The Electro-Magnetic Christmas Tree is an avant-garde piece Spencer creates instead of buying a traditional Christmas tree for Carly in the episode iChristmas. Made from parts Spencer procured from the local junkyard, the tree is also rigged with what Spencer refers to as a "dangerously large" electro-magnet. When Spencer flips a switch to activate the electro-magnet, the sculpture becomes magnetized, thus allowing one to stick metal objects to it.
Emct1 ichristmas

Although Carly says she thinks the sculpture is "cool," she admits that she had her heart set on getting a "real" Christmas tree, not a postmodern version of one. Spencer convinces her that she'll like the tree better when she puts presents under it, which she does.

However, the magna-tree catches fire later that night, probably because Spencer forgot to shut the tree's electro-magnet off before going to bed. Distraught at the fire that nearly burnt down the apartment, and actually did burn up the expensive presents she placed under the tree, Carly rashly wishes that Spencer had been born "normal."

To Carly's horror, an angel named Mitch, who is trying to earn his (chicken) wings, magically makes Carly's wish come true. When Carly sees how bland and boring her life would be had Spencer been born normal, Carly tearfully begs Mitch for her old life back.

Realizing Mitch has granted her wish yet again, Carly rushes down the stairs of the apartment to stop Spencer from hauling the tree to the garbage. Choosing to view the wacky magna-tree as a symbol of her happy, offbeat life with Spencer, Carly gathers everyone around the sculpture and hums Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in imitation of A Charlie Brown Christmas.