is one of the three main, and one of the 2 major, iCarly shippings/pairings that consists of Carly Shay and Freddie Benson (C/arly and F/reddie) rivaling Seddie (S/am and Fr/eddie) and Cam (C/arly and S/am), among others. Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, has put out many hints that they will end up together. Miranda Cosgrove has also stated that she hopes Carly and Freddie have another "nice little romance". This pairing also is also rarely called Farly (F/reddie and C/arly), and also very rarely Credward (C/arly and F/redward).

Ever since the day they met, Freddie has told Carly he loves her many times, and has tried to get her to be his
girlfriend ever since the 6th grade. However, Carly always insisted that they should just be friends. Rather than feeling annoyed or threatened by Freddie's affection towards her, Carly tends to be amused by it, and in some episodes it actually seems precious to her.

In iSaved Your Life, Carly and Freddie briefly dated after Freddie saved her life from an incoming taco truck while crossing the street. Carly admitted for the first time that she loves him. Freddie decides he has to break up with Carly, believing he is taking advantage of her, because he thinks she loves him only because he saved her life (as Sam had told him he was only "foreign bacon"), or that she wasn't actually in love with him, but in love with what he did. He and Carly agreed to start dating again once the whole "hero thing" was over, and if Carly still wanted to be his girlfriend, he would be really psyched about it.

It is yet unknown if either of them still have these feelings.

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It was written in an ABC News interview with Miranda Cosgrove that there would be new relationships during Season 4, hinting at a Creddie relationship to rival Seddie, Cam, and others.

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Note: Carly and Freddie having started flirting and touching each other a lot more in and ever since iSaved Your Life, and continue to do so during the current season.

Even in pencil, Carly and Freddie are meant to be.

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Creddie Facts

  • Before iCarly, Nathan Kress was written to be in the "Battle of Panthatar" of Drake and Josh episode as Megan Parker's (Miranda Cosgrove) love interest/boyfriend, but was cut from the scene in preparation for iCarly. When he auditioned for iCarly, Freddie's character was shaped after his minor role by Dan Schneider to have a major crush on Carly.
    Tumblr ll18bdR72G1qbw56oo1 400
  • Freddie gets jealous of every guy who Carly has a crush on, or guys who have a crush on her, and Carly shows the same for him. (iTwins, iDate a Bad Boy, iBeat the Heat, etc.).
  • Carly seems pretty interested in Freddie's love life and asks details about his dates and kisses.
  • Carly and Freddie slow danced alone together in iSpeed Date.
  • Throughout recent episodes, Freddie and Carly smile at each other a lot, have flirty conversations, touch each other a lot, and seem to have great interest in the other's love lives.

Creddie!! <3

  • Although Carly has told Freddie to move over because he was too close to her during iCarly (iMust Have Locker 239 and iCarly Awards), Carly has no problem standing close to him when NOT doing iCarly (iBeat the Heat, iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, etc.), and they often stand, sit and even lean very close together.
  • Freddie and Carly kissed 4 times in iSaved Your Life. (6 times in the extended version)
  • Carly has said that they love each other out loud on two occasions. (iSaved Your Life and iQuit iCarly).
  • Creddie was the first and thus far the only iCarly main cast couple to date. (iSaved Your Life).
  • In an online interview, Miranda Cosgrove said that she would like Carly to have "another little romance" with Freddie. Find Out More...
  • Miranda Cosgrove has said she would like to see Carly and Freddie get back together, and has also stated that her favorite episode was "iSaved Your Life."
  • Freddie is not afraid to admit that he loves Carly.
    Tumblr ll10kgtfvP1qbw56oo1 400
  • Their first moment together was where Freddie picked up Carly's water bottle and admitted he loves her in the first episode. It is made clear to the viewer that he's told Carly about his feelings before.
  • In iDate a Bad Boy, iWin a Date, iSpeed Date and in iBeat the Heat both Carly (Gibby, Austin and Griffin) and Freddie (Shannon Mitchell, Magic Malika, and Sabrina), had a date or a love interest in which none of the encounters turned out well.
  • Freddie and Carly are the only two main characters who never ended an episode dating anyone. Sam dated Pete, Spencer dated Veronica, and Gibby was dating Tasha. This seems like a hint that they may really be meanthumb|right|300px|Song from the Creddie slow dance-iSpeed Datet for each other.
  • In the iCarly opening theme, only Carly's and Freddie's voices are heard. Freddie counts 5, 4, 3, 2, and Miranda (Carly) sings the song.
  • During the webcast Freddie likes to always zoom in to Carly.
  • Carly has been in serious fights with Sam and Spencer before, but her disagreements with Freddie have only been minor.
  • When Freddie comments something about tech talk, or something involved with his mom's overprotection, Carly seems amused and smiles often. (iTwins, iRocked the Vote, etc.)

The Official Creddie Materials

The Creddie Official Mascot

The Creddie Mascot is a cute geek because Carly says that Freddie's tech talk is cute and geeky at the same time in iSaved Your Life (she called him cuky).

The Creddie Official Animal

The Creddie Animal is a kitty because in the extended version of iSaved Your Life, Freddie says "My kitty's got claws!" and Carly replies "Rawr!" (a cute kitty growl) flirtatiously. This was in response to Carly kissing him while a girl was attempting to ask him out, and then saying that they had plans.

It might also be a squirrel, because Carly and Freddie had an awkward (yet cute and flirty) conversation concerning two squirrels who were not wrestling in iBelieve In Bigfoot.

Also, it may be a black or red (colors of Creddie) horse, because Carly and Freddie had a flirty conversation about horses in iOMG. This is the second time Carly and Freddie have a conversation concerning animal "dating" habits.

The Official Creddie Song

The Creddie song is "Meant for Me" by Chrissy Chase, because it plays while they share their slow dance alone together in iSpeed Date. The lyrics fit their relationship well.

There have been various slow songs (mostly unknown) played during Creddie moments in other episodes as well (iSaved Your Life, iStage an Intervention, etc.).

The Official Creddie Color

The Creddie color is maroon, the combination of black and red, because black + red = maroon as seen in iSpeed Date (black) and iSaved Your Life (red), as well as in other episodes in almost all "Creddie moments". For example, in iStart a Fanwar, Carly wears a black leather jacket with a pink shirt, and Freddie wears a red-maroon jacket. Both Carly and Freddie tend to wear red and black a lot, very often at the same time. In most romantic scenes between the pair, one or both wear red, black or maroon.

The Official Creddie Number

The Creddie number is considered to be 34. Their first kiss was about 34 minutes (iSaved Your Life) long, although according to Dan Schneider, it lasted almost 36 minutes.thumb|268px|left

If the Creddie number is 36 (due to the fact that their first kiss may have lasted almost 36 minutes), then the alternative Creddie number may also be 9 since 3+6= 9. iSaved Your Life aired on January 18, and 1 and 8 also equal 9.

It can also be 7, since both kisses in the last scene of iSaved Your Life lasted about 7 seconds. Also the production number of iSaved Your Life is 232, which added together, make 7, which you also get if you add the numbers of 34 together.

The Official Creddie Day

The Creddie day is January 18, the day iSaved Your Life premiered. September 26 can also be considered a Creddie day, because it was the day iSpeed Date premiered.

The Official Creddie Food

The Creddie food is cupcakes, because Carly makes cupcakes for Freddie after he takes a shower in iSaved Your Life. Carly also serves Freddie and Sam red velvet (maroon-colored) cupcakes in iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, and they both adore them.

The Official Creddie Fruit

The Creddie fruit may be considered to be an orange, since Carly threw one at Freddie as seen in a sneak peek for the episode iParty with Victorious, in possible jealousy when he was drooling over a picture of Tori Vega, who Carly's boyfriend Steven Carson was cheating on Carly with.

A coconut or pineapple may also be the Creddie fruit, since Carly rubbed a combination of both flavors of lip gloss on hers and Freddie's lips in order to create a piña colada flavor in iOwe You.

It could also be a tangerine. Carly stole the fruit-scented markers from Freddie's locker in iGot Detention to use for the iCarly 50th Web Show Spectacular poster. She returned them the next day, but kept the tangerine one in secret (She liked the way it smelled).

The Official Creddie Scent

The Creddie scent is piña colada, which Carly was trying to make using pineapple and coconut lip gloss, then rubbed it on Freddie's lips in iOwe You.

It could also be a tangerine because of the tangerine scented markers.

The Official Creddie Beverage

The Creddie beverage is tea (also blue tea), because Carly and Freddie offered the kids in iSell Penny Tees blue tea, and drank it together when the kids refused.

Carly also gave Freddie a glass of tea with lemon in iDream of Dance, and Freddie is very pleased and compliments her by saying that she's classy, unlike Sam.

Both Carly and Freddie have been shown drinking tea on numerous occasions, often together, and both enjoy it.

The Official Creddie Past-Time

The Creddie past-time is considered to be studying, as they have been seen doing together in iOwe You, iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, and iReunite With Missy as well as other episodes. It is very often shown and hinted that they spend a lot of time alone together in Carly's apartment without Sam and often without Spencer too.

The Official Creddie Romantic Spot

The romantic spot is the iCarly studio because they were they spend most of their time together alone, and because they kept kissing there. (iSaved Your Life)

The Groovie Smoothie may also be considered because of their moment in iSpeed Date and also many other episodes in which they are left alone in the Groovie Smoothie.

Creddie Common Interests and Similarities

  • Carly and Freddie both enjoy getting good grades, and are both shown to be intelligent and among the best students at their school.
    For example, Carly was considered for a scholarship at a private school in iMight Switch Schools, and Freddie won a scholarship for a School at Sea program (which he gave up to Missy so he wouldn't have to leave Carly and Sam, and their webshow, and also to get rid of Missy). (iReunite with Missy)
  • They both enjoy studying, especially together alone, as shown in many episodes (iOwe You, iReunite With Missy, etc).
  • They have been shown to spend a surprising amount of time alone together without either Spencer or

    Carly and Freddie, adorable in fan art :)

    Sam around, often in her apartment, as shown in many episodes and on the iCarly website. They like to do things alone together, like listen to music, play games, and watch videos or TV (iStage an Intervention, iDon't Want to Fight)
  • Freddie has a good singing voice like Carly (iThink They Kissed).
  • The two often act like a couple or as if they're married, as when they study together or act like parents to Sam and/or Spencer (iWas a Pageant Girl, iSell Penny-Tees, iOwe You, and many others).
  • They are sometimes paired with each other in iCarly skits (for example, iPity The Nevel).
  • Freddie and Carly both have absent fathers, although at least Carly knows her father and talks to him occasionally (iSpace Out, etc.), while Freddie's has never been mentioned.
  • Both apparently pay close attention to the others' clothing and bodies - Freddie has commented on Carly's new "curviness" on quite a few occasions (iFight Shelby Marx, iTwins, etc.),
    and Carly notices that Freddie has new pants and is taller and more muscular in several episodes (iThink They Kissed, iSam's Mom, others). She even rips open his shirt to "see why his chest is so thick" in iSam's Mom.
  • Since iSaved Your Life, they both touch each other and have flirty conversations a lot (iGot a Hot Room, iHire an Idiot, iSam's Mom and more).
  • It is hinted in a lot of episodes that Freddie and Carly sometimes spend more time together and know a lot about each other, which is important in a relationship. They also seem to keep close tabs on each other. For example, Freddie, not Sam, knew that Carly was absent because she overslept in iMust Have Locker 239
    , and Carly texted Freddie, not Sam or Spencer, when she was coming home from work while they decorated her room for a surprise in iGot a Hot Room.
  • They have always had similar personalities. For example, they both hate getting in trouble, although they both sometimes come up with schemes that would get them in trouble if they were caught (iLook Alike, iGot Detention, as well as many others). They also often get annoyed with Sam's behavior (being
    late for iCarly, not paying them back money she owes, etc.).
  • It seems Carly used to think Freddie's tech talk could get out of control, but since iSaved Your Life she smiles at him and acts interested, and still seems to think it's "cuky", although it still irritates Sam. Example - in iBelieve in Bigfoot, Carly is smiling at Freddie, seeming interested, while he talks about his tree cams, and Sam moans and points at him, saying "It hurts...the sound of him talking".
  • It is shown in many episodes that they care about each other very much and might do anything for each other.

Creddie Moments

Season 1 Moments

Hints of attraction


  • It is established that Freddie has a crush on Carly very quickly, in the third scene.
  • When Carly drops her water bottle, Freddie races over to pick it up for her.

The very first Creddie moment... awww <3

  • Freddie, as he does several times afterwards, looks through his peephole to see when Carly is coming home (the Benson family often do this to people they care about).
  • Freddie offers to give Carly his brand new phone.
  • Freddie offers to let Carly borrow his camera.
  • When Carly has to judge the talent show auditions, she is amazed by Freddie's extensive technical system (and Freddie did all that to impress her when she only asked for a camera).
  • Freddie gives her juice and a bagel with a sweet smile.
  • Freddie angrily plans to leave (after Sam, his "frenemy", says that "Carly will never lov
    e you"), but stays after Carly very sweetly asks him to "please stay".
  • Freddie filmed Carly and Sam in the auditions (he thought he edited it out afterwards) and he zoomed in on Carly but not Sam.
  • After accidentally uploading footage of Carly and Sam during the school auditions, Freddie reads comments off Splashface. One of the comments reads "Carly, you're hot!" and Freddie agrees by looking at Carly and saying "It's true!"
  • During the crazy hat party, Freddie walks over and bluntly asks, "You want to go out in the hall and kiss?"
  • When Carly turns away after rejecting him gently, he shows he is very upset about it.

iWant More Viewers

  • Freddie is angry when Sam teams up with Carly, wanting to team with her and Sam to go with Spencer instead.
  • Freddie likes Carly's special spaghetti and smiles at her as if to thank her. Carly is flattered.
  • Freddie says,"No offense, Carly," to her every time he talks about winning the contest. She smiles at him sweetly.
  • Carly congratulates Freddie for his and Spencer's sign idea, and he says, "Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam!", one of his trademark phrases.

iDream of Dance

  • Freddie calls Carly "classy" when Carly puts a sliced lemon in each of their iced teas, compared to Sam, who he quite apparently sees as rude and totally lacking in class.
  • Freddie and Carly sit beside each other once, then twice.
  • Freddie is upset when Carly is interested in a guy in one of the videos sent in to their web show who can dance. He refers to him as a "nub" throughout the episode.
  • Freddie has a dream where he wins Carly's heart by protecting her from the same guy in the video, then fighting for her "hand" by dancing with the jerk because he won't leave Carly alone. In the dream, Carly runs to him adoringly and hugs him tight, popping her leg. Then they run up the stairs together happily.
  • While asleep, Carly shifts and moves her head from Sam's backside to Freddie's shoulder, which causes him to smile. They both seem very comfortable.
  • Freddie is smiling happily after his dream when Carly hugs him.
  • While they're all asleep, Carly has moved in her sleep and is resting her head on Freddie's shoulder. They both look content and are smiling.

iLike Jake

  • At the start of the episode, Carly feels sorry for Freddie and helps him stand up (but she lets him go when she finds out Jake is single). Freddie gets jealous at this.
  • When Jake is standing outside of Carly's apartment, Freddie openly shows he dislikes him (he knows Carly likes Jake) and tries to get rid of him.
  • Freddie says, "Just keep kissing those frogs Carly, this prince can wait," after Carly brings Jake into her apartment.
  • Freddie is visibly jealous of Carly's crush on Jake.
  • When Jake says that he wants to see Carly, Freddie takes out a picture of her from his pocket which implies he carries it around everywhere, and seems to act like he's going out with Carly.
    Ilikejake 1

    Carly kissing Freddie's nose

  • Carly gets upset when Freddie makes fun of Jake's voice.
  • Freddie agrees to fix Jake's voice even though Carly refuses to kiss him.
  • Freddie fixes Jake's voice for Carly, knowing it would make her very happy.
  • Carly tells Freddie, "Give me that nose!" and kisses him on the nose. Freddie smiles, and Jake takes a quick look at the two of them, seeming to think there's something going on between them. Carly didn't have to kiss him, but she did anyway.
  • Freddie keeps wanting to crush Jake's feelings so that he won't date Carly.
  • Jake got back together with his ex because he thought Carly liked Freddie (many fans think that he is a Creddie shipper).

iWanna Stay With Spencer

  • They sit close together on the couch and keep looking at each other.
  • Carly goes to leave the studio and Freddie starts walking with her while Sam stands back for a moment,
    and he would have gone with Carly if Sam hadn't said he smelled like garbage.
  • Carly is obviously very sad to have to leave Freddie and Sam.
  • Freddie acts very devastated through the latter part of the episode, as if Carly is dying, showing how much her leaving would mean to him.
  • Before Carly is about to leave for Yakima, she and Freddie hug. He sobs while hugging her and says, "Be strong Freddie," and he doesn't want to let go.
  • Freddie hugs Carly's legs and sobs when she's about to leave and does the same to her grandfather's legs when he decides she can stay.


  • After Nevel tries to kiss Carly, when she explains it to Sam and Freddie, Freddie gets really jealous and yells "That jerk!!"
  • He asks Carly to "Come show my lips exactly what he did!" and Carly vaguely rolls her eyes at him.
  • Carly comes downstairs to talk to Sam, and a moment later we hear Freddie yell to them up in the studio, which implies that before Sam got there, Freddie and Carly were alone together up in the studio without Sam, for the first of many consecutive times in later episodes.
  • Freddie stands beside Carly and seems to be checking her out, in the living room.

iScream On Halloween

  • Freddie says that the reason he does not want to go to Apartment 13B is because of his concern for
    Carly's safety. He seems to want to protect her.
  • Carly is amused to see Freddie in his pajamas, seeming to think he looks cute in them.
  • When Carly goes to get Freddie and he and his mom are arguing about his costume, she is smiling and rolling her eyes.
  • Carly and Freddie are the only ones with costumes.

iSpy a Mean Teacher

  • Only Carly and Freddie go to spy on their teacher, without Sam, and are alone together for hours.
  • Freddie guarantees in twenty years he will be Carly's second husband. When she asks him what happened to her first husband, Freddie replies, "Nothing you can prove!"
    , and she seems to be amused.
  • When they are trapped in the closet, Freddie says "You know, this might not be so bad. You and me... together ...alone..." in a flirty tone.
  • Freddie takes the Randy Jackson cologne, possibly trying to attract Carly, and Carly giggles and looks amused in a good way.
  • Later at school when he wears the cologne and Mrs. Briggs notices, Carly is smiling at him cutely.
  • Carly grabs Freddie in a frightened way twice when they are almost caught.
  • They both eat the Randy-O's and hide together behind the large cutout of Randy Jackson when Mrs. Briggs comes in the closet.

iWill Date Freddie

  • When Valerie agrees to go on a date with him, Freddie asks Carly, "You won't be jealous?"
  • Carly seems jealous of Valerie throughout this episode, and is suspicious of her.
  • When Mrs. Benson mentions Freddie having the "cutest little bottom", Carly laughs about it and looks very amused.
  • Carly, along with Sam, spies on Freddie while he is on his date with Valerie through a webcam, which implies she's jealous of Valerie. She seems very eager to know what's going on between them.
  • When Freddie quits iCarly, Carly freaks out and is very upset, showing that she really wants him there and that she feels iCarly isn't the same without him. She's also probably jealous of Valerie, and that Freddie's love for her is being challenged.
  • When Sam makes a joke about Freddie when he quits, Carly snaps at her.

iWant a World Record

  • Freddie asks Carly if she's all right and can continue the webshow, showing he's worried about her.
  • Carly keeps glancing at Freddie, and sits close to him, when reading the encyclopedia.
  • Freddie leans close to her while they flip through the encyclopedia.

iRue The Day

  • Freddie says Sam's not like other girls when she tries to put Gibby's foot in his mouth, in a an annoyed monotone, as if she's different in a scary, intimidating way. Carly agrees.
  • They sit close together on the couch, giving each other little glances, until Spencer squeezes in between them.
  • Carly stands close to Freddie while he prepares his laptop for iCarly, and says in a worried voice "Are you sure we're not going to have any more problems?" Freddie responds in a reassuring, comforting voice.
  • She didn't have to stand so close to him, especially because on the webshow, she always says "Too close!" if he does the same to her (although it should be noted that she ahs no problem with standing close to him off the webshow). Maybe she wants people to think she doesn't want him to stand close to
    her, and really she does.
  • Freddie looks at only Carly, while Sam is also right there, and asks her " 'Nary?' " as if to say "What did he say?"
  • Carly says "Ahh, man!" sadly when Freddie is trapped in the harness.
  • Carly gets angry when Sam spins Freddie around in his harness hanging from the ceiling, and stops his spinning.
  • She yells "Stop!!" when Nevel's grandmother is hitting Freddie with a bat.
  • While Sam does squat-thrusts with Nevel's grandma, she frees Freddie from his harness and then they sneak out together holding each other tight, alone without Sam, not even looking back.
  • Freddie bumps knuckles with Carly first, and they smile at each other. When he bumps knuckles with Sam after that, he doesn't smile.

iPromise Not to Tell

  • After Carly says, "Thanks, girls love to hear that," sarcastically for being called horrible, Freddie immediately apologizes.
  • Carly knew she looked horrible, and wasn't mad at Freddie about it.
  • Carly drags him on the floor, and pins him down twice. They both seem to enjoy it.
  • They are alone together in this episode, again without Sam, for a record 5 times-3 times in her apartment, with Spencer absent, and the other two at the lockers and in the computer lab.
  • They plot together to fix their grades back without Sam, working together as a partnership.
  • In the scene in the apartment when they have hacked into the school computer and are changing a little
    more than their grades, they keep smiling and acting flirty to each other as if enjoying being "bad" together. Carly says "Tater tots" and smiles at him flirtily, and Freddie starts changing her grades and says "Shay comma Carly" in an invitingly flirty way, and they both smile again.
  • Twice at their lockers, they are shown once again alone, standing close together. In the second scene, they are both slumped against the lockers with the same guilty expression.
  • They act like a married couple when Principal Franklin comes and they pretend to give him the microwave as a birthday present.
  • Carly and Freddie both start crying and get very scared and worried at the same time when the police
    come, because they don't want to go to juvie. In the next scene, they both sit at the kitchen table with the same worried expression.
  • When Freddie tells Carly how he can change the grades back, she looks at him admiringly.

iAm Your Biggest Fan

  • Carly is shocked at Sam's idea of rolling Freddie in breadcrumbs and baking him at 350, and seems angry.
  • Freddie and her keep looking at each other flirtily in the iCarly studio scene, when she's lying on her back on the beanbag chair. Freddie seems very pleased seeing her on the floor.
  • When Carly is gently trying to get Mandy to leave, Freddie keeps looking at her, nodding and smiling, and in one shot is standing behind her looking her up and down a bit flirtily.
  • Freddie compliments Carly on her spit take. She's flattered.

iHeart Art

  • Freddie sympathizes with Carly's problem and tries to make her feel better.
  • When Freddie hugs Carly to comfort her, he enjoys it very much and forgets to let go of her again.
    500px-First Hug
  • When Sam gives Freddie 5 bucks for everytime she insults him and she says, "No girl will ever want you," Carly just smiles and rolls her eyes sweetly, hinting that she disagrees with Sam.
  • Carly makes Sam promise not to insult Freddie for a week, showing she is tired of Sam constantly abusing him verbally and physically and cares about Freddie.

iHate Sam's Boyfriend

  • When Carly asks, "Freddie, do you believe in love at first sight?" he says, "Yes! I always have!" thinking that she means that she loves him.

    Freddie on Carly's bed

  • Freddie is disappointed when Carly says that she's referring to Jonah and Sam.
  • When Jonah asks Freddie about Sam, Freddie has a very difficult time thinking of nice things to say about her, and seems repulsed to have to make Sam seem attractive, indicating he finds her pretty unattractive.
  • Freddie tells Carly that they can get back at Sam and her new boyfriend Jonah if they start dating. Carly smiles and rejects him gently.
  • When she tells him that Jonah tried to kiss her, he yells, "No one tries to kiss MY girl!" and then corrects himself when she looks at him questioningly.
  • He is very jealous that Jonah tried to kiss Carly, the girl he loves.
  • Carly and Freddie both thought Jonah was very annoying, and kept grumbling together about him, while Sam noticed nothing.

iHatch Chicks

  • Freddie is upset at not getting Carly as a science partner.
  • Carly tries to comfort Freddie when he finds out he lost the last chick.
  • Carly compliments Freddie in the webshow ("...our awesome tech producer and rarely sticky Freddie Benson..."), calling him awesome. She also doesn't think his "tecky-ness" is dorky, actually cute, an early hint that she found him "cukey" even at this point.

iDon't Want to Fight

  • When they are alone in her apartment, with slow music in the background, Freddie tries to make a move on Carly by putting his arm behind her and saying, "You feelin' the mood?"
  • Carly just laughs amusedly and doesn't seem to mind at all when he makes his move on the couch,
    possibly hinting at early feelings.
  • They are sitting very close together on the couch even before he puts his arm around her, and Carly doesn't move away.
  • Freddie jerks Sam's ponytail hard whenever she interrupts Carly, then lets Carly interrupt Sam and says he does it "Because I love her!"
  • Freddie was trying to make Carly and Sam friends again.
  • Freddie continually shows he cares about Carly and her feelings in this episode, defending her from Sam. He obviously is on her side.

iPromote Techfoots

  • Carly and Freddie sit next to each other and give each other glances during the talk with the Techfoot

    Passionate Creddie moment? <3

  • Both times when they recieve money, Freddie says "Keep it coming, keep it coming" and Carly says "This is good. This is a fun time." and smiles at him.
  • Carly wears red and black twice in the episode-when she comes home after shopping with her promotion money, and in the scene when they threaten the Daka board members.
  • After going for a shopping spree, Carly returns home and knocks on Freddie's door-"Freddie, come over!"-and Freddie walks in a moment later. They sit together alone for a few minutes, and both admire each other's purchases.
  • Freddie comes in and says "Lookin' good Carly!" Carly replies flirtily, "Feelin good, Freddie!".
  • Freddie seems to think Carly looks cute in her new sunglasses, and compliments her.
  • Carly is awed by Freddie's expensive new laptop, and not bored by his "techy"-ness.

iGot Detention

  • One of the biggest plotlines in the episode involves Carly and Freddie needing to get in trouble, and how they keep trying to but only Carly is able to get detention in the end. They are both reluctant to do anything really "bad" in order to get in trouble.
  • Carly is afraid for Freddie's safety and says "Freddie! Are you okay?" when he falls off the ladder.
  • She tries to help him climb in the window and off the ladder both times.
  • Carly walks up to Freddie's locker and smiles at him. It turns out she broke into his locker and stole his fruit-scented markers (though she probably had markers of her own-she didn't have to steal them from Freddie), and she returns all but the tangerine one, which she takes and smells with a happy look on her face when he's not looking.


  • Both Carly and Freddie are very annoyed with the cops in the apartment disrupting everything.
  • Freddie smiles at Carly when he hands her and Sam the hat cam and glasses cam.
  • They stand close together 3 times-in the kitchen, in the studio, and watching the cops at the window.
  • They are alone in the studio when Carly is watching the bouncy jogger man, and Freddie smiles at her twice.

iMight Switch Schools

  • Freddie gets excited when he gets a text (written by Sam) from Carly's phone saying "I love you". He
    rushes to Carly's apartment and says, "You mean it?! For real?!" Carly seems amused that he thinks she wrote it, and doesn't seem mad at all that Sam made it look like she did.
  • Freddie says, "I don't wanna be bye-byed" in a sad tone and makes a very sad pouty face, again showing he will miss Carly.
  • Sam manipulates Freddie by telling him that if he helps her sabotage Carly's chances of going to school, there's a better chance of Carly falling in love with him. Freddie immediately brightens when given this idea and agrees to help her stop Carly from going to Briarwood.
  • Freddie works with Sam to prevent Carly from enrolling at the private school so she won't leave him.


  • Carly tells his mother he's fencing behind her back because she thinks it's dangerous, showing she cares

    Carly and Freddie lie next to each other

    about his safety.
  • Later after Carly tells Freddie on his mom so that he could stop fencing, she regrets it.
  • Carly agrees to go to the Groovy Smoothie alone with Freddie to make up for telling his mother about the fencing, which is basically a date.

iCarly Saves TV

  • After the TV rehearsal, Carly asks where Freddie is, hinting that he was on her mind at the time.
  • She looks sorry for Freddie when he tells her about all the things the producer's making him do, when he's supposed to be supervising technical producer.
  • Carly is very upset that Freddie quit the show.
  • Before Freddie quit he told Carly that he was sorry for leaving her. She looked very sad.
  • Carly didn't complain after Sam or Harper quit, but when Freddie quit she started getting angry. This is yet another hint that she feels iCarly isn't right without Freddie, maybe even more so than for Sam.

iWin a Date

  • After learning Gibby has a crush on the girl named Shannon, Carly says, "It must be awful to love someone who doesn't love you back." Then Freddie looks at Carly in a sad way after the remark and Carly apologizes.
  • Freddie reassures Gibby that he has no feelings for Shannon by saying, "I'm in love with someone else," and looks at Carly suggestively.
  • Carly screams, "WHAT?!" several times when being chosen by Gibby to date him, probably because she's jealous that she doesn't get to date Freddie. Freddie also looks jealous in this scene.
  • Freddie suggests she come with him on the date instead, and she sweetly declines.
  • Carly and Freddie mostly only talk to each other on the date. Freddie avoids talking to Shannon.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

  • When Miss Ackerman comes over to Carly's apartment Freddie is stunned (she is dressed up for her date with Spencer), and Carly seems jealous, trying to stop him from looking at her (they walk up the stairs, and she says "Come on!")
  • Freddie tries to defend Carly after Ms. Ackerman gave her 100 jumping jacks.
  • Carly also gets upset and angry and defends Freddie in class when Ms. Ackerman insults him because he's a boy.


iWant More Viewers

  • Carly and Freddie are seen sitting next to each other during dinner.

    lookalike freddie

iDream of Dance

  • When Carly's dream starts, Carly is resting her head on Freddie.
  • Freddie and Carly were already sitting next to each other on the couch.
  • Freddie is dreaming of Carly, while her head is on his shoulder.
  • Freddie and carly both pick 7 as a score.

iLike Jake

  • Jake believes Carly and Freddie are dating, so he gets back with his ex-girlfriend.

iScream On Halloween

  • Carly says she had a dream in which Lewbert's wart spoke Spanish, a language Freddie speaks almost

iSpy a Mean Teacher

  • Both Carly and Freddie are shocked about Ms. Briggs' obsession with Randy Jackson.
  • Carly rolls her eyes and smiles after Freddie shows her and Sam his new "Randy Jackson" cologne, which he puts on.

iWant a World Record

  • Carly and Freddie are walking together happily after leaving their class, when they find Sam at the stairs reading a record book.

iPromise Not to Tell

  • When Carly makes Freddie swear not to tell on Sam, Freddie swears instantly.
  • Carly pins Freddie down twice after he attempts to tell on Sam for changing their grades. Freddie enjoys this, and Carly might too since she does it more than once.
  • Carly promises Freddie she won't tell that she could pin him down, and she keeps this promise.
  • Their assigned computer seats are next to each other.
  • Both are scared that they are going to be taken to juvie and start to cry simultaneously.


  • Before he gets the tattoo, Freddie and Carly are alone in the webshow studio.
  • Carly learns that Fredward is Freddie's full name. She responds to this by saying "Fredward?"

iMight Switch Schools

  • Freddie is upset and sad that Carly might switch to Briarwood. He (and Sam) go to great lengths to make sure she doesn't attend.

iWin a Date

  • Carly talks mostly to Freddie on the triple date.

iHave a Lovesick Teacher

  • Both Carly and Freddie are forced to do jumping jacks together as a form of punishment from Ms. Ackerman after they defend each other again.

Season 2 Moments

Hints of attraction

(Note-Throughout this season, starting with the second episode iStage an Intervention, Carly and Freddie continually act very "couple-y" [see episode info], with many hints towards early feelings from Carly, even though they wouldn't date until the next year)

iSaw Him First

  • Freddie suggests that Carly let Sam have Shane and that she find someone else to date. When Carly asks why, he says, "Cause I'm lonely and available."
  • Freddie tries to help Sam win Shane so he can have Carly to himself.
  • In the extended version, Freddie doesn't stop Carly's love interest Shane from falling. Thus, Freddie could have Carly to himself again.

iStage an Intervention

  • Carly holds Freddie's shoulders, crying out, "Just forward the e-mail!" Freddie dreamily says "Hold me
  • They are alone in her apartment in this sequence, as they would be lots more times, which hints again that they often spend time alone in her apartment without Sam there (sometimes without Spencer).
  • When Freddie invites her to watch a video on his laptop, Carly leans in close to him and smiles happily, just before it shorts out. She wears a shirt that says Peanut Butter Love.
  • Creddie clothing hints- Carly continually wears red and black clothes thorughout the episode. Red and black together make maroon, the Creddie color.|300px|right
  • She wears a red and black top over a black shirt with red trim, as well as black jeans, at the episode's beginning.
  • When Spencer brings home the Pak-Rat game, she wears a shirt with black and red spots over a red shirt with black trim. Later, she wears a red top over a white shirt and black jeans while Spencer talks to the man who wants a Labra-Doodle sculpture for his wife.
  • While the game tournament between Spencer and Sasha Striker is on, Carly wears a black vest over a red and black shirt.
  • Carly grabs him, scared, while the computer bursts into flames, then runs out. After he tries unsuccessfully to put it out, he runs after her.
  • Carly and Freddie look at each other in a sweet way for a long time after Freddie gets the tennis racquet.
  • They keep glancing at each other during this scene before his mom yells at him to come play tennis with her.
  • While Sam watches Spencer beat Sasha Striker's score at Pak-Rat, Carly and Freddie stand together alone, having a snack in the kitchen.
  • Carly cares about the fact that he keeps getting "bad luck" and goes to talk him because she feels sorry for him, demonstrating once again how much she cares about him.
  • Carly is a little shocked that Freddie got back at Sam and says, "Wow... I never knew you could be so bad." She seems to be attracted by the idea of Freddie having a "bad" side in him, which we all know Carly loves "bad boys".
  • Freddie seems rather flirty in this scene, and so does Carly, although she never would have been toward him before. The scene seems to hint that Carly also has emerging romantic feelings for him.
  • There is an unknown slow song playing in the background.
  • They seem to be having a nice "couple-y" moment when they are talking in the hallway. Carly also wears a black shirt under her short yellow jacket, and Freddie wears a red shirt under his unbuttoned blue shirt.
  • When they say good-night to each other, and Carly goes into her apartment, Freddie is about to say something, but loses courage and decides to go back inside. We all know what he wanted to say...
  • Carly seems dreamy and happy in her apartment after talking to Freddie.
  • This is arguably the first Creddie episode.

    Freddie gets his lips covered in lip gloss, but not the way he wanted it.

iOwe You

  • Freddie says Carly trying to blend two lip gloss flavor by rubbing her lips together is attractive.
  • Carly asks Freddie if he wants to find out if it tastes like piña colada, and Freddie says "yes!", hoping she will kiss him, but she rubs the lip gloss in Freddie's lips instead.
  • When Freddie groans and walks off, wiping the gloss off his lips, Carly watches him with an amused smile. She seems pleased he smells like her now.
  • Carly and Freddie both needed money back from Sam and persuaded her to pay them back.

    A Creddie future? <3

  • When Sam tells them she got the money to repay them, Carly and Freddie are both seen reading a textbook with their heads close together in a "couple-y" way, and they give each other a smile before replying to her. They then stand very close together and continue to give each other cute glances throughout the scene.
  • Throughout the episode, Freddie and Carly act like they are a couple and Sam is the unruly child disobeying them.

iHurt Lewbert

  • When Freddie joins the girls during the webshow, he and Carly repeatedly stand very close together and keep bumping arms and rubbing shoulders. This continues when he rejoins them after Sam pushes him down.
  • They both kneel close together beside the injured Lewbert when he's unconcious.
  • When Lewbert's wart gets on Carly's shoe, Freddie takes it off for her when she freaks out after finding out.
  • Freddie tells Carly to come look at the computer and Carly does, getting between him and Sam, and leaning close towards him.
  • When Freddie says he slept in "JUST [his] socks", Carly seems pleasantly interested and amused while
    Sam, someone who never gets scared, shudders.
  • Carly seems worried for Freddie when he's afraid of his mom marrying Lewbert.
  • She tells him to "calm down" and helps him think of how they can get his mom's love back from Lewbert, in a soothing, gentle voice.
  • Carly helped Freddie get Lewbert and his mom to break up with each other, showing she cares about him a lot.
  • When Freddie was worried about his mom and Lewbert getting married, Carly comforted him and helped him to "get back" his mother's love by pretending he was hurt falling down stairs.

iGo to Japan

  • Freddie is caught looking through his peephole waiting for Carly.
  • After the webshow, Sam walks out, but Carly stays and asks Freddie if he's coming.
  • When Carly and Freddie are left alone in the studio, Carly agrees to push Freddie on the swing set and they act cute like a couple.
  • Freddie has said he was going to finish up a few things, but when Carly asked if he wanted to swing he immediately agreed.
  • When Carly and Sam are debating between which is better: pudding or legs, Freddie takes Carly's side more than once and agrees that legs are better than pudding. He continually points out to Sam that legs are getting more votes on the iCarly website.
  • While checking their email, Carly and Freddie sit close together at the computer in the same position (arms crossed), and keep smiling at each other.
  • Carly knew he got a ride home from school (Sam didn't), another hint they keep tabs on each other.
  • Carly wears a red and white top over a red shirt and black jeans while watching the webshows that we re also nominated (red and black make maroon, the Creddie color).
  • Freddie says he's never given up on waiting for Carly to love him and he never will.
  • Learning that they will be going to Japan, Carly and Freddie share another hug. Once again Freddie is lost in the hug and forgets to let go.
  • On the cargo plane that is heading over Japan, Carly is a little cold and Freddie suggests they snuggle close together "to keep warm". Carly gently rejects him. He groans "Okay."
  • In Japan, Carly goes to the hotel desk to get rooms and Freddie says he'll go with her.
  • While they try to get a room, the hotel receptionist sees them, and mistakes them for a honeymoon couple. Freddie looks at Carly, his face bright and happy, and he raises his eyebrows suggestively. Carly instead slaps him playfully.
  • In the same scene, when the receptionist says "Enjoy your honeymoon!" Freddie grins at her looking pleased.
  • Carly, when talking to Mrs. Benson, say that Freddie is sweet.
  • In the car when Freddie and Sam argue about his camcorder and Freddie retorts it's high-definition, Carly takes his side and says "He told you" and giggles.
  • Freddie is reluctant to stop the fight between Kyoko and Yuki but he does try anyway when Carly keeps pushing him and saying "Please??".
  • Carly gets worried and upset when Freddie is kicked in the eye and knocked unconcious. She is hovering over him, checking his eye and asking if he's okay when he regains conciousness.
  • When winning, Carly and Freddie hug each other happily. He hugs her first before Sam.


  • Carly sits close to Freddie on the couch when he's talking about Baby Stephanie's "dislike" for him, and smiles at him several times.
  • Carly smiles amusedly when Freddie takes his first bite of the pie.
  • Carly seems amused when Freddie shows up in a bear costume.
  • When Carly and Sam are cooing at the baby, Freddie walks behind them and looks at Carly.
  • When Sam hits Freddie repeatedly while he's wearing the bear costume, Carly helps him up each time, tells Sam to stop, and asks him "Are you all right?".
  • Carly felt bad for Freddie because he couldn't make Stephanie laugh.
  • She cheered when he put the pie in his face and finally made the baby laugh.



Carly and Freddie hug in iChristmas

  • Carly is shocked and upset that Freddie is unhappily dating a mean girl, and that he hardly knows her. She even tells Mitch, her Christmas angel, "Freddie's always been in love with me!" And she seems very unhappy at the thought of Freddie not liking her anymore.
  • Carly says that she likes the way Freddie says 5, 4, 3, 2, but not the 1.
  • Freddie is the first person Carly sees when everything is back to normal, and he says in a caring voice, "Why are you crying?"
  • Carly hugs Freddie very tightly with happiness after everything returns to normal, showing how much she cares for him. This episode was also the first to demonstrate how important Freddie is to her and how
    precious his love for her is.
  • Freddie was delighted to be hugged by Carly even though he had no idea why she was hugging him.


  • Carly tried to stop Sam and Freddie from fighting when she knows Sam is going to threaten Freddie.
  • Carly was interested in who was Freddie's first kiss (even though he hadn't kissed anyone when she asked the question).
  • Freddie only told Carly that he's never kissed anyone. This means Freddie is more comfortable telling his secrets to Carly, and that he trusts her enough to know she won't hurt his feelings or tell anyone his secrets.
  • Carly thinks it's sweet Freddie's never kissed anyone, and she doesn't laugh at him or seem to think it's strange. This implies she cares about him and his feelings.
  • Carly instantly promises not to tell anyone that Freddie has never kissed anyone.
  • It is implied that Freddie was probably saving his first kiss for Carly.
  • When Sam reveals Freddie has never kissed anyone on iCarly live, Carly runs off and shouts at Sam, her best friend.
  • Carly is upset and saddened with what is happening to Freddie.
  • Carly is angry and very upset with Sam for hurting Freddie's feelings like that, and "ruining his life".
  • Throughout this episode, it's obvious that Carly cares very much about Freddie and his feelings being hurt, and is very angry at Sam for revealing his secret.
  • Carly kept trying to get Freddie to go to school.
  • Carly felt bad for Freddie during school, and she tried to help him.
  • Carly tried to talk to Freddie when he was depressed.

iGive Away a Car

  • Freddie's shirt is red with black stripes at the beginning of the episode.
  • Carly and Freddie's cupcakes stick, and Sam's doesn't. They dance around together, happy that they won, then pour her pickle together, leaning close. They smile at each other when she drinks the juice.
  • They stand close together at the kitchen counter while talking to Spencer about the cruiser.
  • On the first iCarly contest, Carly wears a shirt with red/black/pink stripes over a black shirt and pants.
  • Freddie walks in on Spencer in his cruiser from Galaxy Wars, wearing a red shirt with black logos and cuff stripes.
  • They both yell at Sam when she jumps on Nevel, groan simultaneously, and then try to pull her off (Freddie pulls Nevel out of it). They act like a married couple.
  • Carly stands with Freddie behind the counter while trying to decide what to do about Nevel.
  • In the last scene, Carly and Freddie both wear stripes. Carly wears red and black stripes over a black top and black pants.
  • Carly knows that Freddie has a jewelry box, and unlike Sam, she doesn't seem to think it's weird or funny.

iRocked the Vote

  • During an iCarly webcast, Freddie reads a fake question with a flirty look in his eye that says "Dear Carly, don't you think it would be awesome to be Freddie's girlfriend?" Carly seems amused by this, but she can't answer because Sam tells Freddie to read the real question.
  • After Freddie shows Carly he made the studio screen swing out faster Carly says, "OK, you have got to get a girlfriend." Freddie replies, "I know." and grins at Carly. Then he starts to ask Carly to be his girlfriend again, but Carly says "No" in a sweet way before Freddie finishes.
  • Carly asks Freddie if her dress for Wade Collins's music video shoot is too "saucy", which shows she cares what he thinks about her looks.
  • Freddie likes the "saucy" dress Carly wears.
  • When Freddie starts checking out the other girls, Carly gets slightly jealous and says, "Stop drooling over those girls!", which hints that she's jealous of him liking other girls.
  • Freddie has a huge smile on his face when he sees Carly in her "saucy" dress.
  • Freddie tells Carly that she needs to look hotter than normal. Then after he said that she said, "Well, thank you", indicating she's pleased he thinks she looks hot.
  • After David Archuleta wins America Sings, Carly and Freddie hug.

iMeet Fred

  • Carly says no when Fred asks if she wants to kiss him, perhaps because Freddie's in hearing range and

    Creddie alone at their lockers :)

    she doesn't want to hurt his feelings.
  • Carly stands up for Freddie at first when he is bullied by everyone for not liking Fred videos, although she gets annoyed with it later because she and Sam are being bullied too.
  • When Freddie walks in the apartment, he asks Spencer if Carly is home, as he does a lot.
  • Freddie's shirt at school is red and black striped. Later he wears a black jacket with red-stripe logos and cuffs over it. Red and black are the Creddie colors and make maroon, the official Creddie shade.
  • Carly says worriedly "Freddie-" and he answers "Already on it," immediately as if reading her mind, and gets on the computer to check
  • They stand close beside each other watching the Fred video, in their usual postions-Carly always stands up, and Freddie is always sitting down controlling the mouse.
  • Carly keeps defending Freddie and saying "Freddie was just expressing his opinion!" when reporters and
    kids criticise him for saying Fred isn't funny.
  • Sam throws Freddie down from the treehouse, then she jumps and ostensibly lands feet first on him. This hints that maybe she didn't have feelings for him at this point, and was just plain annoyed with him, because otherwise she wouldn't do such a dangerous thing that could have seriously injured Freddie. This being iCarly though, he comes out unscathed.

iLook Alike

  • During iCarly, Carly tells Freddie to "Get over here!" with a cute smile for his lookalike pic. They stand very close together and she says "And now, the Freddie lookalike" like it's the most important.
  • Carly is annoyed at Sam for changing the Freddie photo to a hobo and then a toilet, and she seems to be on his side when the two start fighting.
  • When she says "Unga!" she leans toward him and smiles.
  • When they're talking about Jackson Colt, Carly stands close to and smiles at Freddie, and says "Why the simultaneous "What?"?" in a flirty voice looking at him.
  • While Freddie talks about how great it would be for iCarly to get to see Jackson Colt backstage, Carly is smiling at him.
  • In the kitchen, Freddie leans back on the counter and smiles at Carly, and she stands next to him and keeps glancing at him while talking.
  • Freddie tests the sound system by saying, "I love you Carly, LOOOVE you. Loveeee you."
  • When the others find out and replay the recording, he is embarassed and runs out of the studio.
  • Carly giggles, blushes and seems to be quite amused by it, seeming more proud and flattered than weirded out.

iWant My Website Back

  • Carly and Freddie are spending time alone together in her apartment when they find out they've lost iCarly, hinting once again that they often hang out alone without Sam.
    Sem pítulo 1
  • After their craziest fan is revealed to be the owner of iCarly, Carly and Freddie scream at the same time.
  • Freddie rolls his eyes when Carly talks about how she refused to kiss Nevel, possibly jealous.

iMake Sam Girlier

  • Carly and Freddie hang out together alone in her apartment while she plans Sam's party, which implies they often spend time together without Sam.
  • Freddie has no interest in the party and is much more excited about his medical scanning app.
  • When his results show up on the app, Carly says "Ooh, please fill me in," hinting that she's interested in his "body statistics".
  • She screams and is scared when he starts bleeding uncontrollably.
  • When Carly asks Freddie to help her make Sam girlier, he tries to run away and is very reluctant. But
    when Carly says, "For me?" very sweetly, Freddie moans and reluctantly lets her pull him back into the kitchen to help Sam.
  • They stand close, arms touching, at their lockers, and again while Sam argues with Jocelyn, acting like a couple as happens often in Season 2, which hints that Carly has begun having feelings for Freddie even though they don't date until a year later.
  • Freddie and Carly sit very close, almost turned toward each other, at the Groovie Smoothie (again acting like a couple) while Sam is on the far side of the table.
  • When Carly is thrown by bully Jocelyn across the Groovy Smoothie floor, Freddie runs over to make sure she's all right, help her up and comfort her. He kneels there and keeps his hand protectively on her back for several moments after.

iGo Nuclear

  • Carly and Freddie seem sad to not be paired with each other for their science projects.
  • Freddie looked worried when Carly came to class after having tried her scooter and was tired and wet.
  • Carly seemed interested and impressed by Freddie's project and stood close to him, smiling while he talked about it.

iDate a Bad Boy

  • Freddie is embarrassed that he yelled at Carly when she interrupted his argument with Sam.
  • Freddie is jealous that Carly's new "bad boy" boyfriend, Griffin, is shirtless in her apartment ("Aww, why is he here??). When Carly sprays the "boo-boo" spray on Griffin, and he yells in pain, Freddie says,"Uh, I think he needs more boo-boo spray".
  • Carly is worried that Freddie might become upset if she talks about Griffin in front of him.
  • Freddie says he didn't mind if Carly and Sam talked about Griffin but he still got jealous, mocked the girls when they talked about "Griffin's abs" and tried to show Carly his scar when she said scars were hot.
  • Freddie seems worried and says he never pictured Carly with a boy like Griffin.
  • When Carly tells him that Griffin likes and collects Pee Wee Babies, he yells,"YES!" and raises his hands (in fists) in the air. He enjoys the fact that Carly's lost interest in Griffin.
  • Freddie tries to do something "bad" (making a fake pizza order for Ms. Briggs) to impress Carly.
  • Carly is quite amused by the fact that Freddie still hasn't given up on her (she laughed when he tried to show her his scar from a chicken pox).

iReunite With Missy

  • Carly says "Austria" in a sweet tone, and looks happily at Freddie.
  • Carly was impressed at Freddie for giving up a cruise that he really wanted. She even pokes his stomach in a playful way.
  • Carly and Freddie are seen studying cutely with their heads close together once again. They are acting like a couple.

iTake on Dingo

  • Freddie wants to watch TV writers get beat up by Sam, and argues with her, but when Carly asks him to go with Spencer instead he does just that.
  • Carly and Freddie are the only ones who prove the hotel room they stayed in was disgusting.

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Before Freddie shows off the bunny he drew, he stands really, really close to Carly's shoulder.
  • Near Carly's locker, Freddie's arm is on the lockers closely behind Carly; possibly showing Freddie being overprotective of Carly when Gibby arrives.
  • Carly also seems to get a little closer to Freddie when Gibby approaches.
  • Carly has a look of admiration on her face when Freddie talks about the history of locker 239 and unhappy face when he talked about cheerleaders, hinting at jealousy.
  • Carly pushes in between Sam and Freddie and stands close to Freddie.
  • When Principal Frankin was announcing the winner of locker 239, Sam wonders where Carly is, but only Freddie knew that she overslept, hinting only they saw each other that morning or that carly only called and told him, not Sam, that she was late.


  • When Freddie asks Sam's twin sister Melanie on a date, Carly instantly sits back and stops smiling, looking upset and jealous (unusual for her). This is another hint that Carly's feelings about Freddie are changing, and that she doesn't want him to love anybody else.
  • When he asks Melanie out, the audience says "Oohh" in a sad way and the camera goes to Carly, who looks crestfallen and crushed.
  • Freddie reveals sadly that he wanted to date Carly since sixth grade, and seems wistful.
  • Carly smiles and blushes when he says this.
  • Once again, Carly acts and looks upset and jealous when she learns Freddie and Melanie kissed.
  • In this episode, Carly gets revenge on Chuck Chambers, Spencer's nemesis after seeing a footage of Chuck beating Spencer up. At that time, Carly was tutoring Chuck in math and in her revenge, she introduces Chuck to a new number called "derf" supposedly between the numbers 5 and 6. "Derf" is

    Fighting for Creddie :0

    "Fred" spelled backwards, and since she made the number up on short notice it seems to imply that Freddie was on her mind at that time.
  • Freddie noticed that Carly got a new necklace. She said, "Yeah. You like it?" He said, "Can you return it?", and she said, "No.", and then Freddie said, "It's nice." This shows he had been looking at her in that area, and he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

iFight Shelby Marx

  • They are setting the table for dinner, dancing with each other flirtatiously(along with Spencer), and acting like a couple, when they learn that the fight is back on.
  • Freddie goes to see if Carly's all right when she belly flops over the kitchen countertop.
  • When everyone is watching the fight, Freddie asks,"Ok, how do I make that girl [Shelby Marx] my future wife?" Carly says, "I thought you wanted ME to be your future wife?" as if she's jealous about Freddie liking Shelby, and worried he doesn't like her as much. This is yet another hint that she finds Freddie's feelings for her precious, and that they are important to her.
  • He gently takes her elbow and whispers in her ear "She can't hear you," when the TV reports Carly's
    "assault" of Shelby's grandmother and Carly's upset.
  • When Carly says, "I'm not a twig! And I'm getting curvier every day", Freddie comes back with, "I know...", and looks at her suggestively. Carly replies, "Eyes up, dude," which hints that he's been looking at her around there before.
  • Several times before the fight, they stand close together and glance at each other caringly.
  • She smiles at him when he says "Have fun in there."
  • Freddie puts in her tooth guard and they smile at each other flirtatiously and act like a couple.
  • Freddie cheers for Carly, instead of his other crush, Shelby, and hugs her when she wins.
  • Carly invited Freddie and Sam over to celebrate.


iStage an Intervention

  • When Freddie offers to show Carly a cool video on his laptop, she hops on the beanbag next to him, and they are very close to each other.

iOwe You

  • Carly is next to Freddie while they look up how much Sam owes them.
  • Carly tries to stop Freddie saying nerdy things.
  • Both cannot believe that Sam spent all the money given to her.
  • While jumping on the trampoline, Carly asks Freddie, "You OK?" Freddie responds, "Oh yeah."

iGo to Japan

  • Carly turns to Sam and says, "He (Freddie) told you."
  • They both agree that the plane and boat that Spencer's friend, Socko, provided for them are horrible and disgusting.
    20081108P 0020


  • After Sam hits Freddie with an umbrella (twice) Carly helps him stand back up both times.
  • When Sam is eating the coconut cream pie, Carly and Freddie rush toward Sam to stop her from eating the pie.


  • When Carly starts the webcast, she counts down from 5, omitting the 1, like Freddie usually does.
  • When Freddie says, "Leave me alone, Sam. We're even!" he's standing behind Carly with his hands on her shoulders to shield himself from Sam.

iGive Away a Car

  • Freddie and Carly help each other to stop Sam and Nevel from fighting.

iRocked the Vote

  • Carly wears a T-Shirt with the word "hola" (meaning "hello" in Spanish) on it which Freddie says frequently.
  • Freddie's anti-Wade video begins with a shot of Carly's torso.

iMeet Fred

  • Carly and Freddie are paired next to each other in a pool in Fred's video.

iLook Alike

  • Carly wears red and black twice in the episode. Freddie wears black in one scene and red in a later one.
  • In the studio, Carly and Freddie stand close together while talking to the lookalike fans and keep giving each other cute little glances.

iWant My Website Back

  • Carly and Freddie discover that the new owner of their website is the longtime insane (literally) fan of iCarly, Mandy Valdez.

iMake Sam Girlier

  • At the Groovy Smoothie, the two sit close next to each other while Sam waits for Pete.
  • When Sam tells Pete, "Then I'm your girl", Carly looks at Freddie.
  • The two are left alone together at the Groovie Smoothie after Sam leaves with her date Pete.

iGo Nuclear

  • Carly and Freddie both end up getting bad grades on their projects while Sam gets an A.
  • Due to Carly and Freddie's bad grades on the "Green Week" project given by science teacher Mr. Henning, they are sentenced to go on the "Root and Berry" retreat together for extra credit.

iDate a Bad Boy

  • Both are disgusted by the videos Sam shows them on the web.

iTake on Dingo

  • Both agree that the hotel they are staying at is disgusting.
  • Freddie hands her the fake ID tag first.

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Both have the same expression on their face after Sam makes a comment about locker 239 saying, "You could fit a body in there."


  • When Carly lies to Chuck about there being a new number, she claims the number's name is "Derf", which is "Fred" spelled backwards.

iFight Shelby Marx

  • Carly says "gracias" (that means "thanks" in Spanish) when Spencer gives her the spaghetti. (Spanish is a language Freddie knows)

Season 3 Moments

Hints of attraction

iThink They Kissed

  • Carly is obviously strongly jealous throughout the entire episode, and she might have never been jealous in the past.
    She also seems to blame Sam, and seems more angry at Freddie for keeping the secret than for kissing Sam, as if it's Sam's fault.
  • Carly gets very, very upset and jealous when she first finds out from Sam about the kiss.
  • Carly gets very, very frustrated about the kiss when talking to Spencer. She talks about it as if she's jealous, and she talks more about Sam doing the kissing and little about Freddie, as if this is Sam's fault and she's jealous of her being with Freddie.
  • Carly said, "OH, MY GOD!" in an upset way when Freddie tells her what happened when he and Sam kissed.
  • In a promo for this episode, Freddie asks her, "Are you jealous?" and says, "Cause that would be so great-" but he's interrupted when Carly cries, "I'm not jealous!" but she definitely doesn't look like she's telling the truth. Unfortunately, this scene was cut from the actual episode.
  • Carly and Freddie pin each other down.
  • Carly pins Freddie down once again as she has done twice before. But when Freddie easily reverses the
    pin and pins her down, she is amazed that he has gotten stronger, and says, "WHOA! When did you get so strong?!" and Freddie shouts, "SAME TIME THE VOICE GOT LOWER!" (This hints that Carly is very impressed by Freddie's strength, and attracted by the fact that Freddie is getting more mature.). Freddie also seems proud of his new maturity, and to be enjoying pinning Carly down and having the advantage.
  • Freddie tells Carly the truth and helps her up after pinning her down, even though he was at a full advantage and didn't have to say anything. He also begs Carly not to tell Sam what he said, or else "she'll kick me in places that should never be kicked," and after a brief argument, Carly gives in to Freddie's pleading, even though she could have just told Sam, because she doesn't want him to get hurt.
  • Carly yells "Sam!!" when Sam runs after Freddie to carry him back and presumably to beat him up, again not wanting him to be hurt, even though she's angry at both of them.
  • Carly is overly curious about Freddie and Sam's kiss. She asks questions such as, "How long was the kiss?" and, "Was it fun?" This seems to be jealousy.
  • While Freddie was listening to and singing a song called "Girl Who Cuts My Hair", Carly was giggling, and seemed amused in a sweet way.


  • Carly and Freddie are dancing together when they win, first on camera, then in the background behind the newswoman, doing the same dance and shouting gleefully.
  • Carly shrieks wildly and turns to Freddie and he looks at her excitedly, when they win.
  • They stand close together a lot in this episode-first when cooking (they seem to helping each other out especially and working as a team), in Ricky's bedroom, and at the gym.
  • They sit very close, shoulder to shoulder, when watching the video from Ricky Flame.
  • Freddie kneels down and goes through Carly's backpack to get the cooking equipment for Ricky in his house, and asks Carly to help him, and they both collect the equipment and give it to Ricky while Sam stands there.

iSpeed Date

  • Original Creddie Kiss
    After Carly is turned down by a guy she wants to go with to the Girl's Choice Dance, Freddie hints with a wistful look that he wants Carly to ask him.
  • Freddie was also invited by two girls, but he didn't answer them in case someone else wants to ask him (referring to Carly). And Carly rejected him gently (but seeming sweetly amused) again, as expected. Of couse neither of them expected that they would be each other's date that night.
  • At the Groovy Smoothie, Freddie repeatedly turns down the cool guys in speed dating who want to go with Carly, seeming very jealous.
  • Carly mentions that Freddie has the same camera as Spencer, showing that she pays attention to his tech equipment and that she may have been thinking about him.
  • Carly and Freddie did not have to double date. In the past, they usually dated on their own. But this time they choose to go to the dance together with their dates, and then go to the Groovie Smoothie together afterwards too. Seems to hint that maybe they wanted to keep on an eye on what the other was doing with their date...and be together.
  • While at the Groovie Smoothie, both Freddie and Carly keep talking only to each other, and not to their dates. They almost ignore their dates, and both are obviusly very irritated by them and prefer each other's company. They are very relieved to be left alone.
  • When Carly's annoying date leaves, Freddie says, "And then there were two." Carly says, "Yep, just us. Thank God." She seems relieved and happy. Freddie seems to like the situation very much. He is smiling

    Losing herself in his arms...

    throughout the scene.
  • Listen carefully to the music in this scene. Until the dates both leave, the music is an unknown country song. But once Carly and Freddie are left alone, the music instantly changes to "Meant For Me"-is this a coincidence? Not likely...
  • Freddie suddenly gets a flirty look on his face and stands up, looking like he wants to say something. When Carly asks what he's doing, he asks her, "Don't you think we deserve one nice dance tonight with a person we don't want to kill?" Instead of rejecting him (albeit gently) like she might in an earlier episode, Carly smiles sweetly, seeming to like the idea, then answers, "Absolutely", with no hesitation. This hints she had been thinking the
    same thing.
  • Freddie has T-Bo turn up the music, a romantic song, with a confident, very happy look on his face. Carly smiles at him when he does.
  • They are both smiling, obviously very happy, for the whole scene and while dancing.
  • Carly puts her arms around his neck with a dreamy happy look on her face, and Freddie puts his arms around her waist gently and smiles into her eyes, showing they both care about
    each other a lot.
  • Carly putting her head on Freddie is a sign of trust and losing herself in the moment. She nestles her head into his neck and closes her eyes, and Freddie leans his head a little and closes his eyes with a peaceful, content look, still holding her carefully, almost cradling her. This is a show of caring and strong attraction between them.
  • From the moment when Carly and Freddie are left alone, they're on a date. And they seem to enjoy it very much.
  • A set of lyrics from the song are "...and if I get frightened, you will always be-a place of quiet to calm me...". This hints that Carly and Freddie are each other's equal and confidant, and is demonstrated by Carly's laying her head on Freddie's shoulder, and both of them holding each other close, seeming to be in a perfect place of security.
  • When Freddie stands up to ask her to dance, we hear these lyrics-" heart has come alive right now... it's opened up a whole new world...i only want to show you/What it's like to love this girl..." which implies Freddie is confident in showing his feelings for her now, maybe because she reciprocates at last in this scene. It also hints Carly is beginning to show her feelings for him openly.
  • Carly puts her arms around her neck, and as they hold each other close and she puts her head on his shoulder, these lyrics play-"but then when i touch you-and i in your arms.. you take me", indicating how safe, loved and secure she feels in his arms, and how protective he feels of her in this moment.
  • This scene shows the maturity of Carly and Freddie's relationship and feelings for each other-Freddie
    seems confident in his request, and Carly does not reject him, but accepts easily and quickly, also very confident, showing their trust and and caring for each other.
  • The scene and episode ends with the words, "Cause you are meant for me," from the song "Meant For Me" playing in the background, while the camera slowly zooms out from the scene of Carly and Freddie holding each other very close, leaning into each other, with their eyes closed. This is a strong hint that Carly and Freddie are truly meant for each other.
  • Holding each other very close is a sign of feeling security and comfort in each other's arms, and they both also have their eyes closed, indicating they are savoring this moment of being close to each other.

    Holding each other close :)

  • They look very content and peaceful while they dance, as if this is how it should be between them.
  • Fans are left with a million ideas on what happened after the dance, and most think a Creddie moment happened.
  • This episode, along with the lyrics of the song, seems to imply that Carly and Freddie are really meant to be: Carly's date didn't work, and Freddie's date didn't work either, and it is obvious both enjoy their dance together very much.

iCarly Awards

  • ICarly Awards 05

    Carly seems to appreciate the sight of Freddie in a tux. ;)

    Carly sees Freddie in a tuxedo and has a big smile on her face.
  • Carly wants Freddie to stop talking about European swimsuit models (who she assumes are girls),
    implying that she's jealous.
  • When Sam went to the bathroom Freddie filled in and took her spot when he got in front of the camera, he stood really close to Carly until she told him to scootch over.
  • They introduced the next award winner together.
  • When Carly found out the European swimsuit models were male, she looked relieved.

iHave My Principals

  • When Gibby shows up at Carly's locker, Freddie once again has his arm close behind Carly, almost around her, as if once again being protective and possessive of her in front of Gibby.
  • Carly seems upset at the statement Mr. Howard made about Freddie's face.
  • Carly grabs Freddie's shoulders and Freddie does the same.
  • Both tell the other that they are scared about their new co-principals.
  • Carly holds on to Freddie's shoulders longer then Freddie holds on to hers.
  • Freddie seems jealous when Shawn repeatedly asks Carly to be his girlfriend.
  • Carly stands close to Freddie several times while they're at the Groovie Smoothie.

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love

  • Both Carly and Freddie imagine what life with a happy Lewbert would be like together, and only them (and a happy, wart-less Lewbert) are seen in the daydream. In it, they are smiling and dancing together happily, with balloons falling.
  • When their daydream begins and ends, they are smiling widely and standing close to one another, with Sam staring at them like they're crazy.
  • Carly and Freddie are studying together once again, then Sam comes in and interrupts them by telling them about Marta and Lewbert.
  • Carly lies down in between Sam and Freddie, and gets closer to Freddie, when they're looking at the photos of Lewbert.

    Losing herself in his arms...

  • Both Carly and Freddie come up with the idea to get Lewbert back with Marta.

iMove Out

  • When Mrs. Benson embarrasses Freddie at school and he runs out, Carly is the one who chases him to comfort him, while Sam seems to want to lengthen his torment by holding him back.
  • Carly supports Freddie in standing up to his mom, even when he moves out.
  • Carly seems to smile and blush, looking at Freddie, when Mrs. Benson says "I didn't realize you'd have WOMEN here." This hints that she found the implications of his mother's accusation exciting and
  • Carly seemed to be pushing Freddie to rebel against his mother, attracted to the fact he is maturing and being "bad" and Carly is extremely attracted to bad boys (this was shown in iDate a Bad Boy).
  • When Freddie says "She's got to realize that I'm a MAN now!", Carly giggles and imitates him to herself in an amused way, "Man".
  • Carly talks about decorating Freddie's apartment in a way that sounds like she's a girlfriend, or that she lives there too.
  • They keep giving each other glances and rubbing elbows while in his room.
  • Freddie stands very close to Carly while they watch Sam pick the lock on the petographers' studio.
  • In Freddie's new apartment, a loud noise goes off, and Carly is frightened and grabs Freddie's arms like he is a shield, lingering there a few seconds after it stops.
  • Freddie stays at Carly's apartment, because he is mad at his mom and he is having trouble sleeping at his own apartment.
  • They run home together alone, not noticing that Sam didn't follow until they get back to the apartment.

iQuit iCarly

  • Freddie and Carly have a snack alone in the kitchen while Spencer watches TV, once again hanging out without Sam, and stand close to each other. They also watch a video, while Carly leans over his shoulder and stands very close, and keep glancing at each other.
  • Carly pats and holds his elbow, while they stand very close to each other, when she says "I do love the land!" and giggles. Freddie also gives her a flirty look.
  • Sam says that when she suggested that Freddie go in the tiger's exhibit in the zoo, Carly had protested "But what if the tiger mauls Freddie?", hinting that Carly's concerned for his welfare.
  • After Carly fights with Sam, she and Freddie are at the Groovie Smoothie alone together, and it is basically a date. They act very much like a couple.
  • At school, they say hey to each other, but Freddie doesn't acknowledge Sam's presence, as if he's also angry with her and is on Carly's side.
  • When Carly and Sam are arguing over Freddie, she says, "No you don't! Freddie loves me!" This indicates she doesn't want to lose Freddie, and she finds his feelings for her very endearing.
  • Carly tells Freddie that none of the fighting going on between her and Sam is his fault and "Just because Sam and I are splitting up doesn't mean I love you any less."

    "I do love the land!"

  • Carly was obviously very concerned about how Freddie was taking this, and did her best to make sure he knew that her fight with Sam wasn't his fault.
  • Carly suggests letting Freddie choose, and he nods and smiles at this. He agrees, and says, "What if I want to choose?" when Sam shows dissent. This may have been Freddie siding with Carly.
  • When Sam attempts to bribe Freddie, Carly says, "You can't buy Freddie's love!"
  • Carly offers Freddie $20 for his love, but he doesn't accept it.
  • Carly calls Sam a monster for making Freddie worry and cry. Again, she shows concern for Freddie's position in this situation.
  • When Carly says "Come on, Freddie", he was going to walk off with her until Sam pulled on him, an obvious hint that he wanted to stay with her.
  • Freddie seems to have sided with Carly throughout the episode, because he's helping her continue iCarly while Sam has her own webcast with Fleck, even before the girls argue over who he's going to help. This show of blind faith in her, especially since he doesn't seem to care very much about Sam's side of the story, seems to show that he still cares about her much more than he does for Sam.
  • Freddie was much more panicky when Carly climbed onto the platform, and was yelling "Get back in here Carly!!" and grabbing her ankles, trying to pull her back in. This shows he was more concerned for her safety, possibly because they have a closer relationship and he cares for her more.
  • Freddie became very scared when Carly was about to fall off of the window washer platform, much less so then when Sam also became in danger shortly after, another hint that his feelings for Carly are much stronger.
  • Freddie was relieved when Carly was safe from falling off the window washer platform.

iSaved Your Life

  • During the iCarly webcast when Freddie shows how Sam beat him in the paintball war, he is seen from a camera's view instructing Carly where to point the camera, obviously preparing for the next iCarly, alone

    Carly and Freddie's first kiss!! <3

    without Sam once again. Carly also shrieks when Freddie's hit by the paintball, a hint that she doesn't want Freddie to lose to Sam.
  • Freddie saves Carly's life when she walks in front of a taco truck and he leaps into the street and pushes her out of the way, and gets badly hurt instead. This shows that Freddie would do anything for Carly, even give her his life, indicating the depth of his feelings for her.
  • Sam runs to the Shay apartment to tell Spencer what happened on her own. This indicates that Carly stayed with Freddie and went with him in the ambulance to the hospital, probably not wanting to be away from him while he was hurt and wanting to make sure he was okay. This is also a show of how much Carly cares about his safety, and that she must care about him more than Sam because Sam did not bother to go with them even though she could have just called

    Creddie, just before their first kiss

    Spencer and told him the news.
  • Carly is extremely grateful that Freddie saved her life, but feels bad that he received multiple injuries in doing so.
  • In her first visit to his apartment, Carly flirts with Freddie by playing with his toes, even though she had just yelled at Spencer for doing the same thing. Freddie seems pleased and gives her a flirtatious, inviting look.
  • They keep giving each other flirty little smiles but seem a bit awkward and shy when they are left alone for a moment in the first scene in his apartment, as if they wanted to do something but couldn't because Spencer and Mrs. Benson were there, especially when they were left alone momentarily, indicating strong attraction.
  • While Freddie's in the shower, Carly's checking out his room and his stuff with a sweet smile on her face.
  • Carly is very worried and scared when Freddie falls down in the shower.
  • When Freddie slips and falls in the shower, Carly is willing to go in his shower when he isn't wearing anything rather than leaving him lying on the floor until his mom comes back.
  • Carly almost comes in the shower until he shouts "No!", and she doesn't seem to care that he's not wearing anything.
  • She opens a drawer in his dresser looking for socks and accidentally picks up his underwear, and shrieks and drops it.
  • At his request, she puts on goggles (with socks in them) and goes in to help him get out and back into bed. In the extended version, she slips and falls on him in the shower.
  • In the extended version, Freddie has a big picture of Carly in his closet, and when Carly finds it, she seems to think it is really
    sweet of him, and doesn't seem bothered at all. In fact, she seems flattered, and has a very sweet happy smile on her face, showing she is very touched by this obvious display of affection.
  • As she helps him to the bed, she says "Does it hurt?" meaning his leg, caringly, like she doesn't want to hurt him.
  • When Freddie says "I don't feel like a hero" he is smiling at her. He never looks away from her in this scene.
  • Carly says "You are a hero. To me," and sits on his bed, careful to keep away from his injured leg. She touches his hand and has a soft, very tender look on her face. This shows Carly was finally ready to show him how she felt.
  • She touches his hand gently with a tender smile, showing her feelings are real and she really does want to kiss him.
  • Carly's tenderness toward Freddie in this scene hints that she has been waiting for this chance for a while now, perhaps since their dance together at the Groovie Smoothie. It also implies that maybe now she's finally fully realized her feelings for him and now is ready to demonstrate them.
  • Freddie almost gave his life for her, and he keeps brushing it off when she thanks him, showing he doesn't feel like it's a big deal-he would have done it for her anytime, because he loves her.
  • When she touches his face and leans closer, Freddie's eyes widen, and a little smile is on his lips, showing his realization and shock of what is about to happen.
  • Freddie makes no invitation for her to kiss him-Carly did that on her own even though she didn't have to
    kiss him. This shows it was her idea and she really wanted to kiss him.
  • Carly and Freddie share their first kiss. The kiss extends to many more for 34 minutes, showing they really like it.
  • Carly is smiling and leaning into the kiss the whole time, showing she enjoys it a lot.
  • Freddie's eyes are open and he is smiling while kissing her like this is his dream come true.
  • Carly leans down and kisses Freddie gently but sweetly. She makes the first move without any suggestion or invitation from Freddie, showing she wanted to kiss him. And since the kiss lasted 34 minutes, she must have liked it very much...
  • In the extended version, Carly is amused when Freddie shocks himself after their first kiss and kisses him again.
  • In th extended version, Freddie can't believe she kissed him and shocks himself. "Did that really happen?" he says with happy disbelief. "Yes. Do you want it to happen again?" she answers, smiling and stroking his face. And they kiss again for 34 minutes.
  • They were content to lay there kissing for 34 minutes, even though his mom would come back, indicating they both really enjoyed it and weren't paying attention to the time passing. This also hints losing themselves in the moment.
  • They made out for 34 minutes on Freddie's bed, alone, until Mrs. Benson returns.
  • They both scream really loud when Mrs. Benson catches them, obviously very embarrassed-this could hint that perhaps they could have done a little more than kiss?
  • Carly puts her finger in Freddie's mouth and pretends to check his temperature.
  • Carly tries to run out but Mrs. Benson starts hitting her with Freddie's underwear. Freddie shouts "Carly, don't leave!!" showing he wants to keep kissing her even with his mom, and that he really enjoyed it and wants to spend more time with her.
  • Freddie looks after the door where Carly ran out with a smile on his face, before his mom starts spraying him, obviously very happy and surprised.
  • Carly runs out of their apartment, slams the door and then leans against it, looking surprised, yet happy and dreamy. She was probably surprised at herself for finally kissing Freddie, and for so long, and she is also very happy to have done it, obviously having enjoyed it.
  • She jumps and shrieks when Sam pops out of the bush, showing she was so busy thinking about the kisses that she wasn't paying attention.
  • She is very secretive and giggly when Sam asks her what happened, then shouts "I KISSED FREDDIE!!" before slamming the door, in a shocked way. You almost expect her to add "AND I LIKED IT!!" after that.
  • When they come to school, Carly is helping Freddie walk with a sweet and caring look on her face. They keep looking at each other sweetly.
  • They already seem to consider themselves a couple the next day, after having kissed for 34 minutes.
  • After the kiss they seem very eager to be together, as if they'd been waiting to be a couple for a long time.
  • Creddie kissed a total of 4 times in the episode, 6 in the extended version.
  • In the extended version, Carly tries to calm down all the girls who crowd Freddie at school, seeming quite jealous.
  • In the extended version, when another girl shows interest in Freddie, Carly becomes jealous, kisses Freddie passionately, then tells the girl to leave.
  • Freddie grins and says "My kitty's got claws!" flirtily, and Carly makes a cat hand and says "Rawr!" and giggles. They look at each other happily.
  • Also in the extended version, when they kissed in the hallway, they were very close to each other.
  • When Freddie comes to the iCarly studio to fix something on the iCarly site, she smiles at him and calls his tech talk "cuky", a combination of "cute" and "geeky".
  • In the extended version, Carly calls herself and Freddie "an item".
  • Freddie pulls away from Carly because he doesn't want to take advantage of her, while she wants to keep kissing him. She obviously enjoys it very much.

    Creddie's last kiss...for now <3

  • Carly finally admits that she loves Freddie, more than once, and she seems to really believe it.
  • Freddie decides to break up with Carly, although it'd been his dream to date her, because he wanted her to be sure of her feelings for him. This shows his maturity in regards to their relationship, and that Freddie would never take advantage of Carly, even if it was for his benefit.
  • When Sam is trying to convince Freddie that Carly was only in love with him because he saved her life, Freddie tries to leave because he does not believe that.
  • When Sam says, "What I said is true, and you know it," Freddie said, "I gotta get to class," as if he thought what she said was ridiculous and didn't make sense. He left, regardless of whether there was anything else Sam has to say.
  • He seems very disinterested in what Sam has to say to him, probably because he doesn't want Sam to break them up.
  • "You just can't stand the idea of Carly and me as a couple." Freddie says this as if he doesn't want Sam
    to get in the way and tear them apart, no matter what her opinion is on this.
  • After Freddie says, "I better get home so my mom can spray me," Carly looks surprised, upset, and very, very sad.
  • Carly is very reluctant to break up with him, and says in a sad voice "You don't want me to be your girlfriend?"
  • When Freddie breaks up with Carly, she looks very sad. Freddie himself looked really sad too in the elevator, obviously because he did not want to break up with her and only did so because he wouldn't take advantage of her.
  • Before Freddie left to get in the elevator he asked for one more kiss from Carly, seeming wistful and very sad that they won't kiss again for a while. This also shows his deep reluctance to not break up with her.
  • When Freddie leaves, Carly kisses him tenderly on the cheek, and they share a sweet, gentle look before she walks out of the elevator. She also touches his shoulder gently and carefully, in a sweet gesture.
  • After he breaks up with Carly, he seems shocked at himself and asks himself, "What did I do?!" like he really regretted it and screams it again, loud, in the extended version.
  • In this episode Carly visits Freddie twice in his room, and is left alone with him both times.
  • Creddie was the first, and so far only, couple to date from the main cast.

iWas a Pageant Girl

  • Freddie doesn't want to go on a blind date with someone he doesn't know, possibly indicating that he would rather go on a date with Carly.
  • When he does go on a blind date he ignores his date and talks to and plays with Spencer, hinting he doesn't care about other girls, only Carly. He even ignores the girl when she offers to make out with him.
  • They acted like a couple, or the mother and father, when Sam and Spencer were yelling, having a "temper tantrum" on the couch.
  • They both knew when the other would give in to Sam and Spencer, and Carly imitated his phrase "In 5, 4 3, 2..".
  • After Sam shot a lentel into Freddie's eye, Carly walked up and stood close to Freddie. She seemed sympathetic, saying, "Are you OK?", and made Sam apologise for hurting him.
  • Freddie's statement that he doesn't go on blind dates may simply have been an excuse to cover up the fact that he has no wish to go out with anybody so soon after breaking up with Carly. Spencer had to prod Freddie into going out with Leslie.

iEnrage Gibby

  • When the webshow ends and Tasha appears, Carly and Freddie are shocked that Gibby has a girlfriend as hot as Tasha. Also, when Freddie says he wants a girlfriend like Tasha, Carly crosses her arms and looks upset, hinting at annoyance or jealousy.
  • Freddie and Carly have a nice talk alone on the Shay couch while Carly plays her ukulele, and there's a slow song playing in the background. The quiet scene seems to hint that the mood could easily turn romantic.
  • Carly joked with Freddie and called him "Captain Techno". Then did a army salute.
  • When Freddie has trouble getting in the studio, she heads upstairs and yells, "What's the matter with you?!"
  • Carly and Freddie act like a married couple when Freddie can't get into the iCarly studio.
  • When Freddie tells Carly and Sam that nothing happed between him and Tasha. Sam says we know, but Carly says I know.

iSpace Out

  • Freddie looks annoyed and seems jealous when Cameron guest stars on the show because Carly calls Cameron cute and hot.
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  • Freddie picks Carly up to go to the helicopter.
  • When Freddie is doing the first test, Carly looks worried and concerned. Later, Freddie is shown smiling at Carly as she is completing a test.
  • Carly repeatedly got in between Freddie and Sam's fighting, at one point she tried to stop Sam from hurting Freddie's leg.
  • Sam asks, "Don't you just wanna punch him so bad?", and Carly replies, "No." in a sweet voice. Could she want to do something else "so bad"?
  • Freddie wakes up Carly when he hears something that "sounds like an animal eating."
  • When Carly has "space madness", Freddie tries to comfort her but Carly yells, "Shut up, Freddie!" and Freddie is shocked and upset.

iFix a Pop Star

  • Carly seems worried about him and tries to get the fork out of Freddie's shoulder, though she is unsuccessful in doing so.
  • She asks if he's okay.
  • Carly tries to stop Sam from pulling the fork out roughly because she doesn't want it to hurt Freddie.
  • They both agree that Ginger Fox has no talent.

iWon't Cancel the Show

  • Carly wears a pink shirt that reads Love Me Don't.
  • Carly and Freddie are alone without Sam for the entire episode, and have to do iCarly alone together as well. They could have gone to visit Sam in jail, but neither seems to be interested in it. Perhaps they preferred the alone time together?
  • Both are very annoyed and frustrated with Sam for getting arrested.
  • Freddie smilingly shows a video of Carly shaking her wet hair.
  • They both think it's funny in a sad way that Gibby is stuck brushing his teeth with mustard for 4 minutes while Spencer is delayed.
  • Carly plays Freddie's nanny in the iCarly Fuffley and Peeta skit.
  • Carly wears a red shirt and Freddie wears black at the same time.

iBelieve In Bigfoot

  • They are both wearing 80's costumes, and look cute together.
  • When Freddie gets upset because Sam insulted him, Carly tells him to just put up his tree cameras, in a similar tone to "Please, for me?" and Freddie says, "Ok," like he always does the same way.
  • After they see the squirrels that are not wrestling, Carly gets flirty for the rest of the episode.
  • This is the first tme Carly and Freddie discuss the "dating" habits of animals-the second time occurs in iOMG.
  • Carly is holding on to Freddie in a frightened way when they see "Bigfoot" in Sam's trap.
  • When Carly and Freddie are in their 80's costumes they are once again sitting very close to each other.


  • When Carly mimicks his "thoughtful" pose, Freddie is looking at her very sweetly, almost adoringly, for no apparent reason.
  • Freddie ask Carly to throw him a piece of equipment and she obliges with a smile. He catches it and grins at her flirtily.
  • He's looking at Carly while he does his "giant" impression, perhaps trying to impress her, and she laughs at him amusedly.
  • Both Freddie and Carly think it's sad that nobody comes to Nora's birthday parties and agree to go, but Sam doesn't - until Nora says there will be a chocolate fountain (which we never see).
  • They are both surprised at - and annoyed with - Sam (with the same expression on their faces) when she

    As Nora dances with Freddie, Carly is jealous...

    suggest leaving Nora's house, because they both feel sorry for her.
  • Both Freddie and Carly look sad because he has to dance with Nora, not Carly, at Nora's crazy birthday party, and Carly has to dance with a clown.
  • Freddie looks at Carly like he wants her to save him from dancing with Nora, and Carly seems jealous.
  • When Freddie is excited about Nora's sound mixing board and Sam says "Yeah, why don't you beam yourself to Jupiter with it?", Carly says "Is that necessary?", standing up for him. She does this a good bit throughout the episodes.
  • Twice, Carly turns to Freddie and addresses him only, even though Sam is right beside her. The first time, she says "How could she not get my metaphor?". The second time, she asks him what maxiglass is.
  • When Carly says, "If you just heard a loud crack, that was my heart breaking," she looks straight at Freddie, possibly hinting at the time when Freddie broke up with her.
  • Freddie agrees to do iCarly to get people to come to Nora's party.
  • He zooms in to Carly several times during the webcast.
  • They sit on the floor close to each other with their eyes closed, probably for hours since Freddie says Sam's been trying to smash the window for hours.
  • They both feel themselves for their phones first and look at each other before Sam does.
  • They both keep looking at each other in a worried and scared way, especially Carly.
  • When Nora asked for a kiss from Freddie, Carly seemed a little jealous (if you look close enough you can see her eyes get a little wider).
  • Carly grabs Freddie's arm and tries to convince him to put his lips on the glass, saying desperately that she is hungry.
    Freddie exclaims, "Are you serious?!"
  • They sit close to each other while eating Chinese food.
  • Freddie picks up Carly after her failed Nora attack attempt and holds her back protectively for a few moments, even when she's calmed down, then he slowly takes his hands off her shoulders.
  • Carly smiles when Freddie does his nerd talk, possibly because it is "cuky", while Sam throws a large boom mike at his head and says he bores her.
  • Freddie instinctively grabs Carly when he's scared, and Carly doesn't mind.
  • They both felt bad for Nora even after what she did to them, while Sam did not.
  • Carly hands only Freddie a drink at the campfire, even though Sam was also right there.

iBeat the Heat

  • Carly finds it humorous when talking about Sabrina as someone who Freddie likes, and shows that she possibly cares that he has a new love interest.
  • She says he looks nice when he asks if he looks okay for Sabrina.
  • Carly's facial expression shows her disappointment to Freddie's reactions when he accepts her invitation to invite Sabrina over.
  • When Freddie asks how he looks, Carly said "good," with a smile on her face.
  • Carly asks him, not Sam or Sabrina, to help her off the table, and has to hold Freddie's hand.
  • They stand very close together in several scenes.
  • Carly asked Freddie to lift her up on the counter, while she has been able to get up there by herself in a
    previous episode, and when he struggles to lift her they're in a suggestive position (Carly whispers "You're embarassing me!").
  • In the extended edition of the episode, Freddie breaks up with Sabrina because she ruined Carly's project, showing that he still cares for her more than other girls he's attracted to.



  • Carly and Freddie are seen celebrating together, with Sam off to the side.
  • While Carly talks to Spencer, Freddie leans onto Carly behind the couch. Spencer leaves and the two are left alone.
  • Freddie notices that Carly's wearing her pajamas and her hair is all messed up when she answers the door, and he grins and teases her about it, seeming to find it attractive.
  • After Ricky Flame says the word "baby", Carly and Freddie look at each other.

iSpeed Date

  • Carly mentions that Freddie has the same camera that Austin mentions; this shows she might be paying attention to his tech equipment or his tech talk.

iCarly Awards

  • When Sam goes to the bathroom during the show, Freddie joins Carly to present awards.
  • After a video package airs for "Most Insane Hoolahooper", Carly and Freddie both speak in foreign languages, "Hula-la" (French) and "Hula gusto!" (Spanish)
  • Both present an award to a little boy named River.

iHave My Principals

  • Carly and Freddie are seen in the principals' office together.
    Download (6)

    Freddie and Carly trying to calm each other down

  • When Superintendent Gorman was riding the bull Carly kept touching Freddie's arm and laughing with him (with no Sam).

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love

  • Carly gives Freddie his cupcake first.
  • The two make the same moan together after taking a bite out of their cupcakes.
  • Both have the same reaction when they are surprised about the missing cream filling.
  • While viewing Lewbert's modeling portfolio, Carly leans towards Freddie smiling.
  • Carly and Freddie kept giving each other glances and smiles throughout the episode.

iMove Out

  • Carly seems privately amused when Freddie says, "She is going to have to deal with the fact that I'm a man now," and says to herself, "Man," and giggles.
  • Both run out of the Pet Photography building, forgetting about Sam, and leaving her behind. Back at home they wait for Sam and wonder where she has been.
  • Freddie calls Carly to tell her about Harmoo the cat being on the ledge.

iQuit iCarly

  • Freddie's mostly seen with Carly in this episode, not Sam.
  • Carly continues to touch him while watching an iCarly video.
  • Carly pats Freddie's arm when she says, "I do love the land!"

iSaved Your Life

  • Carly points at the camera and smiles flirtily when Sam tells Freddie to show them the clip of him getting hit by the paintball.
  • Everytime Carly and Freddie kissed, the audience cheered and whooped. It iss worth noting that both times Sam and Freddie have kissed, the audience was silent and did nothing. Does this hint that Carly and Freddie are meant to be?
  • When Freddie says that he would be psyched about Carly still wanting to be his girlfriend, the audience said, "Aww," as if they thought it was cute.
    Download (7)

    Carly and Freddie kissing in iSaved Your Life

  • On, Freddie said in one of his blogs that he loved Carly's kisses.
  • Carly and Freddie both agree that his cousin Amanda was very disgusting.

iWas a Pageant Girl

  • Iwas-a-pageant-girl-1
    Freddie and Carly stand close together while waiting for Sam to reveal her secret.
  • Carly and Freddie know exactly when the other will say yes to Sam or Spencer (who were acting like Carly and Freddie's children).
  • After Freddie used his catch-phrase ("In 5, 4, 3, 2...") to count down until Carly gives in to Sam, Carly uses his catch-phrase as well to count down until Freddie gives in to Spencer.
  • Carly reveals what Freddie's card says (big toe) during his competitive game with Spencer.

iSpace Out

  • When Freddie is being beaten up by Sam during the webshow, Carly takes his place.
  • Carly and Freddie are shown standing really close to each other.

iFix a Pop Star

  • At the PMA awards, Freddie and Carly (sitting next to each other) along with Sam (in the back) work together to make Ginger's comeback successful.
  • Carly turns to Freddie to ask, "What girl doesn't shave her underarms?" which was a question more likely to be answered by a girl (such as Sam.)
  • After watching Ginger's comeback video, Carly and Freddie (again sitting next to each other) agree that she has no talent.

iBelieve In Bigfoot

  • Only Carly and Freddie are dressed in costumes and not Sam.
  • Carly and Freddie come down the stairs together side by side.
  • In one of the card-scenes in the opening credits for the third iCarly season, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are in an RV. Carly and Freddie are sitting next to each other, and are both imitating truck horns.
  • Carly sits next to Freddie in the RV while Sam sits next to Spencer.
  • Carly laughs at Freddie's comment about Sam hurting someone besides him.
  • Freddie and Carly look out the window together and search the woods with their binoculars
  • Carly is sitting in the same seat as Freddie while talking to Spencer in the woods.
  • Carly and Freddie react first and together to Spencer's yelling.
  • Carly convinces Freddie that they are going to stay in the woods till they find Bigfoot.
  • Both start to think together that Bigfoot stole their RV.
  • Carly is seen standing or sitting close to Freddie throughout almost the entire episode.

    Creddie's Fantasy


  • Carly smiles every time Freddie is entering the room or talking.
  • Before Nora puts on the music, Carly looks back at Freddie.
  • Both say "tape" at the same time.
  • When Sam is trying to smash the window, Carly and Freddie are sitting on the floor next to each other.
  • Both Carly and Freddie have a PearPhone, while Sam does not.
  • Nora doesn't seem to like Carly as much as Sam and Freddie, possibly because she feels that Carly is threatening her chances with Freddie.
  • There are more than five parts where they kept on touching one another.
  • They were always close to each other in the episode.

iBeat the Heat

  • Freddie and Carly have the same weird expression on their faces when Spencer talks about his dream.
  • After Sam's comment about Sabrina "bursting into flames and/or tears" on seeing Freddie, Carly and

    Creddie studying together :)

    Freddie share the same expression of frustration.
  • When talking about Lewbert's "wound" both Carly and Freddie are equally grossed-out.
  • Carly stops smiling when Freddie asked if Sabrina could come over, possibly because she doesn't want them to date.
  • Freddie is very insecure around the girl Sabrina, who is Gibby's cousin, who he met online because she is taller than him.
  • During the episode Carly has shown jealousy of Sabrina.
  • Carly says to Griffin, "Don't kiss me". This means that Carly doesn't like Griffin anymore. Maybe she likes someone else more?

    Adorable hug :)

Season 4 Moments

Hints of attraction

iGot A Hot Room

  • When Sam "jumps" onto Freddie, Carly has a shocked and worried look on her face.
  • Freddie felt bad for Carly when her room got burned down.
  • When Carly was crying, Freddie looked very worried.
  • Freddie helps re-build her room showing he cares about her.
  • Carly has an amazed and happy look when Freddie tells about her new closet in a techy way.
  • Carly smiles at Freddie amusedly when he jumps onto her bed.
  • Carly texts Freddie, not Sam or Spencer, when she's coming home from the Groovie Smoothie.

iSam's Mom

  • Carly notices that Freddie got new pants (How would she know unless she were paying attention to his pants pretty often).
  • Freddie swivels his hips at Carly with a flirty look like he wants to attract her, and she finds it amusing.
    ISams Mom
  • They get into a conversation about Freddie's pants size.
  • After Carly and Freddie are done talking about Freddie's pants, Carly walks toward him in a flirty way before Gibby interrupts.
  • Freddie doesn't complain about moving in with Carly.
  • Carly is very curious as to why Freddie's chest is looking so thick. Her facial expression seems to show she is excited and attracted by this. She then rips his shirt open to reveal that he's wearing a bullet-proof vest.
  • Freddie tries to impress Carly by saying he was working out a lot, when he's really wearing a bullet-proof vest and trying not to look weak in front of Carly.
  • Carly did not mind when Freddie and his mom moved into their apartment.
  • Carly smiles at and stands close to Freddie several times during the episode.

iGet Pranky

  • When Freddie is "shocked" by Sam and passes out, Carly said, "I'll check his pulse," in sort of a sad way, probably because she's upset about Freddie being hurt.
  • Carly was bummed when Freddie did not go with her and he was with Sam.
  • Carly stares at his shirt and especially pants while and after hearing Freddie's best prank he ever pulled, and smiles at hi sweetly even though Sam thinks it's a lame prank.
  • Freddie was impressed with the prank that she pulled on him.

iSell Penny-Tees

  • 336417
    One of Carly's walls in her room has a whole section with pictures of Freddie, all of them framed in special frames, hinting that she may still have hidden feelings for him.
  • Freddie and Carly were dancing to music together flirtily while making the Penny-Tees. This isn't the first time they did something together while dancing happily and smiling at each other (see iFind Lewbert's Lost Love and iFight Shelby Marx).
  • Freddie and Carly work together on their own Penny-Tees business, and act together as a team facing off against Sam. Once again, Freddie is on Carly's side and she is on his.
  • Freddie shows unusual violent feelings toward Sam in this episode-after she insults him about being friended finally online, he picks up a knife and says "Control, Freddie. Bad thoughts lead to bad actions," hinting he was thinking of hurting Sam. He also has a strange, very angry look on his face when she slaps him, perhaps indicating being sick and tired of her abuse.
  • Carly gets upset when Sam spanks Freddie and slaps him, and looks angry that Sam still hurts him.
  • Carly and Freddie are both upset with the way Sam treated the fourth graders.
  • They are in the position of parents (mom and dad) when keeping their "kids" happy while working.


  • When Freddie says that Carly and Sam would make "real purdy bridesmaids", Carly gives him a playful look and blushes.
  • Freddie jumps at the chance to rub Carly's foot after it was stepped on, which means he may still have feelings for her.
  • Freddie smiles at and seems to enjoy Carly's singing. He seems to enjoy it.
  • Carly was the maid of honor, and Freddie was the best man.
  • Carly smiles at Freddie many times during the episode.
  • When Carly was singing, when she sang, "I saw you there," she was pointing at Freddie.

iStart a Fanwar

  • Carly and Freddie continually say they are not dating, which is true. But they do not deny having feelings for each other-when a fan asks if they have romantic feelings for each other, they ignore the question and instead say "We are NOT dating!", not wanting to answer. This hints that they do have feelings for each other still, and don't want to admit it because they are both afraid the other is over them.
  • Carly seemed concerned for Freddie's safety and tried to save him when he got hurt by a crowd of rabid female fans, and she fixed his clothing.
  • When Carly was video-chatting with Adam, she said Creddie in a flirty tone, possibly hinting that she would rather be with Freddie than Adam.
  • Both of them are happy and amused when Freddie asks if he can play with the boat on her water table, and she says that he can, and then she scoots closer to where Freddie would sit.
  • Carly was worried when Freddie got attacked by the fans, and she tries to save him.
  • When Carly and Freddie were answering the questions, they picked only the Creddie fans, including Stacy, Craig, and the Pear-pad Creddie girl.
  • When Adam meets Carly, Freddie says, "Wheeeee!" (sarcastically). He also rolls his eyes while saying it. This is a strong hint of jealousy.
  • When Carly almost got hit by the stool, Freddie had a worried look, showing that he cares about her and her safety. She also ducked towards and really close to Freddie.
  • Carly giggled when Freddie said he needed to wear the captain hat.
  • After Carly gives her speech, the Creddie fans all assume that Adam is taking Carly away from Freddie, with Stacy calling him a "Creddie killer".
    IStart A Fanwar-Creddie

    iStart A Fanwar (made by CreddieLuv)

  • After they all see that they cannot help Adam from the crazy Creddie fans, Freddie said, "Oh well, poor Adam, well, lets go!" Then Carly lost interest in Adam, and they left. Perhaps she was influenced by Freddie being obviously jealous, and decided to forget Adam.
  • Every time when Carly was speaking in Webicon, Freddie kept staring at Carly a lot.
  • When Carly was wondering where Spencer was, she grabbed onto Freddie's shoulder for comfort.
  • When Carly said that Freddie had a little pimple on his nose she touched his shoulder in a flirty way and she didn't deny she was staring at Freddie.
  • Carly and Freddie walked in together at the beginning.
  • Carly and Freddie both called Sam names.
  • The crowd wouldn't accept that Carly and Freddie weren't dating.
  • Carly completely forgot about Adam after the fans attacked him and Freddie said "Oh well let's go,"
    seeming to decide to what Freddie wants.
  • Carly thinks it's weird that Freddie doesn't have a girlfriend.
  • Freddie reacted more violently to Seddie than he did to Creddie.
  • When Freddie adds, "But don't get too caught up in that stuff, you know," Carly smiles and stares at Freddie's pants.
  • While they were looking at what was in Sam's lunch bag, they were leaning close to each other.
  • Carly and Freddie kept glancing and smiling at each other throughout the entire episode.
  • Freddie told Carly, for her safety, to bite Aspartamay's thumb so that she can be free.
  • Carly felt bad for Freddie when he got attacked by the fans.

iHire an Idiot

  • Freddie gets very jealous when Carly hires Cort.
  • Freddie hires another intern named Ashley to get even with Carly and make her jealous.
  • Carly gets upset when she finds out Ashley is the new intern, and acts very jealous through the episode.
  • They both frown and act upset and jealous when they each call their intern hot.
  • Freddie is seen playing with Carly's shirt sleeve with a little smile on his lips. She playfully swats his hand away. A moment later, he is playing with her shirt sleeve again, and she simply looks down and smiles at it flirtily, making no effort to stop him.
    Creddie shirt

    Freddie rubs Carly shirt, Carly smiles when she notices.

  • When Carly and Freddie were about to go to out to the hallway and have a talk, Carly grabs Freddie's hand and pulls him out the door.
  • Freddie had a slight smile on his face when Carly took him into the hall to talk.
  • When Carly says "Everyone deserves a second chance!" and they start dancing with Cort, Freddie looks very crestfallen, and watches Carly dance with him with a sad, jealous look on his face.
  • Carly seems extremely angry at Freddie when he introduces Ashley. It is obvious that she is jealous because he thinks Ashley's "smoking hot", and gets very infuriated that he is testing her.
  • Freddie was happy when Carly fired Cort and she was happy when Freddie fired Ashley, obviously relieved to have them out of the way.
  • Carly did not make fun of Freddie's pizza and how precise he was being.
  • Carly did not like it when Freddie started becoming a little bit attracted to Ashley.
  • Freddie seemed shocked when Cort was dancing with Carly and Sam.
  • Carly felt bad for Freddie when his pizza that he worked hard on was squashed by Spencer.
  • Carly seemed kind of amused and complimented him on his "clever wordplay" when Freddie said, "I'll fire my feminidiot when you fire your him-becile!"

    Freddie loves me!

  • One of the pictures in the pictures had them staring at each other in a cute, awkward way.
  • Carly was impressed when she found out that Freddie tricked Sam and her.
  • Freddie smiles when Carly puts her laptop on Sam's belly.
  • Carly had a shocked look on her face when Cort destroys Freddie's laptop for the show.
  • Freddie scoots in to Carly on the couch showing he wants to be close to her. Carly doesn't mind and seems to lean toward him a little.
  • When Freddie got mad at Cort, Carly shows an impressed look on her face.
  • Carly shows jealousy and anger over Ashley during the episode.
  • Carly was relieved when she found out it was just a trick and Ashley really wasn't an "idiot", and wasn't Freddie's intern anymore.
iPity The Nevel

Carly and Freddie in iPity The Nevel

  • In a iCarly sketch Carly's character (Idiot Farmgirl) has a crush on Freddie's character (vampeer).
  • During the iCarly sketch Carly's character asked Freddie's character to kiss her.
  • Also, during the sketch Carly asks Freddie numerous times to be her vampire boyfriend (her VBF), and says they are going together.
  • After Freddie says FREDiting Carly giggles and even though she says no that she really didn't think it was funny, she said, "No," in a sort of giggly/flirty voice.
  • She laughed at Freddie's joke even though she didn't really think it was funny, possibly to make him feel good.
  • Carly was the first to laugh at Freddie's "just desserts" joke.
  • After Freddie giggles on the text sent to him on his hotness, Carly makes a face like she is upset that he has other admirers.
  • Unlike the other girls, Carly didn't need to hear him say things with the vampire voice, hinting she likes him just the way he is.
  • Carly seemed jealous of the girls that ask him out.
  • They share a lot of glances during this episode, and are always smiling when they do.
  • Freddie warns Carly not to trust Nevel.


  • Carly smiles and claps for Freddie after he sets a new personal record for how long it takes Sam to beat him at arm-wrestling. She's obviously rooting for him.
  • When Freddie comforts Sam about how she's scared to put her feelings out there, because the person might not love her back, he probably refers to his feelings for Carly. Since he did know that before iSaved Your Life, Carly didn't like him "the good way". This might hint that he still has romantic feelings for Carly that he's been hiding since iSaved Your Life, and is afraid to tell her.
  • While hearing the serious conversation between Sam and Freddie, Carly looks like she is really concerned.
  • Lastshotactone
    When Freddie told Carly that Sam was in love, Carly seemed a little upset that it possibly wasn't Brad that Sam was in love
  • Immediately after discovering that Sam was apparently in love, Freddie runs out of the room to find Carly and tell her.
  • Freddie never considers that Sam may be in love with him - he immediately assumes that she's in love with Brad. And later when they are alone, Freddie seems to truely believe that she hates him, and it doesn't enter his head that she could have feelings for him. This shows that he never considered that she has feelings for him and may not have ever considered having such feelings for her.
  • Freddie keeps nodding and smiling flirtily at Carly while she stammers about how they get horses to "date".
  • Carly takes Freddie's arms and pulls him to the lockers so they can talk alone.
  • They both seem to be enjoying the flirty conversation. Carly smiles, blushes and giggles when she shakes his shoulders, and he chuckles as if liking it.
  • The horse conversation is very flirty, and Freddie seems to be having fun messing with Carly.
  • Carly watches them talking, and then sees them kiss. This hints that Carly wanted to see what they were doing together alone and might have been jealous.
  • Carly looked very stunned, shocked and crushed, and possibly hurt, jealous or defeated, when she saw Sam kissing Freddie. This shows that she may still have romantic feelings for Freddie.
  • Carly was in impressed with Freddie's biceps and cheers for him when he beats his own record.
  • When Carly was talking about the horses in the animal channel Freddie was thinking him and Carly as the horses.

iParty With Victorious
Screen shot 2011-04-03 at 8 48 05 AM
  • As seen in the promos, Carly wears a black shirt under a red and black sparkly top for much of the episode, which visiting Hollywood Arts.
  • In one promo. Carly and Freddie sit in front of the computer looking at the screen in shock. Sam isn't in the scene, implying they're alone for the time being.
  • As seen in [video], Carly gets jealous of Freddie drooling over Tori Vega.
  • She and Freddie sit close together at the computer. When Freddie says "Dong! Who's she?!", Carly seems to get jealous and says "She's a girl, and don't say dong!".
  • Freddie says she's way hotter than Shelby Marx, and Carly gives him a jealous, reproving look. He looks sheepish and says "I didn't say dong.."
  • Carly gets up so Freddie can use her seat.
  • A moment later, when Freddie says he's going to find more pictures of Tori Vega, Carly says he's going to stare at her and drool while looking at him. Freddie denies it and says he's just researching her.
  • Carly keeps her hand on the seat he's sitting on and gives him the same look as before and he smiles at her teasingly.
  • She smiles at him as he searches, but when he finds a photo and exclaims over Tori's beauty, she walks away from the seat with a sad look on her face.
  • Freddie gets a photo of Tori and starts talking about how hot she is-"Look at those cheekbones!!". Carly looks jealous, picks up an orange, and suddenly throws it at his shoulder. He falls of the chair, and Carly says her "gung ho" phrase, "Oombah", smiles and slowly pumps her fists in the air.
  • Carly wears a black jacket over a white and red shirt in this scene.
  • In this video, Carly and Freddie stand close together while Sam is checking for evidence that Steven is cheating on Carly.
  • When Sam rebukes Freddie for saying "The Kenan Thompson?", Carly looks at him and smiles. He rolls his eyes and looks at her.


iGot A Hot Room

  • Carly's pillows have two phrases from Penny tees Freddie wore/said before (Poodle Juice and Church Pants).
  • Freddie shows Carly the trampoline and Carly smiles when Freddie "jumps into bed".
  • One of Carly's new pillows says Ointment 500 and Freddie's mom talks about his ointment regularly.
  • Only Carly and Freddie's room have been seen so far besides Spencer's briefly (iDream of Dance, and iChristmas).
  • Carly's room has a few framed pictures of Freddie on the wall, which didn't get destroyed in the fire.
  • Freddie was the only one that got a text message by Carly that said she is coming back to the apartment.

iSam's Mom

  • Freddie and his mom temporarily move into Carly's apartment.
  • Carly and Freddie are the first to be seen on the episode.
  • Carly texted Freddie before coming home from the Groovy Smoothie.

iGet Pranky

  • Freddie makes himself comfortable on Carly's bed.
  • Freddie teases Carly about never pranking.
  • Freddie says that he pulled his best prank in a boys camp, revealing that he was a Boy Scout, like Carly was a Sunshine Girl, as revealed by Spencer in a previous episode (iOwe You).
  • Carly sends a text message to Freddie.
  • Freddie got really scared and was screaming loudly when Carly pranked him and Sam.
  • Freddie isn't mad at Carly after playing the major prank on him and Sam.
  • Carly and Freddie are seated next to each other, along side Sam and Gibby.
  • Carly and Freddie try to stop Sam and Gibby from arguing.
  • Carly and Freddie both agreed that Spencer pranks had gone to far.

iSell Penny-Tees

  • When Carly got hit by Spencer she said she got hit by a truck, but back in iSaved Your Life Freddie got hit by a truck.

iStart a Fanwar

  • Freddie was behind the curtains with Carly.
  • Freddie interacted with Carly more than Sam.
  • There were more Creddie fans.
  • There were more Creddie moments.
  • Freddie is standing closer to Carly than Sam, with a slight smile on his face in the promo.
  • In the promo, they mention Creddie first.
  • Craig was a Creddie Shipper.
  • Gavin, the only Seddie shipper from Drake and Josh, was blown up by the flare that Sam shot.
  • Carly and Freddie were the first ones seen in this episode.
  • Carly and Freddie did not like when Sam was late because she was too busy drinking her Fat-Shake.

iHire An Idiot

  • One of Gibby's stripes on his striped collar shirt was maroon, which is the official Creddie color.
  • Stacey, one of the Creddie shippers, appeared in this episode.
  • Freddie and Carly both had a PearPad.
  • Freddie copied Carly's quote in a girly voice, "Well, everyone deserves a second chance!"
  • Roy's (the bodyguard) jacket was maroon.
  • Freddie's striped collar shirt had some maroon stripes on it.
  • They both i agree that doing icarly was stressful.

iPity The Nevel

  • In, some Creddie shippers especially Stacey Dillsen commented negatively on Nevel's video. Only Creddiers are mentioned, however.
  • They were the first ones seen in this episode.
  • Carly is wearing a maroon dress at the karma party.
  • Carly and Freddie are both disgusted by the dead cricket in Sam's shoe.
  • Even though Carly doesn't think Freddie's idea about "Frediting" is funny, she still laughs.
  • They both felt bad for Nevel during the episode.

Creddie Quotes

Freddie: [talking to Carly] I am over it. Seriously! I'm in love with you, you just want to be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain! (iPilot)

Carly: [talking about Gibby] Aww, poor kid. It must be awful to love somebody who doesn't love you back-

Freddie looks at her ruefully.

Carly: Sorry. (iWin a Date)

Carly: You know, everyone in school is saying you're a hero.

Freddie: That's dumb.

Carly: You are.

Freddie: I'm not a hero.

Carly: You almost got killed saving my life. That makes you a hero.

Freddie: I don't feel like a hero.

Carly: Well, you are one... To me...

[a sweet piano tune plays, Carly sits on Freddie's bed, looks at him sweetly, and leans down to kiss him for the first time] (iSaved Your Life)

Freddie [to a good-looking guy] You're a male model?

Good-Looking Guy: Well, I was, but I quit modeling 'cause now I'm a lead singer in this really cool band, and we-

Freddie: Carly would hate you.

Good-Looking Guy: But, no..

Freddie: (gets annoyed) Get out of here! (iSpeed Date)

Freddie : I fixed the screen so it swings out 18% faster now.

Carly : (looking amused, giggles) Okay, you've gotta get a girlfriend.

Freddie : I know ... [suddenly brightens up and gives her a flirty look] Uh -

Carly : (smiles) No.

Freddie : [Nods sadly] Yeah. (iRocked The Vote)

[Carly walks to Freddie's apartment and knocks on the door. He comes out with a flirty look on]

Freddie: Hey.

Carly: Hi. I gotta tell you something.

Freddie: You're gonna tell me that there was no bad luck? That Sam did all that stuff to me?

Carly: (surprised) How'd you know?

Freddie: Well, I didn't know when it was my pink shorts and my laptop, but I saw her loosening the bolts on my bike.

Carly: But I thought your bike fell apart while you were riding it.

Freddie: Nope, I just pretended on that one.

Carly: So you're not gonna try to get her back?

Freddie: (gets a naughty, flirty look in his eye) You mean, do something devious, like sending a fake text message that looked like it came from Gary Wolf, telling her to meet him at the Crown Ridge Mall?

Carly: (giggles and gives him cute smile) I didn't know you could be so bad.

Freddie: (smiles at her invitingly, seeming to wait for her to go on)

Carly: (sweetly) Goodnight.

She goes inside her apartment. Freddie seems about to say something, but he loses his nerve and groans, going back in his apartment. He looks longingly over his shoulder before he closes the door. (iStage an Intervention)

[looking for Bigfoot]

Freddie: See anything? Carly: Just trees ... and some bushes ... and ... [chuckles] two squirrels wrestling. Freddie: Carly? Carly: Yeah? Freddie: They're not wrestling. Carly: [takes a closer look; embarrassed] Oh...

She puts down the binoculars and watches him while he looks out of his, smiling at him flirtily. (iBelieve in Bigfoot)

[Carly is hanging off the ledge of the window-washer platform]

Freddie: [getting very scared, reaching out with his arms as if to save her] Carly!!! Don't let go!!

Carly: Ok, but can you guys give me any other advice?! (iQuit iCarly)

Carly: [to Freddie, while arguing with Sam] "None of this is your fault. Just because Sam and I are splitting up
doesn't mean I love you any less." (iQuit iCarly)

[watching the Shelby Marx fight on TV]

Freddie:"Ok, how do I make that girl my future wife?"

Carly: (seeming jealous and sad) "I thought you wanted ME to be your future wife?" (iFight Shelby Marx)

Freddie: [reading the comments on SplashFace] That Carly chick is out of her mind. Bring on the fight. Shelby would destroy that twig. Sam: Twig? Carly: I'm not a twig! And I'm getting curvier every day! Freddie: (turns and looks at her flirtily, suggestively) I know.

Carly: (amused) Eyes up, dude. (iFight Shelby Marx)

So many Creddie moments... <3

Carly: (looking at Freddie's chest with flirty, pleased smile) Why does your chest look all thick?

Freddie: (suddenly looks self-concious) Uhh...I've been working out. (after a thought, decides to impress Carly) Pushups...(flexes his biceps, then in deeper voice)...milk.

Carly walks over and rips open his shirt, revealing his bullet-proof vest.

Carly: (looking surprised) That's some sports bra. (iSam's Mom)

Freddie: Now, I'm going to show you the latest piece of technological equipment that's going to blow you guys away.

Carly: What is it? Sam: You buy yourself a robot girlfriend? Freddie: I don't need a robot girlfriend. Because in 20 years, I guarantee you, I will be Carly's second husband. Carly: What happened to my first husband?

Freddie:(with naughty look) Nothing you can prove. (iSpy a Mean Teacher)

[Hiding in Mrs. Briggs' closet]

Freddie: (suddenly gets flirty look and scoots very close behind Carly) You know, this might no be so bad. Just you and me...alone..

Carly: This is no time to bust a move!

Freddie: (looks sad) Right. (iSpy a Mean Teacher)

Carly: Did you and Sam kiss?! [Freddie runs to try to escape but Carly tackles him to the ground and pins him] Carly: TELL ME!! Freddie: NO! (Freddie reverses the pin and pins Carly to the ground) Carly: (surprised) WHOA, when did you get so strong? Freddie: (seems proud of himself) SAME TIME THE VOICE GOT LOWER! (iThink They Kissed)

(after Carly pinned him down)
Freddie: (crosses his arms and looks at her flirtily) Oh, and for the record, the only reason you were able to do
that is because I wasn't ready.

Carly: Are you ready now?

Freddie: (scoffs) Sure.

(Carly tackles him and pins him down easily)

Freddie: (groans) Please don't tell anyone about this..

Carly looks down at him contentedly. (iPromise Not to Tell)

[Carly and Freddie sit close on her couch and listen to her stereo-romantic song plays] Freddie: Cool song. [putting his arm around Carly and giving her flirty smile] Pretty romantic, huh? You feeling the mood? [a toilet flushes in the background] Carly: [giggles, says sarcastically] Yeah, I'm feeling the mood. (iDon't Want to Fight)

Sam: She interrupted me! Yank her ponytail! Freddie: Nah, I'm gonna allow it. Sam: Why? Freddie: Because I LOVE her! (iDon't Want to Fight)

Freddie: But if Sam won't even admit that she likes him, how are we gonna get 'em to--

Carly: You've seen the Animal Channel! The...the horses. [Freddie shakes head. Carly sighs and pulls him to her locker] Carly: When they want two horses to...y' (Freddie nods) They put them in the same barn together, and then they, like...turn the barn lights down... (Freddie nods again, suggestively, with a flirty grin on) [She shakes Freddie, laughing] Carly: Oh, you know what I'm talking about, why are you making me say it? Freddie: So, we get Sam and Brad--take 'em to a barn? Carly: Stop it! This is important! (iOMG)

[Carly and Freddie are left alone, on date]

Freddie: And then there were two.

Carly: (looks relieved) Yes, just us. Thank God.

Freddie: (gets flirty look and stands up, looking at her invitingly) Don't you think we deserve one dance with someone we don't want to kill?

Carly: (smiles happily without hesitation and gets up) Absolutely.

Freddie: (looks confident) Hey, T-Bo, turn up the music.

(They smile at each other, and Carly puts her arms around his neck, and they start dancing, with happy, sweet looks on their faces. Carly rests her head on his shoulder, and they hold each other close and close their

So many kisses...<3

) [[[iSpeed Date]]]

Episodes with a Creddie main or sub plot


  • Freddie's crush on Carly is revealed in this episode.

iLike Jake

  • Freddie became jealous of Carly having a crush on Jake.

iPromise Not to Tell

  • After Sam changes their grades in the school computer, Carly and Freddie make a plan to change them back and work together to hack into the school computer.

iStage an Intervention

  • Carly and Freddie have a quiet talk outside their apartments at the end of the episode-they are both flirty, and the scene seems to hint at romantic tension between them, especially from Carly, even though it would be more than a year until they came out with their feelings. There is a slow song playing in his apartment in this scene. They also both wear red and black.
  • Carly wears red and black clothing, colors that combine to make the Creddie color maroon, a lot during this episode.
  • Carly cares about the fact that he keeps getting "bad luck" and goes to talk him because she feels sorry for him, demonstrating once again how much she cares about him. She's also impressed that he can be "bad" and get back at Sam.

    Creddie moments <3

  • When they say good-night to each other, and Carly goes into her apartment, Freddie is about to say something, but loses courage and decides to go back inside.
  • Carly seems dreamy and happy in her apartment after talking to Freddie.


  • In the alternate universe, Freddie has never met Carly and has a mean girlfriend. He seems unhappy, and Carly is very upset that he doesn't love her in this reality, hinting that his love for her is very important to her (she tells her angel "Freddie's always loved me!" sadly).
  • Freddie is the first person Carly sees when all goes back to normal.
  • She hugs him very tightly and seems very happy to see him again (asking "Do you love me?" like it's important).

iDate a Bad Boy

  • Freddie is really jealous of Carly dating Griffin.

    Studying alone together as they often do... aww =)

  • Freddie tries to impress her by being bad.

iThink They Kissed

  • Unlike any other episode, Carly seems very jealous when she finds out that Freddie and Sam kissed.

iSpeed Date

  • Freddie turns down 2 girls who ask him to the Girl's Choice Dance because he wants to go with Carly.
  • During the speed dating session, he repeatedly dismisses the cool guys so Carly won't date them.
  • He and Carly both go to the dance with their dates, and then both their dates don't work out.
  • After their dates leave, Carly and Freddie share a slow dance alone together.
  • The episode ends with the lyrics "..cause you are meant for me." as the camera zooms out from Carly and Freddie dancing together.

iQuit iCarly

  • Carly and Sam fight and Freddie stays on Carly's side for the whole episode.
  • Freddie agrees to go with Carly when the two girls fight at school.
  • Freddie helps Carly film her video, but not Sam's, showing he is on her side and wants to help her.

iSaved Your Life

  • Freddie saves Carly from getting run over by a taco truck, but he is seriously injured instead.
  • Carly feels guilty for almost getting him killed for saving her life.
  • He and Carly share their first kiss for 34 mintues in this episode.
  • Carly becomes his girlfriend until the end of the episode.
  • They promise each other that later, if she still has feelings for him, he would be pscyhed to be her boyfriend.

iStart a Fanwar

  • Freddie is obviously jealous of Carly's crush Adam, but tries to help her be with him anyway, and gets angry at Sam for ruining Carly's happiness.
  • A crowd of Creddie fans wish for Creddie to happen, and are very enthusiastic about finding out whether Carly and Freddie are dating.
  • One girl has a PearPad of Creddie moments that she shows everyone.
  • The Creddiers fight the Seddiers when the iCarly gang denies dating each other.
  • They attack Adam, seeng him as a threat to Creddie.
  • Carly suddenly loses interest in Adam and decides to leave him to the Creddiers, when Freddie says "Oh well, let's go."

iHire An Idiot

  • Freddie gets jealous when Carly hires the hansome but retarded Cort, so he hires a beautiful intern of his own named Ashley to get even.
  • They are both jealous of each other having attractive interns, as if being threatened.

iParty With Victorious

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Website Evidences

  • In one of Freddie's blogs, he says his new years resolution is to make Carly love him.
  • In Freddie "Texts gone wrong" blog, he says he tried to text Carly "Bought you a purple shirt at the mall-reminded me of you!" but instead it says a PIMPLE shirt, and he says Carly has washed her face 12 times. This is a hint Carly cares what Freddie thinks of her and takes his opinions seriously-maybe too literally, since Freddie would never insult her like that.
  • In Freddie's April 2009 blog, Mrs. Benson takes an excerpt from his diary that talks about he's getting chest hairs and "Carly is just going to go crazy over them. I just know it!".
  • Freddie tells the fans that Carly loved the birthday gift Freddie got for her.
  • Freddie wins an online iCarly poll at over 65% hosted by Sam where she asks "Who should Carly kiss on New Years?"
  • Freddie cannot stop talking about how cute Carly is in one of his blogs.
  • In Freddie's Christmas blog, he describes the gift he bought for Carly. The gift was a 24 kit gold USB drive and he paid extra money for it to arrive before Christmas. However, the gift went missing. He mentioned an alternative present for her recommended by Spencer such as nose hair trimmers or a wax station for her legs. Freddie hoped that
    she would like it.
  • The Nickelodeon website promoted Creddie to the fullest extent including an iSaved Your Life page. The network has also promoted Creddie in one of their commercials describing the relationship as love.
  • On the iCarly website, an animation with Freddie holding up a heart to Carly and the question "Will it finally happen?" is displayed.
  • For the extended version of iSaved Your Life, the iCarly website displayed another animation with the words "More Freddie. More kissing. More Carly." There is also a graphic reminding fans to watch iSaved Your Life again with extra footage and kissing lips.
  • Freddie explains how getting hit by a taco truck has it's perks. One of those perks is Carly.
  • Freddie describes his and Carly's smooching as glorious in a blog after getting hit.
  • One of Freddie's blogs is about the Valentine's Day e-cards he made for Carly. He says that he is madly
    Freddies Cute V-Day Card

    Freddie's Valentine's Day e-Card to Carly

    in love with her and wants to show her. One of the Valentine's Day e-cards reads "Carly I may be holding this camera, but I wish I was holding you. Happy Valentine's Day! Love Freddie." Freddie is even willing to burn his Nug Nug costume in exchange for Carly's love.
  • In one of Freddie's blogs about why he hates gym class, he goes completely off topic and starts talking about how amazing Carly is, stating that he loves Carly and knows that one day she will love him back.
  • At the end of the video called "iAct it out: Spencer vs. Sam," while Spencer and Sam are arguing, Freddie looks
    at the camera and says "I love you, Carly!."
  • In the 'iFight Shelby Marx' DVD extras, questions including Carly/Freddie ones are answered on the message board. The responses by the fans are positive regarding the Carly/Freddie relationship.
  • Jerry (Spencer), Nathan (Freddie) and Jennette (Sam) tease about the possibility of a relationship between Carly and Freddie on the 'iFight Shelby Marx' DVD.
  • In an online interview, Nathan states that he would like an episode where Freddie is jealous that his cousin, who looks just like him, but with accent trys to swoon Carly. This is interpreted that nothing happens in Season 3 to make Freddie stop liking Carly.
  • In a recent article that can be viewed online, Miranda says that she would like to see Carly involved with Freddie again romantically or have a real boyfriend.
  • On MTV's "Buzzworthy" video interview segment, they had Miranda answering questions about her music and iCarly. The last question she answered asked what her favorite episode of iCarly was. Miranda answers (not word for word) "Well, I have a lot of favorites, but my favorite is iSaved Your Life when Freddie is dating Carly."
  • On Carly's Blog 8/27/10, Carly takes a picture of only herself and Freddie and makes them look 70 years older. Hmm, could she be fantasizing about growing old with Freddie?
  • In the iCarly Spaces Out! pic gallery, there is a photo of Carly and Freddie lying in their bunks. Freddie is giving a thumbs-up and smiling. The caption-"Freddie obviously approves of sharing close quarters with Carly".
  • There are several Creddie hints in the iPity the Nevel pic gallery on the website, one of which is a photo of
    Carly in her cowgirl outfit with this caption-"Carly dressed up like this for a funny bit on our webshow. People in Nashville dress up like this because it's Tuesday. Freddie wants to move to Nashville" (implication-because Carly wore the outfit).

Dan Schneider Creddie Hints

(Dan Schneider has made many Creddie hints)

  • After iFight Shelby Marx, Dan suggests Carly was jealous of Freddie's crush on Shelby.
  • "We learn that Carly still seems to have interest in dating Freddie. BUT.. her comment, 'I thought you wanted me to be your future wife' shows us that Carly seems bothered by the thought of Freddie
    Creddie Kiss 2
    losing his crush on her." I N T E R E S T I N G" [Dan about iFight Shelby Marx]
  • The exchange between Freddie and Carly: "I know" and "Eyes up dude" was not in the script. We added those lines while filming the scene. - Dan [about "iFight Shelby Marx"]
  • After "iCook", Dan said that he loves the way Freddie says, "Nice PJ's" to Carly.
  • After iDate a Bad Boy, Dan said that he loves "the way Carly says, 'Answer it, bad boy.' [to Freddie]"!
  • When Dan posts the picture of Carly and Freddie's original kiss in iSpeed Date, he calls it "epic".
  • On Dan's Youtube channel, he posts a video titled "Maybe.", possibly hinting that there will be a Carly/Freddie relationship. The "Maybe" video is the most watched out of all Dan's videos.
  • He also mentions that Carly and Freddie kissed for approximately 34 minutes.
  • Dan's remark of the first kiss-"And.. the kiss. Sweet, huh? We did a lot of takes. Neither Nathan or Miranda seemed to mind at all :)"
    Creddie Kiss
  • Dan talking about the cut scene where Carly gets jealous of girls at school who like Freddie after he's injured-"There are two new things we get out of the first minute-and-a-half of this scene. We see Carly being very into Freddie, in a girlfriend-y way, and being protective of him... Anyway, I liked both these aspects of the scene. They were only cut from the original version because of time – the show "worked" without these things."
  • "It's interesting to watch Carly get possessive of Freddie when the other girl is showing interest in him. Is it a bit immature of Carly? Yes. It is... Characters who are always perfect can get boring (and even annoying) fast."
  • "Carly refers to herself and Freddie as an "item" – I'm not sure, but I don't think that was in the original
    shorter version."
  • "I really like the character development of Freddie in this scene. Everyone knows how much he wants Carly, or at least how much he thinks he does. And maybe he really does! Yet, Freddie doesn't take advantage of Carly when (he feels) she's not thinking straight. That's a gentleman. Freddie is a great role model for young kids without ever being preachy. Nathan Kress brings a lot of his own personal class to the character."
  • "I think the final kiss on the cheek that Carly gives Freddie in the elevator is a really sweet, real moment."

For more info, go to

  • In a response to a comment about "Victorious" and the Creddie/Seddie relationships, Dan said there will be more scenes/episodes with Carly and Freddie.
  • Months after the episode iSaved Your Life aired, Dan posts a picture of Carly and Freddie screaming after Mrs. Benson walks in, for no apparent reason, possibly hinting of future Carly/Freddie romantic interaction.thumb|300px|right
  • Recently, there has been a rumor, which has grown significantly. After the Creddie relationship in iSaved Your Life, and Freddie broke-up with her, there is a possibility that they'll make-up, though it is unsure if they will get back together or not, somewhere in Season 4.
  • In July 2009, iCarly's director: Dan Schneider posted on YouTube a video of them saying "Maybe" again and again to each other. It was just the two of them in the iCarly set.
  • In September 2009, Dan posted five examples in an explanation of a script in a future iCarly, Season 4 episode. Two of them were the Creddie make-up, and the rest of them were possible candidates.

In this piece of script, Freddie reveals he is in love with someone, but says it isn't Carly. Dan posted only an excerpt to create excitement among fans, but it backfired, as Creddie fans interpreted the script as having a Seddie slant. Dan recieved lots of DMs in ALL his accounts, and wrote an explanation to clear up the drama. He explains that the excerpt may not necessarily be Seddie in the first place, also making statements such as: "Really guys? Does that little piece of one page script telthumb|250px|right|Freddie and Carly singing.l you everything? (Hint: IT DOESN'T), and to prove it I'm gonna start with the last two lines and write till the end of the page, and I'll add some explanations to show what a writer can do."

  • Dan does not always put people who hate each other together on his shows. An example would be Zoey/Chase from Zoey 101 who were the MAIN couple at the end of the series. Chase fell in love with Zoey when he first saw her, like Freddie with Carly.
  • Dan posted a new video of Carly/Freddie singing lyrics such as "Don't go breaking my heart." "I couldn't if I tried." The two are seen in a more "couple like" environment. (Note it is unknown if this video is Creddie or Niranda)
  • For the "iSam's Mom" Fun Facts, Dan posted: "Once again, Mrs. Benson directly insults Carly. We (the writers) are enjoying the fact that Mrs. Benson is now outwardly rude to Carly. Why? Probably because
    she's angry that she draws much of Freddie's attention away from her. What do you think?" This is evidenced in the episode, as is the fact that Carly and Freddie have several flirty conversations in the episode.

  • In Dan's blog in January concerning the ratings analysis for iSaved Your Life, he included these final results-
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life (January 18th at 8:00PM) is Nickelodeon's highest rated and most‐watched telecast ever (animated or live‐action) with Tweens age 9‐14.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was watched by 11.2 million total viewers.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life ranks as Nickelodeon's highest rated and most-watched live action telecast ever in all key demographics, and total viewers.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was watched by more viewers than any SpongeBob telecast, ever.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was the #1 most-watched show of the week on all of cable television (for all ages).
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was the highest rated iCarly telecast ever among all key demographics.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was the most‐watched Kids telecast on all TV in over two years with key demographics – best since Disney's High School Musical 2 on August 17, 2007.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life was watched by 4.7 million kids age 6-11, which is on par with the 2007 Super Bowl.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life went to #1 on iTunes, competing with all TV shows on cable and broadcast television (all major networks).
  • With Teens (age 12-17), iCarly's iSaved Your Life got a 12.7 rating. The show Jersey Shore's highest rating ever with Teens (12-17) was a 4.7 rating.
  • iCarly's iSaved Your Life with its 11.2 million total viewers outperformed, in total viewership, all competition in its timeslot on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and the CW. The second most watched show on 1/18/10 at 8PM was "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS with 10.4 million viewers.

He concludes the blog with this message-"iCarly fans rock!"

  • Dan Schneiders note to 2010: " 2010 was an incredible year for team Schneider's Bakery. Because of the fans' support, the following things happened...
    iCarly took Nickelodeon to new heights with iSaved Your Life, Nickelodeon's highest-rated, most-watched telecast in the network's history." - "The iCarly episode iSaved Your Life was the #1 most-viewed show of 2010 on all of cable television, for all ages"
  • Dan Schneider on Twitter: Proud to let you know that iCarly's "iSaved Your Life" was the most-watched TV show on all cable (for ALL ages) in 2010. THANKS, FANS!
  • In Dan's blog "When Fans Assume...", Dan puts out 5 examples of what a writer would do in a Creddie-oriented script, the 1st and 2nd ones being Creddie.

"iCarly" CD Hints

  • In Track #2 (of iCarly dialogue), titled "What's Next?", when Carly says the name of the next track called "Stay My Baby", Freddie says to her, "I'd love to stay your baby!"

"iCarly" Video Game Hints

There are distinct Carly/Freddie conversations in the video game.

  • Conversation #1: Carly reveals to Sam and Freddie that she dreamed Freddie was her boyfriend. Freddie says "That sounds like a good dream to me!."
  • Conversation #2: Freddie is tech-talking when Sam interrupts, but Carly stops her and says thanks Freddie. "Do I get a kiss?!" Freddie asks. "No" replies Carly playfully.

"iCarly" Merchandise Hints

  • Oh god did they kiss
    In a 2009 iCarly calendar, two of the pics have Carly and Freddie together, one with them holding hands.
  • iCarly hoodies feature Carly and Freddie, also holding hands.
  • In the iCarly annual, there are thirteen pictures of Carly and Freddie including the one with them holding hands.
  • A couple of the mini iCarly books have Carly and Freddie either right next to each other or just the two of them on the cover.
  • In an iCarly iSaved Your Life article featuring their kiss, Miranda Cosgrove says she can see Carly and Freddie dating and that they have a great friendship.
  • In June, an iCarly DVD featuring iSaved Your Life with Carly and Freddie on the cover was released. The description for iSaved Your Life is as followed: Freddie is injured when he saves Carly from a runaway taco truck. After Freddie’s daring rescue, Carly starts to see Freddie in a different light. Sam tries to warn him that Carly’s feelings are based on guilt and not true love; however, Freddie is happy that the girl of his dreams is finally his girlfriend. Sam is involved in her own risky mission – competing against Spencer in a paintball game called Assassin. Danger lurks around every corner and only one person can be left standing… paint-free. Other episodes include iQuit iCarly, iThink They Kissed, iTwins, and iMove Out along with behind the scenes extras!

Creddie Songs

(Note-See the Creddie Videos page for a full list of songs often considered to fit the Creddie relationship)

  • Meant For Me; Chrissy Chase- The Official Creddie song Carly and Freddie slow danced to in iSpeed Date, while Sam, perhaps, jealous, watched.
  • Another exceptional Creddie song, that is unrelated to any episode, is the background music on the site and is called "Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore" CreddieLove
  • in iDon't Want to Fight an unknown, sweet song is playing when Freddie puts his arm around Carly, and asks, "You feeling the mood?"
  • In iStage an Intervention, when Carly goes to tell Freddie what Sam did, a sweet music plays.
  • In iSaved Your Life, during the whole "first kiss" scene between Carly and Freddie, slow, sweet piano music is playing, and rises up a little when they kiss. Slow, sweet and sad music also plays in the episode's ending, when Carly tells Freddie, leaving in the elevator, that she'll see him tomorrow. When Freddie says, and also shouts, "WHAT DID I DO?!" then the music starts rises and ends.


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