Earl Chambers is the father of Chuck Chambers, Gia Chambers and Chip Chambers. They live in Bushwell Plaza.

He might have a wife who is still unknown.

Earl often grounds Chuck for doing bad things to Spencer or other people.

He hired Carly to be Chuck's math tutor in iTwins and paid her. When Chuck failed his math test, Earl did not blame Carly, saying that Chuck had failed because he had made up a fake number called "derf." He was unaware that Carly had tricked Chuck into believing that "derf" was a real number to get revenge for Chuck hurting Spencer. At Spencer and Carly's suggestion, Earl sent Chuck to a math camp (Camp Addemup) for the summer.

Earl likes to wear stripes, as Sam pointed out in iTwins saying "Ugh, stripes."

IFind Lewbert's Lost Love is the only episode featuring Chuck that Earl did not appear in.

In iBattle Chip he gets tired of his son's act and sends Chuck to military school.

He was portrayed by actor Chris Harper.

Punishing Chuck

  • When he played racketball in the Bushwell Plaza lobby. (iHurt Lewbert, grounded for 2 days.)
  • When he trapped Spencer in the basement for 2 days. (iReunite With Missy, grounded for an unknown length of time.)
  • When he failed a math test, and blamed Carly. (iTwins, sent him to Camp Add-em-up and grounded him for 3 weeks.)
  • For an unrevealed offense. (iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, grounded and not allowed to watch television.)
  • For rendering Spencer naked. (iBattle Chip, sent his son to military school.)


  • IBeat the Heat 058 0001

    in iBeat the Heat

    "Look, I know that you and Chuck have had some troubles in the past, but..." (To Spencer) (iBeat the Heat)
  • "I'm gonna ground you for three weeks!" (iTwins)
  • "Camp Add-em-Up! This looks perfect!" (iTwins)
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