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Earth: All Dressed Up!! is an iCarly.com blog written by Sam Puckett about Earth being dressed up as different people.


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Earth: All Dressed Up!!

Hey, it's me Sam. You probably saw on our last web show that we dressed up Earth like a little girl. Cute, right? Anyway, it got us thinking...what else should we make the Earth look like? So me, Carly and Freddie downloaded a pic of Earth and gave our planet some killer makeovers. Check out our creations...

Earth by me, Sam:

I dressed up the Earth like a fast food guy -- 'cuz I'm always thinkin' about food. I wanna eat that hot dog right out of the Earth's hands. Then I wish I could squeeze the Earth and make chili come out. A girl can dream, right?

Earth 1.jpg

Earth by Freddie:

Freddie dressed up his Earth like a doctor -- probably 'cuz his crazy, nutzo mom takes him to see Dr. Boshwit like every other day. Freddie likes the lollipops. He does NOT like getting shots (NEEDLES) in his butt cheek. The last shot he got made him really sore, so I kept slapping it.

Earth 2.jpg

Earth by Carly: Carly's all psyched that it's finally summer, so she dressed Earth up like a hot lifeguard. PS: Freddie got so jealous that he wore a whistle around his neck for 4 days...until Lewbert used it to scratch an itch on his wart. Then Freddie threw the whistle away.

Earth 3.jpg

Earth by Spencer: Spencer saw us making our Earth pics and asked if he could do one, too. So here's Spencer's version. He dressed up the Earth like a punk rock dude named "Mookis." I don't know what Mookis means or why he has a mohawk. We asked Spencer to explain, but he had to leave 'cuz he had a date with some girl he met at the post office (she worked there). Later he found out she wanted him to follow him on her route but then she took his wallet and made him deliver all of the mail for the day. Then a random dog bit him. Spencer said he'll never ask another mail girl out again. I know -- weird story.

Earth 4.jpg

Okay, now it's your turn! Save this pic of Earth to your desktop, dress it up, and send us your creations! We'll put the coolest ones up next week on iCarly. Later.

Earth 5.jpg


Credit: © 2012 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

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