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Daniella Monet Zuvic (born March 1, 1989) portrayed Popular Girl on iCarly. Her character was seen in the iCarly episode, iPsycho. She was seen at the party that Nora Dershlit held. She is only credited as "Popular 11th Grade Girl" (there was some cheering when she walked in to Nora's house). In the episode, Nora kisses her. Daniella Monet is known mostly for playing Trina on Victorious. She is also known for playing one of the antagonists, Rebecca, on Zoey 101, and in 2011, she played the character, Tootie, in The Fairly OddParents, a live-action movie, and Trina Vega in the iCarly and Victorious crossover, iParty with Victorious. She has also appeared in Nickelodeon's The Troop as an Eris Fairy. She has also replaced Jennette McCurdy as Bertha in Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred.



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