Duke Habberman is a sweaty wrestler who is friends with Freddie and enjoys meat. He made his first appearance in the episode, iLike Jake, but his name wasn't revealed until his first "real" appearance in a later episode, iHatch Chicks.

In iLike Jake, he is just referred to as "the sweaty wrestler." Sam traded lockers with Freddie, who ended up with her old one. Freddie ended up next to Duke and another wrestler, who were arguing about illegal moves. They attacked each other, accidentally squishing Freddie in the process. In an attempt to save Freddie by getting rid of the wrestlers, Carly said that there was free meat in the parking lot. Both the wrestlers excitedly shouted, "PROTEIN!" and ran off.

He also appears to love animals. When he told Freddie to help him with the refrigerator, he says "I love animals".

Duke also makes a cameo appearance in iSpy a Mean Teacher, in which he was the first person to cheer about seeing Ms. Briggs on iCarly. He had one line, "Hey, it's Ms. Briggs," and then everyone began to cheer.

Duke's most notable, (and last) appearance was in iHatch Chicks. When he was paired up with Freddie for a science project, he became caught up in the search for Carly and Sam's missing chicks. Despite his destructive nature, he proved to be quite helpful in the search and was concerned about the chicks.

He is a main character in "So Random", from Nickelodeon's rival, Disney Channel. The star of Chuck went on to be on Pair Of Kings on Disney XD, and is no longer appearing on Nick. Duke, or Doug Brochu, is probably in the same scenario.

Duke does not make another appearance.


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