07) (215)
When iCarly convinced their viewers to vote for David Archuleta on a show entitled "America Sings", their opponent singer makes Carly, Sam and Freddie feel guilty. To make it up to him, they try to help him out by creating a music video with the singer. Meanwhile, Sam teaches Spencer to lie when he gets a letter that claims he has a movie that is 10-years overdue.

Guest Stars: David Archuleta as himself, and Alex Schemmer as Wade Collins

38 13 "iMeet Fred" February 16, 2009 (2009-02-16) (212)
When Freddie offends an international internet sensation, Fred, he gets crushed and says to all of his fans that he will not make anymore Fred videos. Carly, Sam, and Freddie soon start losing friends and aquaintances that are fans of Fred. On the other hand, Spencer puts a magic 8 ball-like toy (called a "Magic Meatball") in control of his life.

Guest Star: Lucas Cruikshank as himself/Fred

39 14 "iLook Alike" March 7, 2009 (2009-03-07) (213)
Carly, Sam & Freddie are thrilled when they are invited to a mixed martial arts fight to do an iCarly bit filmed backstage, though Spencer refuses to let them go. Upset by this, they set up a risky scheme to sneak out by hiring some look-alikes to fool Spencer into thinking they are still there. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a large version of a newton's cradle.

Segments: Great Moments in Kid History, George the Bra

Guest Stars: Malese Jow as Carly Shay's Look Alike, Annie DeFatta as Sam Puckett's Look Alike, and Gabriel Basso as Freddie Benson's Look Alike.

40 15 "iWant My Website Back" March 21, 2009 (2009-03-21) (219)
When Spencer gets a new credit card, the iCarly.com domain is no long in control of Carly, Sam, and Freddie. Luckily, Mandy (who was in a season 1 episode) returns, to buy their website back for them, though a phishing scam set up by Nevel puts the website in his own hands. Meanwhile, Spencer makes a mistake in an order, causing him to end up with 200 pillows.

Guest Stars: Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman, and Aria Wallace as Mandy Valdez

41 16 "iMake Sam Girlier" April 11, 2009 (2009-04-11) (216)
Sam develops a crush on a classmate, so Carly gives her a lesson on how to attract him by acting feminine so she is a good person. At the end of the episode, Sam beats a bully up. Meanwhile, Spencer starts sporting his tuxedo daily because he thinks it's the reason why a woman he met likes him.

Guest Stars: Cynthia Dallas as Jocelyn, and Valerie Azlynn as Veronica

42 17 "iGo Nuclear" April 22, 2009 (2009-04-22) (214)
Carly has to do a project for green week, so she makes an electric scooter. But, it can only go for 4 miles per hour and it bursts into flames, so she is given the weekend to make a new project. Spencer brings in a good-looking Science geek named Cal who helps her make a very unique green week project which turns out to be highly illegal, which gets Cal arrested, but it is not shown when the police catch him.

Guest Stars: Andrew Hill Newman as Mr. Henning, and Deena Dill as Charlotte Gibson

43-44 18-19 "iDate a Bad Boy" May 9, 2009 (2009-05-09) (217, 225)
Part 1: Carly and Spencer become upset when their new neighbor Griffin steals the motorcycle that Carly bought for Spencer in iPromote Techfoots. When Spencer let's Griffin off the hook, but Carly becomes upset. However, when Spencer later goes out to get smoothies, he returns to find Carly and Griffin kissing on the couch. Spencer becomes furious, forces Griffin to leave, and forbids Carly to see him, though he eventually allows them to resume dating. Meanwhile, Sam pays Freddie $50 to make a website and has a lawyer write them a contract. Freddie cannot keep up with her demands and tears up the contract, canceling the deal; Sam later makes $1,000 for selling the website.

Part 2: When, Carly finds out that Griffin collects "Pee Wee Babies", she and Sam make fun of him, unaware that Griffin is listening in. He eventually he dumps Carly. Meanwhile, Sam dreams that a monster scares her and eats her soup. Spencer tries to help her but later ends up dreaming about the same monster.

Note: The special drew 6.5 million viewers, this season's second largest audience ever.
Guest Star: Drew Roy as Griffin

45 20 "iReunite With Missy" May 16, 2009 (2009-05-16) (218)
Carly's old friend Missy returns to Seattle, and tries to replace Sam. Carly doesn't believe Sam, but when she finds out, she splits her friendship with Missy. Feeling threatened by Missy, Sam goes to Freddie for help. At first, Freddie does not believe her, but soon does. Near the end, Freddie wins a 6-month cruise and gives it to Missy to help Sam. Missy, however gets seasick very easily and vomits almost the whole way. Meanwhile, Spencer begins to pack up to go camping with some of his friends, and gets trapped in the apartment's basement. Chuck, a character reappearing from iHurt Lewbert, permanently traps Spencer for getting him grounded (as shown in iHurt Lewbert) for two days. In return, Chuck decides to lock him in the basement for an equal two days.

Note: When Chuck traps Spencer, the music from PakRat in iStage an Intervention is playing when Chuck is playing his videogames. Mr. Howard has returned from the show after being fired in iGot Detention.

Guest Stars: Haley Ramm as Missy Robinson, Ryan Ochoa as Chuck Chambers, and David St. James as Mr. Howard

46 21 "iTake on Dingo" June 13, 2009 (2009-06-13)[8] (226)
When Wendy and some of her friends tell the iCarly gang that the Dingo channels show "Totally Teri" is stealing ideas from iCarly: Carly, Sam and Freddie convince Spencer to drive them to the Dingo Channel's studio in Hollywood. While Carly wants to convince the writers by speaking to them, Sam seems to prefer threating and beating the writers with her "Buttersock". Meanwhile Freddie and Spencer sucsessfully find Dingo's frozen head. At the end the gang convince the writers to stop stealing their stuff by threating them about Dingo's secret frozen head.
47 22 "iMust Have Locker 239" June 27, 2009 (2009-06-27)[9] (220)
When there is a contest to see who gets the biggest locker in their school, Sam and Freddie both win and have to share the locker. Carly begs Spencer for art lessons, but she ends up not liking his teaching style. Spencer and Ms. Fielder wind up painting each other.

Guest Stars: Cherise Bangs as Ms. Fielder

48 23 "iTwins" July 11, 2009 (2009-07-11) (224)
When Sam's identical twin sister Melanie visits Carly and Sam, Freddie just thinks that Sam is pretending to be Melanie, and that Melanie doesn't even exist. So, to prove that Melanie didn't exist, he asked her out on a date, thinking she would say no because she was really Sam. But, she accepted.
49-50 24-25 "iFight Shelby Marx" August 8, 2009 (2009-08-08) (221-222)
While broadcasting an episode of iCarly, Carly jokes, saying that she can beat a boxer named Shelby Marx. Shelby agrees to an exhibition match for charity and publicity. Carly is fine with it at first, when Shelby says that she won't really hurt Carly. But, when it looks like Carly pushed Shelby's grandmother down when she really didn't, Shelby is angry and she wants to really hurt Carly.

Guest Star: Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx and Reed Alexander as Nevel Papperman

Season 3: 2009-2010

All season 3 production codes will begin with 2; due to it being split in half after 45 episodes were ordered.

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
51 1 "iThink They Kissed" September 12, 2009 (2009-09-12) (227[12])
On iCarly, Sam's tooth falls out, leading Carly to take Sam to the dentist. When the doctor gives Sam laughing gas, Sam accidentally reveals that she and Freddie shared a secret kiss with each other. Meanwhile, Spencer teaches an art class in a prison.

Segments: The Sack
Viewers: The season premiere was viewed by an average of 7.564 million viewers.[13]

52 2 "iCook" September 19, 2009 (2009-09-19) (228)
On iCarly, Sam and Freddie show their viewers how to make Spaghetti Tacos. Food TV calls to invite them to be interviewed. During the interview, Ricky Flame comes in and challenges them to a "Food Fight", competing over who can make the best Spaghetti Tacos. When the iCarly gang wins, Ricky is crushed, and quits cooking forever. The iCarly gang try to cheer him up by tempting him with cooking, but his head falls in the salad. Later, he sends them a video, telling them to meet him at the wrestling ring. When they get there, Ricky is wrestling little kids because he figured out that he doesn't like to cook, but he likes to win, and when he's fighting kids, there's no way he can lose. After the gang learns of his true greedy nature and Ricky harasses Carly by wrestling and pinning her down, Sam brings him down, and the show ends. Meanwhile, Spencer has a vision of the future, that he will hug a character from Galaxy Wars when he is shocked by Sam's new 100 volt locker security system and goes to great measures to make sure it comes true.

Segments: Jo-jo the Gigantic Baby, "Eh, Why Don't You Cook Dis?", A Word From Our Spencer
Viewers: "iCook" was watched by an average of 3.766 million viewers.[14]

53 3 "iSpeed Date" September 26, 2009 (2009-09-26) (230)
When Carly has trouble finding a date to a dance, Sam hatches a plan to get her a date. During iCarly, Sam ties Carly to a chair (and duct tapes her mouth shut) to invite Seattle-area boys to apply to be her date. When the gang is overwhelmed by the amount of boys (752) who show up, they hold a speed-dating session. Carly convinces Sam to ask Gibby to the dance since no one else did, but Sam becomes enraged when Gibby turns her down. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to lose weight with the help of a mobile phone application.

Segments: Pathetic Plays: The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children Named Fuffley And Peeta

Viewers: "iSpeed Date" brought an average of 4.656 million viewers.[15]

Guest Stars: Skyler Day as Magic Malika, Ethan Munck (Noah Munck's younger brother) as 5 year old "Gibby", Emily Ratajkowski as Tasha

54 4 "iCarly Awards" October 3, 2009 (2009-10-03) (223)
Carly, Sam and Freddie present the iCarly Awards for best user-generated content; Spencer enlists the emergency labor of European swimsuit models to make the statuettes for the iCarly awards. The models' photographer demands that Spencer release them, but Spencer then hogties the photographer, stranded outside the apartment door.

Segments: iCarly Awards, Random Dancing

Viewers: "iCarly Awards" brought an average of 4.388 million viewers.[16]

55 5 "iHave My Principals" October 17, 2009 (2009-10-17) (229)
Principal Franklin is fired after appearing as a guest on iCarly and is replaced by Mr. Howard, the math teacher, and Miss Briggs, the English teacher as co-principals. The changes they make then cause big problems to the whole school, such as excessively punishing students. Carly, Sam, and Freddie scheme to get Franklin his job back with help from other students. Meanwhile, Spencer hires a rodeo star to teach him how to ride a mechanical bull.

Segments: Hey, What Am I Sitting On?

Viewers: "iHave My Principals" brought 4.672 million viewers.[17]

Guest Stars: David St. James as Mr. Howard, Mindy Sterling as Miss Briggs, Tim Russ as Principal Franklin, Weston Blakesley as Superintendent Gorman

56 6 "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love" November 14, 2009 (2009-11-14) (236)
When Sam pilfers a box of Lewbert's "deeply personal items," the kids discover he once had a happy life with a woman named Marta. Since he seemed happier with Marta, they decide to track her down and reunite the two. Meanwhile, Spencer is partnered with Chuck to track down a burglar who has been stealing television remotes throughout the complex. Marta and Lewbert reunite but little did the kids know, Marta is a domineering psychopath who spawned Lewbert's misfortune. In the end, Spencer discovers Chuck was stealing the remotes and calls the police, but Lewbert takes the blame so he can be locked up away from Marta.

Segments: Messin' with Lewbert

Viewers: "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love" has an average viewers of 5.036 million viewers.[18]

Guest Stars: Ryan Ochoa as Chuck, Kit Pongetti as Marta, Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert

57 7 "iMove Out" November 28, 2009 (2009-11-28)[19] (241)
After Mrs. Benson pushed Freddie too far by making Freddie eat asparagus while doing iCarly, showing people at school his baby pictures, and vacuuming his ear while he was sleeping, Freddie moves out and gets his own apartment. Meanwhile, Carly, Sam, and Freddie start a pet photography business, only to see their studio destroyed by a snooty competing pet photography business, Stewart and Ollie. In the end, Mrs Benson apologizes to Freddie, begging him to return; Freddie makes her promise not to embarrass him in public ever again.

Segments: Extreme Pet Makeover, Paparazzi Ambush

Viewers: The original broadcast of "iMove Out" brought an average of 5.669 million viewers.[20]

Guest Star: Mary Scheer as Mrs. Benson

58-59 8-9 "iQuit iCarly" December 5, 2009 (2009-12-05) (233-234)
After agreeing to help kid comedians Fleck and Dave make a video, Carly and Sam must choose sides when the comedians begin to fight. Fleck keeps infuriating Dave's restrictive father much to Dave's dismay, and the girls are drawn into the conflict. The girls compare their strained relationship to Fleck and Dave's and then begin to fight so badly that Sam quits as both co-host and Carly's friend. When the conflict between the two girls eventually threatens their lives, Fleck and Dave reconcile to reunite Carly and Sam. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes obsessed with winning a boat.

Segments: Pathetic Plays

Viewers: 8.8 million total viewers [21], surpassing last season's top-rated episode, "iFight Shelby Marx."

Note: "iQuit iCarly" is an iCarly Movie [22] as first announced, and is also shown in two parts ("iDiscover Fleck and Dave" and "iSplit Up").

60 10 "iSaved Your Life" January 18, 2010 (2010-01-18) (232)
Carly, Sam, & Freddie go out to film Carly dressing as a bunny on the street, offering to brush people's teeth for $1 as part of an iCarly "Fan Dare" segment. Then, as they cross the street, Carly doesn't notice a taco truck turning the corner. However, Freddie notices and pushes Carly out of the way, causing him injury, but saving her life. Then a grateful Carly develops an attraction towards Freddie. But Sam makes Freddie believe that this attraction stems from his actions, and not himself. The two break up but agree that if the whole "hero" thing wears off, and if Carly still feels attracted to him they'll try the relationship again. Meanwhile, Sam and Spencer engage in an intense game of assassin.

Segments: George the Bra

Guest Stars: Mary Scheer as Mrs. Benson and Brian Nolan as Rabbi Goldman
Note: This episode premiered to 11.2 million viewers, making it the second-highest rated live action telecast in Nickelodeon history, second only to iPilot, as well as the #1 telecast of all TV (cable and broadcast) that night. [23] On February 12th and 13th, Nick aired an extended version of the episode, which includes seven minutes of scenes cut from the original episode. [24] [25]

61 11 "iWas a Pageant Girl" January 29, 2010 (2010-01-29) (237)
Sam admits to her friends that she's a former child beauty pageant contestant and was kicked out due to her being suspected of pushing a child (LeAnn Carter) down, then pushes Carly into competing against her old rival. Eventually though, when Sam learns she can enter the pageant (because she was banned for 7 years, which was 7 and a half years ago), she enters again, hoping to defeat her arch-rival. Sam actually gets her wish, because she won the pageant. Meanwhile, Spencer talks Freddie into double-dating with him; he reluctantly agrees, but they both get way too distracted by a game and chase the girls away.

Segments: Baby Spencer (Happy Baby Sad Baby)

Note: The episode also contains a reference to another Nickelodeon's show Zoey 101, while Sam and Carly were talking, a background sound saying "My name is Quinn Pensky and I love bunnies!" and a reference to Dan Schneider's wife, Lisa Lillien (Hungry Girl).

62 12 "iEnrage Gibby" February 5, 2010 (2010-02-05) (235)
Gibby thinks Freddie "macked" on his amazing girlfriend Tasha (Emily Ratajkowski), and challenges Freddie to a fight. Freddie learns that Gibby is an amazing kickboxer and is being trained by Sam. Meanwhile, Spencer is mistakenly reported dead, so he capitalizes on the opportunity to sell his art.

Segment: Let's Watch Food Rot

Viewers: The original broadcast of "iEnrage Gibby" brought an average of 4.8 million viewers; was the #1 basic cable telecast overall, and was #1 among Adults 18-49 in its time period in basic cable with a 0.9 rating.[26]

Guest Stars: Noah Munck as Gibby, Emily Ratajkowski as Tasha, Deena Dill as Charlotte Gibson (Gibby's mother), and Valerie Azlynn as Veronica

63 13 "iSpace Out" March 5, 2010 (2010-03-05)[27] (239)
A quirky billionaire asks Carly and her friends to put on the first live Web show from outer space, so they undergo tests for space travel. Meanwhile, Spencer is visited by a mysterious little girl.[28]

Segments: Dancin' with Cameron, Random Dancing

Viewers: The premiere broadcast of "iSpace Out" brought an average of 5.339 million viewers, and was the #4 basic cable telecast for the week, but again #1 on basic cable for the evening. It was also #1 in the Adults 18-49 demographic with a 1.1 rating.[29] [30]

64 14 "iFix a Pop Star" March 19, 2010 (2010-03-19)[27] (231)
Carly and her pals try to help a former pop star make a comeback video, but the task proves challenging when they realize the ex-star is all washed up. Elsewhere, Spencer is surprised to learn the new woman he's been dating is Gibby's mother.

Viewers: The premiere broadcast of "iFix a Popstar" brought an average of 3.831 million viewers, and was the 18th basic cable telecast for the week, but again #1 on basic cable for the evening.[31]

Guest Stars: Noah Munck as Gibby, Betsy Rue as Ginger Fox, and Deena Dill as Charlotte Gibson (Gibby's mother)

65 15 "iBloop" April 17, 2010 (2010-04-17)[32] (245)
Miranda Cosgrove invites Jerry Trainor to ask him to be more serious on set. Jerry tries to convince Miranda that everyone does mistakes by showing her the bloops of other actors and her. At the end they agree that everyone can mistakes but they all enjoy dancing on the set.

Note: Drake Bell makes an unannounced appearance in this episode.

Viewers: The premiere broadcast of "iBloop" brought an average of 4.3 million viewers, and was again #1 on basic cable for the evening.[33]

66 16 "iWon't Cancel The Show" May 1, 2010 (2010-05-01)[34] (238)
After Sam ends up in juvenile detention (juvie) for something she claimed she didn't do, Carly and Freddie vow not to cancel the next webshow. The webcast is a special one, as it is the first time Carly's dad will get to see iCarly ever. Carly and Freddie get Spencer to do it, although he had a date planned for that night.

Viewers: The premiere broadcast of "iWon't Cancel The Show" brought an average of 4.9 million viewers, and was again #1 on basic cable for the evening.[35] Segments: Hey, What Am I Licking?, The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children Named Fuffley And Peeta

67 17 "iBelieve In Bigfoot" May 8, 2010 (2010-05-08)[36] (240)
The gang heads upstate to look for Bigfoot after new footage of the creature is verified by an expert on Carly's show.

Viewers: The premiere broadcast of "iBelieve In Bigfoot" brought an average of 4.4 million viewers, and was again #1 on basic cable for the evening.[37]

68-69 18-19 "iPsycho" June 4, 2010 (2010-06-04) [38] (243-244)
Note: iPsycho is an iCarly movie.
This iCarly movie is about a young 16-year-old girl named Nora, who invites Carly, Freddie and Sam to her birthday party. After the party, Carly, Sam and Freddie finds themselves in a sticky situation where they must escape.

Segments: "The Idiot Farm Girl who thought the Cowboy's Chicken was a Sports Car"

Special Guest Star: Daniella Monet (from Victorious) as Popular Girl.

Guest Stars: Ethan Munck as Guppy (Gibby's little brother), Danielle Morrow as Nora and Deena Dill as Charlotte (Gibby and Guppy's mother).

Note: Ethan Munck was in another episode of iCarly: "iSpeed Date," where he was shown in the ending titles.

Viewers: 7.52 Million viewers, making it the most-watched entertainment broadcast on cable this quarter, basically matching this year's Kids' Choice Awards.[39] Across most kid and teen demographics, the performance of iPsycho was the highest-rated telecast of the year of any broadcast or cable program, with the exception of iSaved Your Life and the 2010 Super Bowl.[40] "iPsycho" nearly quadrupled the ratings of Nickelodeon's direct competition.

70 20 "iBeat the Heat" June 26, 2010 (2010-06-26) [41] (242)
The iCarly gang tries to cool off on a hot day. When there is a power failure and they end up being the only air - conditioned apartment in the building (because Spencer got a portable air conditioner and a generator), many people come to the Shay - apartment to cool off.

Guest Stars:Mary Scheer as Mrs. Benson, Jeremy Rowley as Lewbert, Ryan Ochoa as Chuck Chambers, Drew Roy as Griffin

Viewers: 4.191 million viewers[42]

Season 4: 2010-2012

Production codes for season 4 begin with 3xx and 4xx. This season was cut for broadcast, so the 4xx episodes were part of Season 5.

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
71 1 "iGot a Hot Room" July 30, 2010 (2010-07-30) [43] (301)
Carly's room is burned down thanks to a gummy bear lamp Spencer made for her birthday. Spencer, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby help rebuild her room with all the $82,000 insurance money received.

Guest Star: Jack Carter, as Gibby's grandfather.

Note: At the end credits it shows Carly, Sam, and Freddie singing parts of the theme songs to iCarly, Drake & Josh, and Victorious.

Viewers: 7.740 million, beating iPsycho for the third-most watched iCarly episode ever.[44]

72 2 "iSam's Mom" September 11, 2010 (2010-09-11)[45] (305)
After a fight with her mother Sam moves in with Carly and Spencer. Freddie fears for his safety as a criminal begins stalking him after he recorded him robbing The Groovy Smoothie.

Guest Star: Jane Lynch, as Pam Puckett.

Note: A new opening montage of pics starts this episode, only keeping Spencer with Marvin the Ostrich, and Carly throwing her blue cowboy hat into the air at the end.

Viewers: 5.911 million[46]

73 3 "iGet Pranky" September 25, 2010 (2010-09-25)[47] (304)
Spencer helps Carly pull a prank on Sam and Freddie. Afterwards, Spencer can't stop pulling pranks.

Viewers: 5.201 million viewers.[48]

74 4 "iSell Penny-Tees" October 2, 2010 (October 2, 2010)[49] [50] (303)
After they sell several old iCarly props on the show, Carly, Sam and Freddie decide to sell Penny Ts because one of those sold for the most money by far. Spencer dates a woman from Uzbekistan who can't understand English.

Segments: Show You Our Junk!

Viewers: 3.966 million viewers.[51]

75 5 "iDo" October 11, 2010 (2010-10-11) [52] [53] (302)
Gordon, a man in his late 20's wants to come on iCarly and propose to his girlfriend, Jodi, live on the iCarly Web cast. She says 'yes', but during the wedding, Jodi says she´s in love with Spencer. Carly and her friends try to convince Jodi to marry Gordon instead of Spencer.

Segments: Random Chatting

Viewers: 6.7 million viewers.[54]

76-77 6-7 "iStart a Fanwar" November 19, 2010 (2010-11-19) [55] (308-309[56])
Carly, Sam, and Freddie accidently start a fan war between who should end up together, Carly and Freddie? or Sam and Freddie? Meanwhile, Spencer faces his online gaming nemesis Aspartamay (Jack Black).

Guest Stars: Ethan Munck as Guppy,[56] Jack Carter, as Gibby's grandfather.
Special Guest Star: Jack Black[57]

Viewers: 5.024 million viewers.[58]

78 8 "iHire An Idiot" February 12, 2011 (2011-02-12) [59] (307)
Carly and Sam hire an attractive but stupid guy named Cort as an intern to help them with iCarly. Spencer tries to get his Bottle Bot into a museum to prevent Granddad from sending him back to law school.

Guest Stars: Daniel Booko as Cort, Teresa Castillo as Ashley, Greg Mullavy as Granddad Shay.

Viewers: 4.916 million viewers, 9th highest for the week on cable.[60]

79 9 "iPity The Nevel" March 19, 2011 (2011-03-19) [61] (306)
After a video of Nevel berating a child ruins his reputation, he asks the iCarly team to help him restore his image.

Guest Star: Reed Alexander as Nevel.

Segments: Moonlight Twi-Blood

Viewers: 4.6 million viewers, highest show for the week on cable.[62]

80 10 "iOMG" April 9, 2011 (2011-04-09) [63] (310)
Carly and her friends work on completing assignments during an overnight "lock-in" at Ridgeway.Freddie uses his Mood Reader app (on his PearPad), which confirms that Sam is "in love," but doesn't specify with whom. Carly and Freddie begin to think that Sam has a crush on their new intern and friend, Brad, until Sam kisses Freddie.

Guest Star: Justin Prentice as Brad.

Viewers: 7.355 million, highest show on cable for the week. [64] [65]

81-83 11-13 "iParty with Victorious" June 11, 2011 (2011-06-11)[66] / August 27, 2011 (2011-08-27) (Extended Version)
(Sat. June 4, 2011 live premiere in L.A.)
Carly is all happy about her and her boyfriend, Steven's 100 day kiss. Later they find a photo of Steven and Tori Vega cuddling. Sam thinks that Carly's boyfriend is cheating on her. They learn that Tori will attend a party with her boyfriend. The gang gets a make up to make them look completely different. Carly and Tori end up taking revenge on Steven. iCarly and Victorious later have an amazing party performing Leave it all to Shine together.

Special Guest Stars: Victoria Justice as Tori, Daniella Monet as Trina, Leon Thomas III as Andre, Matt Bennett as Robbie, Elizabeth Gillies as Jade, Ariana Grande as Cat, Avan Jogia as Beck, and other characters from Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101.

Note: This features the entire cast of Victorious. [67] This is the last episode filmed (September 2010) for the first half of the 26 episodes to air in Season 4.

Segment: Random Humiliation

Viewers: 7.316 million, It took the #1 spot for the week, ranking as the number-one entertainment telecast of 2011 across all TV with kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14.

“iParty with Victorious,” which guest starred Nick alum Kenan Thompson, posted huge triple-digit gains over last year’s like time period and averaged a 9.8/3.5 million K2-11 (+188%), 13.3/2.9 million K6-11 (+136%) and 13.7/2.9 million T9-14 (+234%). The primetime premiere also led its direct competitor in the same time period by huge triple and quadruple-digits, with total viewers and all kid and tween demos. [68] The immediate repeat from 9:30pm-11pm (EDT) ranked #8, drawing 4.610 mil. viewers. Another repeat on Sunday June 12 7pm-8:30pm (EDT) ranked #17, drawing 3.916 mil. viewers. [69]

84 14 "iLost My Mind" August 13, 2011 [70] [71] (402)
Sam checks herself into a mental hospital, thinking that she's insane after kissing Freddie. Carly and Freddie try to get her out.

Guest Star: Jim Parsons as Caleb

Viewers: 5.5 million viewers.

85 15 "iDate Sam & Freddie" September 10, 2011 (401 [72])
Carly accompanies Sam and Freddie on a date to keep them from fighting.

Spencer makes a lawn Much to Carly's annoyance.

Viewers: 4.1 million viewers.

86 16 "iCan't Take It" September 17, 2011 (403)
Since Sam and Freddie have been dating, Sam has been meaner to Gibby and he decides to tell Freddie's mom to stop it.

Guest Star: Mary Scheer as Marissa Benson

Viewers: 5.13 million viewers.

87 17 "iLove You" September 24, 2011 (404)
Carly suggests that Sam and Freddie should try exploring each others' favorite interests and hobbies. However, neither Sam going with Freddie to a train club meeting nor Freddie visiting Sam's relatives in jail with her end too well.

Spencer dates his former babysitter, but they keep acting like babysitter and child.

Guest Star: Charlene Amoia as Jenna Hamilton

Viewers: 3.454 million viewers.

88 18 "iQ" October 1, 2011 (405)
Carly falls for a super-smart cute boy named Kyle and tries to impress him by looking super-smart, too.

Meanwhile, a health inspector forbids T-Bo to keep living in the Groovy Smoothie's upstairs area, so Sam, Freddie, and Gibby give T-Bo a makeover so he can rent the Bensons' guest room.

Guest Star: BooG!e as T-Bo

Viewers: 3.835 million viewers.

89 19 "iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo" December 28, 2011 (411)
Christopher Cane interviews the cast of iCarly in a talk show atmosphere and then shows their bloopers.

Note: This is the sequel to iBloop, a Season 3 episode, in which it showed every cast members' bloopers during filming various episodes.

Viewers: 3.090 million viewers.

90-91 20-21 "iStill Psycho" December 31, 2011 (407-408)
Nora gets released from prison and convinces the iCarly gang to join her and her parents for her Welcome Home supper. However, the Dershlits take the iCarly gang as prisoners once again, and T-Bo and Mrs. Benson must save them.

Viewers: 5.5 million viewers.

92 22 "iBalls" January 7th, 2012 (410)
Freddie wants to have a more active part in the show while Carly leaves to Yakima. That kind of goes wrong.

Spencer hires a personal assistant.

Viewers: 4.147 million viewers.

93 23 "iMeet The First Lady" January 16th, 2012 (406)
Colonel Steven Shay is not able to make it home for his birthday as planned. Thus, Sam and Freddie break some rules to set up a web chat so Carly can speak to her dad on his birthday. Mrs. Obama, who hears about the Freddie and Sam’s efforts to connect Carly with her dad, then comes to talk to them about the importance of connecting soldiers with their families.

Special Guest Star: First Lady Michelle Obama.

Viewers: 4.265 million viewers.

94 24 "iToe Fat Cakes" January 21, 2012 (409)
Carly and her friends give Sam a ticket for a tour of the Fat Cakes World Headquarters, and Sam gets into trouble for trying to smuggle Canadian Fat Cakes.

Meanwhile, Carly gets her toe stuck in a faucet while taking a bath.

Viewers: 4.842 million viewers.

Season 5: 2012

Production codes for Season 5 start with 5xx. This season was aired as Season 6 on TV.

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
95 1 "iApril Fools" March 24th, 2012 [73] (503)
Carly and Spencer face eviction on April Fools' day and remember their past experiences with a crazy twist.

Viewers: 3.408 million viewers.

96 2 "iGo One Direction" April 7th, 2012 (501)
One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on iCarly. Band member Harry becomes sick and Carly dotes over him. Realizing Harry is playing sick for the attention, they hatch a plan to get him back in the group by telling him Gibby has become their newest band member. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes a personal trainer and gives a bratty girl a makeover.

Guest Star: One Direction as themselves.

Viewers: 3.94 million viewers.

97 3 "iOpen a Restaurant" April 21st, 2012 (502)
Sam and Gibby open a secret restaurant in the school's basement. Spencer builds a security robot which develops a glitch.

Viewers: 2.828 million viewers.

98 4 "iHalfoween" April 28th, 2012 (505)
The iCarly gang celebrate "Halfoween" because they think Halloween is so great that it should come twice a year, but Nevel pulls a prank on Carly and her friends.

Viewers: 2.932 million viewers.

99 5 "iPear Store" May 12th, 2012 (504)
Sam becomes Freddie's coworker and ruins his enjoyment of the job. Elsewhere, Carly struggles to score a date with a clueless guy, and Spencer does volunteer work at a fire station.

Viewers: 2.75 million viewers.

100 6 "iBattle Chip" June 9th, 2012 (506)
Spencer encounters Chuck's little brother and discovers he's a bigger terror than Chuck. Elsewhere, Freddie repairs Gibby's phaser, making the toy more dangerous than he intended.

Viewers: 2.362 million viewers.

101-102 7-8 "iShock America" October 6th 2012 (510-511)
iCarly dedicates a show to Jimmy Fallon and get invited on his show in return.

Guest stars: Jimmy Fallon as himself, Tina Fey as herself, Rachel Dratch as herself, Higgins as himself, Questlove as himself, The Roots as themselves.[74]

Viewers: 3.612 million viewers.

103 9 "iGet Banned" October 13, 2012 (507)
Freddie and Gibby join a band but soon discover the perks and drawbacks after they try to impress two girls. When Carly bans T-Bo from the loft, she gets banned from the Groovy Smoothie.

Viewers: 3.627 million viewers.

104 10 "iFind Spencer Friends" October 20, 2012 (512)
Carly and the gang try to find Spencer friends his own age, and along the way, they cross paths with a high-energy iCarly uberfan portrayed by Emma Stone. Also, Gibby starts working at a restaurant boys wash room after earning money from helping a man.

Viewers: 3.338 million viewers.

105 11 "iRescue Carly" October 27, 2012 (509)
Sam warns everyone to stay away from her friend; Spencer finds a pair of night vision goggles.

Viewers: 3.330 million viewers.

Segments: Baby Spencer

106 12 "iLost My Head in Vegas" November 3, 2012 (508)
Sam learns that her mother is held in a Las Vegas Jail, so Carly and the gang embark on a road trip to Sin City, where they pawn some of their prized possessions for bail money at a shop run by the three guys.

Viewers: 3.527 million viewers.

107 13 "iBust a Thief" November 10, 2012 (513)
The gang tries to track down a thief when Sam's laptop is stolen; Spencer can only visit his favorite arcade if he is accompanied by a child, so he babysits Guppy.

Viewers: 3.374 million viewers.

108-109 14-15 "iGoodbye" November 23, 2012 (514-515)
Carly wants her dad to escort her in an important dance. Sam helps Spencer fix a motorcycle; Freddie gets a new phone.

Note: This is the final episode of the original iCarly.

Viewers: 6.43 million viewers.

iCarly (2021-)


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Season premiere Season finale Prod. line
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Season 1: 2021

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
0 0 "The iCarly Reunion" June 12, 2021 (2021-06-12)
Join Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress to reflect upon and celebrate the iconic original series "iCarly." Plus, meet new members of the family, Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett, in an exclusive look at the series revival.
1 1 "iStart Over" June 17, 2021 (2021-06-17)
Carly Shay navigates the next chapter of her life, moving past a failed relationship and reinventing her web show. Meanwhile, Spencer can't accept the fact that Harper doesn't like his latest sculpture.
2 2 "iHate Carly" June 17, 2021 (2021-06-17)
Carly finds it refreshing to date a guy who's never seen her show, until she discovers his huge secret. Meanwhile, when Spencer accidentally blinds himself with pepper spray, he enlists Freddie to be his "guide dog.
3 3 "iFauxpologize" June 17, 2021 (2021-06-17) (103)
A disgusted reaction from Carly is paired with Spencer's latest artwork to become a popular meme, giving Carly new viral fame but leaving Spencer feeling insulted and out for revenge. Millicent finds Freddie's troubling old social media posts, which gives her a brilliant idea.
4 4 "iGot Your Back" June 24, 2021 (2021-06-24)
After enlisting Harper's help for a red-carpet event, Carly starts to doubt that Harper understands her best interests and questions their friendship. Meanwhile, Spencer goes to extraordinary lengths to get Freddie his first post-divorce date.
5 5 "iRobot Wedding" July 1, 2021 (2021-07-01)
Carly's nemesis Nevel invites the group to his wedding, but Carly suspects that the bride isn't what she claims to be. Harper and Spencer wager on who can collect the most phone numbers at the wedding.
6 6 "i'M Cursed" July 8, 2021 (2021-07-08)
Carly makes plans to spend her birthday alone in an attempt to stave off her dreaded birthday curse, but Spencer has different plans. Freddie tries to recapture his youth. Harper's idol leaves her awestruck.
7 7 "iNeed Space" July 15, 2021 (2021-07-15) (107)
Carly and Harper’s search for a better workspace leads them to a private women’s club where the leader is charismatic and demanding. Freddie enrolls Millicent in the Sunshine Girls, but she instead mobilizes the kids into workers for her cupcake empire.
8 8 "iLove Gwen" July 22, 2021 (2021-07-22) (110)
Carly and Millicent push Freddie and his ex-wife together after a series of misunderstandings lead them to believe the couple wants to reunite. Harper and Spencer get roped into doing tech work on Millicent's school play.
9 9 "iMLM" July 29, 2021 (2021-07-29) (108)
A new powder supplement seems to have instant benefits for the group, but Freddie’s devotion to the product puts his future at risk after Carly discovers it’s a multi-level marketing scam.[75]
10 10 "iTake a Girls' Trip" August 5, 2021 (2021-08-05) (109[76])
Carly's first-ever girl's trip doesn't go as planned when the only other person on the getaway is Freddie. Harper's missing cousin resurfaces, and is instantly smitten with Spencer.
11 11 "iCan Fix it Myself" August 12, 2021 (2021-08-12)
Carly is in over her head when she tries to repair her car herself rather than ask for help. Spencer tries to help Maeve reveal her secret to Harper.
12 12 "iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party" August 19, 2021 (2021-08-19) (112)
Carly plans a dinner party to help clear up her relationship status with Wes, but a glitchy app, Harper's work problems, and Spencer's love life intrude on her perfectly planned evening.
13 13 "iReturn to Webicon" August 26, 2021 (2021-08-26) (113)
Carly and the gang return to Webicon, where they run into a familiar face.

Season 2: 2022

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
14 1 "iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now" April 8, 2022[77] (201)
After the whole internet turns against Carly, she tries to win her audience back by faking a relationship with Freddie. Spencer gets overzealous planning Freddie's new app launch party, while Harper tries to get Double Dutch's dog to like her.
15 2 "iObject, Lewbert!" April 8, 2022[77] (205)
Carly must defend herself in court with Spencer and Freddie's help after Lewbert returns seeking damages from injuries sustained on her old web show. Millicent tries to make Harper her new bestie.
16 3 "i'M Wild and Crazy" April 15, 2022[77] (202)
After a game of Never Have I Ever, Carly fears she is boring and sets out to prove to Harper that she can hold her own on a wild night out on the town. Spencer finds new office space for Freddie's app at the old Groovy Smoothie location.
17 4 "iHire a New Assistant" April 22, 2022[77] (203)
When Grandad comes to visit, Carly hires him as her assistant, while Spencer is determined to finally win his respect. Harper helps Freddie with his birth chart and is horrified to discover that they are a perfect match.
18 5 "iCupid" April 29, 2022[77] (204)
Carly hires a matchmaker to help Spencer find someone to settle down with, but when he falls for the matchmaker instead, Carly must convince her that Spencer is her type. Freddie is ready to move out on his own, but it won't be easy.
19 6 "iBuild a Team" May 6, 2022[77] (206)
Carly hires a manager to take her channel to the next level, but when the new guy butts heads with Freddie, Carly must figure out a way to make her team work. Spencer tries to please a tough food critic.
20 7 "iDragged Him" May 13, 2022[77] (207)
Carly auditions for a reality competition show with Spencer as her partner, but his competitive tactics create tension between them. Harper styles a Hollywood Icons drag night while Freddie helps Millicent with her Model UN Tournament.
21 8 "TBA" May 20, 2022[77]
22 9 "TBA" May 27, 2022[77]
23 10 "TBA" June 3, 2022[77]


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