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Creddie Userboxes

This page is an archive for the Creddie userboxes created on this wiki. Userboxes can be put anywhere on the wiki by any user. Here is a list of userboxes related to Creddie and the template code to create them.

Type in the named code below each userbox, including the 2 around it, to get the box(es) you want.

CREDDIE This user is a Creddie Crusader!!!

Code: CreddieCrusader

Watrbottle This user has shipped Creddie since the first episode!! <3

Code: CreddieFan

Morekiss3 This user will always ship Creddie no matter what!! <3

Code: CreddieNut

Moredance Carly & Freddie: Meant For Each Other

Code: MeantForEachOther.

Grr2 This user will fight for Creddie!!!

Code: FightinforLuv

Cutecreddie This user demands more Creddie!!!

Code: DemandCreddie

Creddiekiss3 Creddie: You can never have too much of a good thing! <3

Code: AGoodThing


This user loved all the Creddie kisses!!!

Code: CreddieKisses

Creddie This user is a MANIAC for Creddie!!

Code: CreddieManiac

CreddieCute Even though this user is a hardcore Seddie fan, they still think this Creddie picture is cute! ;) <3


Creddie 1 This user thinks Creddie is ADORABLE! :)

Code: Adorable

Creddie4ever Creddie Forever and Always... :)

Code: ForeverAlways

Armhaha This user has OCD-Obsessive Creddie Disorder!

Code: OCD!

Creddiesocute This user will always believe in Creddie power! <3

Code: CreddiePower

Luvvy This user loves all of the Creddie kisses!! <3


Freddiencarly Carly + Freddie = Love Forever

Code: CreddieEquation

Ustog2 This user is a Creddie Warrior and will always ship it no matter what!!

Code: CreddieWarrior2

Cupcakes2 This user is a Super Creddie Fan forever!!

Code: SuperCreddieFan

Moredance This user *awwed* when Carly and Freddie danced together! <3

Code: CreddieDance

Shouldergrab iAm a Creddie Defender!!!

Code: CreddieDefender

Credheart iWill Always Ship Creddie!!! <3

Code: AlwaysShipCreddie

Themoment Creddie...what a wonderful feeling! <3

Code: CreddieFeeling

Creddie-carly-and-freddie-10068476-300-300 Creddie love!!!

Code: CreddieLove

Creddie Kiss 2 This user loves Creddie forever!!!

Code: CreddieForever

Bigsmack3 This user has only one thing to say-GO CREDDIE!!!

Code: GoCreddie

S31304 This user ships Creddie!!!

Code: Creddieshipper

Freddiencarly This user just can't get enough Creddie!! <3

Code: LovinCreddie

Creddie-carly-and-freddie-9912364-453-604 This user thinks Creddie ROCKS!!!

Code: Creddie Rocks

IChristmasCreddie This user just wants more Creddie!!!

Code: MoreCreddie

ISAI This user believes that some things are meant to be!

Code: MeantToBe


This user is Crazy for Creddie!



This user thinks Creddie is the cutest couple ever!!!!

Code: CuteCreddie


This user wants iCarly to end with Creddie!!

Code: CreddieEnding


This user will love Creddie always and forever.



This user loves how Carly thinks Freddie is 'cuky'!!

Code: CukyFreddie

ISAFWShip This user is obsessed with Creddie!!!

Code: CreddieObssessive (and yes, you are supposed to spell it wrong.)

Morekiss4 This user's favorite kiss is the first Creddie Kiss!

Code: FirstKiss

Sweetkiss This user's favorite kiss is the Creddie Cheek Kiss!


Bigsmakeroo This user's favorite kiss is the Creddie Hallway Kiss!

Code: Hallway

Creddiekiss3 This user's favorite kiss is the Kuky Creddie Kiss!

Code: KukyKiss

Creddiefloor If I lay here. If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Code: ChasingCars (because it is a quote from the song)

Http media 5-15-2011 wF3Ty My kitty's got claws!

Code: KittyClaws

Creddiekiss1 'A Promise'
Sealed with a Kiss

Code: Aww

(the white is red when you post it into a comment)

Cutecreddie3 This user thinks Creddie is magical!! <3

Code: MagicalCreddie

Us2 They try to hide it, but we know the truth. Creddie... <3

Code: HiddenLove

Creddiedancing This user's favorite Creddie moment is the slow dance!!

Code: TheDance

Sweetkiss-1 Creddie...True love is inevitable <3

Code: DreamCreddie

Ustog2 This user will never lose hope in Creddie!!!

Code: CreddieHope!

Creddie-carly-and-freddie-10068538-329-329 Carly + Freddie=Creddie=True Love!!!

Code: CreddieEquation2

Meanttobe What's meant to be will always find a way...<3


Ibeattheheat Those three words. Are said too much. They're not enough.

Code: NotEnough

Creddiehallway This user thinks Creddie's first kiss should have happened here.

Code: EarlyKiss

Creddiesmile A Kiss... A Smile... A Promise. Creddie.... <3

Code: KissPromise

Cupcakes2 This user loves cupcakes and Creddie..preferably together!


Creddie dance Love is Friendship Set to Music <3

Code: Music

I got a little crush I got a little crush.

Code: LittleCrush

Lipgloss He'd hoped she would apply the lip gloss a little differently.

Code: LipGloss

Creddiesmoothie Ever noticed how often they're left alone at the Groovie Smoothie?

Code: GroovieSmoothieCreddie

Study2 This user loves the little Creddie moments that happen for no reason!

Code: LittleMoments

Forevercreddie This user believes in Creddie love forever :)

Code: WhenIFallInLove

Party3 You've reached the profile of a humongous Creddie shipper.

Code: Creddieprofile

Swing creddie This user has a craving for Creddie!

Code: CreddieCraving

Ep-idream-of-dance This user hopes you have sweet Creddie dreams!!!

Code: CreddieDream

Crecelebrate This user wants to have a Creddie party!

Code: CreddieParty

Studying This user thinks Creddie makes homework fun!!!

Code: CreddieStudy

Omg2 This user hates all of Carly's old boyfriends!

Code: HateBoyfriends

Vlcsnap-2011-04-18-23h42m28s235 Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep..and turns to his friends and says, 'that's her.'”

Code: CreddieQuote

Iomgcreddie3 This user wants to take Carly and Freddie, put them in a barn....

Code: CreddieBarn

Suits This user loves it when Carly and Freddie stare at eachother!!!


Ilikejake 1 This user's favorite kiss is the Creddie Nose Kiss!


635749883 1034989 Creddie is inCREDDIEble!!!


CREDDIE IS MEANT TO BE! This user loves the Creddie hallway peck!!!


Original Creddie Kiss This user wishes there was a Creddie kiss in iSpeed Date!!!


Creddie shake This user loves the Creddie Shake in iOMG. ♥


TAKETHAT This user loves how Jealous Freddie gets over Carly.


Love This user KNOWS it's not too late!!!


Hotpants What do you think hot pants? ;)


Freddie Truly Cares about Carly Freddie cares about Carly... aww <3


Freddie gets the girl This user loves the Creddie hug in iDream of Dance!!!


BESTRONGFREDDIE This user loves the Creddie hug in iWanna Stay With Spencer!!!


First Hug This user loves the Creddie hug in iHeart Art!!!


Huggy2 This user loves the Creddie hug in iGo to Japan!!!


IChristmasCreddie This user loves the Creddie hug in iChristmas!!!


Tumblr lmbz3p9LTc1qg64bjo1 500 This user loves Carly and Freddie so much, it's slightly unhealthy. ;)


428423 10150979075653308 521004582 n This user knows that during iGoodbye, Carly and Freddie are gonna get their happy ending. :)